Far from the World We Know by Harper Bliss

Authors Synopsis 

How far must you run to escape the past?

Laura Baker has just moved to the small Texas town of Nelson for a life of solitude and recovery after a traumatic event that has scarred her irreversibly. But her chosen isolation is difficult to maintain after she meets Tess Douglas, the charming editor of the town paper.

Tess is determined to break down the walls Laura has built up around herself. As their friendship develops, so do their feelings for each other. Will Tess be able to get past Laura’s defenses? And will Laura allow herself to love, and live, again?

My Synopsis 

Laura fled Chicago after a life changing and traumatic event that has left her life in turmoil. She literally bumps into Tess. Tess is attracted to Laura for the moment she see’s her but Laura isn’t interested in anything more than friendship. Tess knows what she feels and isn’t ready to give up on Laura ….. 
My Review

This book had me hooked from the start. The story had an awesome twist and identified a rather large issue between Laura and her former life. Harper has done this in other novels like ‘At the Waters Edge’ which highlighted a mental health issue. This is a brave move and leaves you feeling like the love story is more true to life and i identify better with the characters.

I loved the characters but especially took a shine to Tess. She is everything that makes a good Lesbian heroine. Her non stop ‘Douglas’ personality made me laugh but also made me cheer her on every time she tried to win Laura’s heart.

As seems to be the trend with anything i read from Harper Bliss i’ve given this novel 5*****

Can’t wait for the next Harper Bliss novel.

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