Winter’s Harbor by Aurora Rey

One of my all time favourite Lesbian romance  novels and probably the most reread  book on my Kindle… Still can’t believe this was Aurora Rey’s Debut Novel.

My Review

Lia has fled New York after her Partner of Ten Years was unfaithful. Lia decides to spend the Winter in Provincetown getting reacquainted with herself. It’s not only the delectable pasties at the local cafe that has Lia salivating but the cafe owner, Alex. Both woman are captivated with one another but can it be more than a Winter Fling?

Absolutely love this debut novel by Aurora Rey and couldn’t put the book down from the moment the main protagonists meet. Winter’s Harbor was written beautifully and it was full of heart. I pace was great and i was able to sit back relax and let the story unfold without being bored in certain parts.

I really enjoyed watching the relationship evolve between the main protagonists, Lia and Alex. It’s a nice change for the characters to act on their attraction earlier on in the book instead of only getting together on the last chapter. The reader is able to get to know the relationship better and when the book is finished you can see the future between them better with out the need of a epilogue, it was a nice touch.

Since i first read this book i have heard that Aurora Rey will be continuing this theme and making it into a series. There will be one book per season with a new love twists and we will get to see more from her wonderful Winter’s Harbor characters.

I have nothing but happy thoughts and warm feelings when it comes to this book and can’t wait to see what comes next from the Aurora Rey!

Unequivocally 5 stars.

If you would like to purchase Winter’s Harbor follow the links below:

Amazon – Winter’s Harbor



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