Taste by Kris Bryant

ARC received from NetGalley & Bold Stroke Books in return for an honest review.

Light & refreshing. An enjoyable read.

I will definitely be checking out more of Kris Bryant’s novels.

Author Synopsis

Determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef and winning a coveted scholarship to study cooking in Italy, Ki Blake rushes in late to the first class of her final semester at Kirkwood Culinary Academy and is stopped in her tracks by Taryn Ellis, the school’s newest instructor. A beautiful and accomplished chef, Taryn has walked away from her promising career in the city’s top restaurant to devote her life to her five-year-old daughter.

Ki and Taryn try their best to resist the urge to give in to the undeniable chemistry between them. And when at last they begin a passionate affair that must be kept a secret, they are each convinced it’s only a short-term fling.

It’s up to both Ki and Taryn to decide whether they have found something genuine or whether the ‘Taste’ of romance they’ve had is truly enough.

My synopsis

Ki is on her last semester at the Kirkwood Culinary Academy. When she meets her new lecturer Taryn she is instantly attracted to her.

The attraction is quite obviously mutual but Student/Teacher relationships aren’t allowed at the Academy so they embark on a secret relationship. They both try to keep it casual due to Ki competing for a scholarship in Italy when the Semester ends… But can the really keep it casual when they are so destined for one another?

My review

This was the first novel I’ve read by Kris Bryant and I’ll be reading more from her in the future. Great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was the perfect novel for snuggling up by the fire, while it was blustery day outside.

I loved the relationship between Ki and Olivia, Taryn’s young Daughter. You can tell from the beginning that their connection fuels a deeper connection between Ki and Taryn. Sex scenes where sexy and had my imagination running full throttle. The relationship between characters was believable and actually quite endearing in some of the more intimate scenes.

My only criticism would be that the novel was written from Ki’s perspective. I think it would of been great to understand more about Taryn feelings instead of waiting for her to voice them. This would have given a more 360 view of their romance.

4.5 Stars.


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