Scissor Link by Georgette Kaplan

The synopsis says this is a Rom-Com but I feel it’s much more than that. It’s edgy and has some timid BDSM play, which I think would have drawn me to the book more.

Wendy is an intern at an Aerospace company. She’s pushing boundaries and impressing people… One of those people is Janet her boss and the woman she has a major crush on. When Janet accidently reads a email Wendy sent to her best friend about having sex with her boss the table are turned and the fun begins…

I really liked Janet, which even I thought was weird because she has the opposite personality that I normally enjoy reading. I like the relationship dynamic between both Janet and Wendy although felt at times it would have been nice to see them engage in some more loving or romantic conversations or maybe be more tactile with one another. In saying that it could be part of their interesting dynamic and it was extremely interesting.

The sex scenes where hot and well thought out… I just think Wendy and Janet should have really made serious decisions about what the expected from each other sexually… it all felt a bit unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager.

I will be interested to see what comes next from this author. Watch this space…

4 Stars

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