Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

This book had me gripped from the start of chapter one. From the moment this book begins it’s just nothing but sexual tension and exploration… and boy did I enjoy it! It was filled with all the things I love about Meghan O’Brien’s books which are filled with Sex, Love and intimacy. I have never read an author that writes a sex scene like Meghan O’Brien. It’s like she goes into my brain and pulls out my highest sexual desires.

If you’re interested in a fairy tale romance with no ups and downs and with very little sex till the end, then this book is not for you. You may want to check out something a little less sexually driven.

Author Synopsis

At twelve years old, Claire Barker developed a massive crush on her best friend Sarah’s older sister, the handsome, butch Alex Williams. Now twenty-seven and a successful entrepreneur, Claire’s interest hasn’t waned—despite Alex’s fashion photography career keeping her overseas for months at a time. When Alex moves home unexpectedly, she and Claire end up enjoying a surprise, wine-fueled reunion that alters their relationship forever.

Are Claire’s dreams about to come true, or will real life prove to be more complicated than her fantasies?

My Review

The book was written completely from Claire’s point of view. Meghan O’Brien wrote it extremely well, leaving no doubt in the readers mind about Alex’s feelings for Claire however (and this is my only negative) I would have appreciated Alex’s point of view when she was interacting with the secondary characters, especially her sister and her ex girlfriend.

We have two main protagonists in this book, Claire and Alex. Claire has been in love with her best friend’s sister Alex for most of her adult life. When one night Alex invites Claire to stay for an innocent dinner her whole life changes when the night takes a turn for the better.

Claire doesn’t think she deserves Alex from the get go but these woman are made for each other. At times you wonder why Claire has such wild insecurities about Alex but then Meghan O’Brien writes these moments that give you a little background about Alex’s life Pre-Claire and I myself would feel certain insecurities about my relationship.

Alex is the ultimate butch, you could even say the complete butch package but she has these moments where she is unguarded, insecure and sensitive which adds another element to her dynamic that I just adore. It also gives more detail about Alex because the book is written solely from Claire’s point of view.

The connection both protagonists have from the beginning is undeniable but the love Alex has for Claire is truely beautifully written. She leaps over every hurdle to be with Claire while continuously reassuring Claire of her love and desire.

Meghan O’Brien can create such erotic scenes with such a high level of intimacy and love. This is something not many authors can do. I read a lot of erotic romance and normally you either get great erotic sex scenes or great love scenes, not often is an author able to produce both. The sex talk between the characters from the beginning really had my heart pumping and the dialogue was oozing sexiness.

she also creates characters with real insecurities that make them feel more life like. I would love to hang out with all of her characters although I’m not sure my wife would trust me alone with some of them and Alex tops the list.

I adore this novel and it will head to my favourite list along with so many Meghan O’Brien books. The only thing I’d change is the writing style as I would have enjoyed more of Alex’s point of view. If you like novels with erotic love scenes, angst and love then this is for you.
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Her Best Friend’s Sister is Available on the 1st of May. You can order it now from Amazon. Just click the title below and the link will do the rest…

Her Best Friend’s Sister


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