Fake It Till You Make It by M. Ullrich

Perfect Novel to get into the summer spirit!


Author Synopsis

Can the truth really set you free? Genevieve Applegate is tired of her stagnant life and she’s ready to make a change by going after her dream job in New Jersey. The listing seems ideal when Genevieve scans it, but a big surprise comes at her interview: Out Shore Magazine is an LGBT publication. She’s willing to work around this detail with an innocent lie, one she’ll keep from her longtime boyfriend as well as her new boss, Harper Davies. Out Shore has been Harper’s main focus since her heart was broken years ago, but Genevieve may be the one to change that with her fresh perspective and charm. While both women enjoy what they learn about each other, Genevieve is most surprised by what she learns about herself. Pretending to be a lesbian has never felt more honest.


My Review

From the moment I started this book it just oozed fun. So much so,I didn’t want to put it down and read straight through the night and then began reading it again the very next day… Yes that good! Genevieve made me forget about the outside world and I just wanted to make her my friend. I was pulled into the story and got excited at every step in the ‘User’s guide’ (which incidentally is also the chapters of the book).

Also, I want to work for the magazine where Genevieve and Harper meet, again with the fun. Genevieve’s colleagues had me in stitches. One of the best one liners was:

“A lesbian choking on nuts,” Matthew said. “That’s not something you see every day.”

I felt like I was part of this emotional roller coaster that was Genevieve’s awakening! Every step (figuratively and not) I began to understand more and more why so many woman discover other sexualities a little later in life. Most of all there is an exquisite little twist that just keeps adding to the fun (yes I said fun again).

M. Ullrich’s ‘Fake it Till you make it’ just clarifies why she is one of my favourite authors. The story line was tight, the characters brought emotion and made me feel like I was living the story with them and best of all, I had fun reading every word. The pace was excellent, I at no point wanted to speed up or slow it down. Questions I had about characters were answered in due course and I was transported into the page and I became a part of the ride!

‘Fake It Till You Make It’ is written in the third person point of view, from Genevieve; this is the first time I have read a novel with this style of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Genevieve manoeuvre through life, embracing her new found feelings. It was beautiful to read. I really hope this book gets a chance at a sequel or spin off because quite frankly I’m not done with these characters just yet, especially Genevieve.

Unequivocally 5 stars.

if you would like to purchase this book and trust me you should… follow the line



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