This Foreign Affair by Harper Bliss

Book 4 in the Pink Bean Series by Harper Bliss


Author Synopsis

Television presenter Zoya Das is reeling from a painful breakup. When she’s called to solve a problem at a rental flat she owns, sparks fly between her and her French guest Camille Rousseau. A short holiday fling before Camille flies back to Paris could be just the thing to help Zoya’s recovery.

But what happens when Zoya and Camille develop deeper feelings for each other and are faced with the prospect of being in love on opposite sides of the world?


My Review

This book is sexy with a capital S! From the first time they meet, Zoya and Camille’s sexual attraction was palpable I could almost touch it. Camille is my favourite character to date in the pink bean series! Every time she speaks in French I swoon and she’s so honest and true to her heart when it comes to Zoya!

I was actually quite moved by the storyline itself and how both characters didn’t create undue angst, they just worked at making their love a success. For me it’s all in the writing and the way Harper Bliss is able to bring you into the story almost like you’re also a friend and patron of the Pink Bean.

I have always had a soft spot for Mickey in the first book in the series however this book took over book one as my favourite and you could almost read it as a stand alone, although its a great series so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Loved it. And can’t wait to read it all over again.

5 stars


If you would like to purchase ‘This Foreign Affair’ please click the link below:

This Foreign Affair by Harper Bliss



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