Shadow Haven by AJ Schippers

Great debut novel by AJ Schippers



Julia’s holiday on a private island, ordered by her boss, comes with an erotic surprise when she encounters the alluring Alexandra, a professional dominatrix. An explosive first meeting leads to friendship and something more sensual…and a little kinky.

Can Julia overcome her fears to explore a submissive relationship with her? Can she overcome her doubts about Alexandra’s unusual career? And what happens when power is not just left to the imagination?


My Review

I was intrigued about this book from the moment I read the synopsis and I wasn’t disappointed. It had a beautiful mix of BDSM and Romance that led me to really enjoy the storyline and the characters.

When stranded on a island with her boss’s friend, Julia panics. That is until she learns more about this beautiful and intriguing domme she’s been left alone with.

This story is a mild BDSM story that would be perfect for those who are new to the genre and want to dip their toes in without going straight to the hard stuff (excuse the pun).

The romance and tension between the Alexandra and Julia oozes from the page and creates a lovely story of discovery into a new world. I extremely enjoyed Alexandra’s cantor about her Dominatrix career and how she explained her lifestyle to Julia made the reader also feel safe in this very sexy and alluring world.

4.5 stars

If you would like to purchase Shadow Haven please follow the link below:

Shadow Haven


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