Pink by KD Williamson

Author Synopsis

Fresh out of a relationship, Shawnna Green is heartbroken, lost, and almost penniless. She decides to start over in New Orleans to find a new sense of self, despite her ex hampering her progress. With the help of her best friend, Veda, she finds employment at Stumpy’s Sex Emporium where she deals with customers that range from the strange to the hilarious.

At the same time, Shawnna discovers that women, sex, and dating, are not what they used to be, but neither is she. In finding herself, she uncovers a part she didn’t know existed, and that’s not always a good thing.

Can Shawnna pick herself up, reach out, and connect with the people around her?

A smoldering look at the things we hide from ourselves.


My Review

First off and most importantly, I need to make it clear that this is not a love story. This is a story about finding yourself when your life is thrown into disarray after a bad break up. Shawnna is heart broken after a particularly cruel break up when her girlfriend of five years cheats on her. The story follows Shawnna as she tries to discover ways to mend her heart while working at a sex emporium until she can get a job in her certified career. At times I began to dislike her a little as she became withdrawn and obnoxious but it was all part of her processing her turbulent emotions.

Some of the funniest moments in this book are at Shawnna’s work place, that happens to be a sex emporium. I actually cried laughing at some of the customers antics. It really brought much needed levity to which would have been a very serious novel. One of the ways Shawnna processes her emotions is through no strings sex. I have got to make it clear that some of these sex scenes were the sexiest, hottest sex scenes I have ever read. I love it when authors mix it up and write sex scenes that are not the usual generic Lesbian scenes and wow, did KD Williamson blow my mind.

Secondary Character Veda who is Shawnna’s best friend was a fantastic character to read. She caring, loving but she’s bold and confident and absolutely committed to Shawnna getting over her ex, plus she doesn’t let Shawnna get away with her negative behaviour which made me like her even more. I also really like Shawnna’s first no strings partner, Keisha. In fact, my romantic brain kept hoping for more from them even though I knew it was not a love story going in. I am still hoping that maybe Shawnna and Keisha could work through their pain and find love later in the game… who knows.

Great novel and not what I was expecting. 5 stars.


If you would like to purchase Pink please follow the links below:

Amazon: Pink

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