Bring Holly Home by A.E. Radley

Bring Holly Home is a fantastic novel and probably one of my favourite books by A.E. Radley. Bring Holly Home was originally written as a fan fiction by Radley based on the Devil Wears Prada.

Victoria Hastings is an editor for a fashion conglomerate; she has an ice queen persona and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. While in France for Paris Fashion week she is contacted by a journalist that informs her that her ex- assistant, Holly didn’t just up and leave her job the year before but was in an accident and has amnesia. She is and has been in a hospital in Paris for the past year since the previous Paris fashion week. Victoria rushes to Holly’s aide and is determined to get the young woman back to New York however as they spend time together both Victoria and Holly begin to see other sides to one another and their feelings grow.

Such a brilliant story and one I know I will read time and time again. This book has two ingredients that I love in novels, Ice Queens melting and age-gap romance. The tension between Holly and Victoria is palpable and at times the reader may think these two may never confess their attraction and feelings. It’s definitely a slow burn but one I’d gladly enjoy rereading again.

I emailed the author shortly after reading the book to ask if this was the start of a new series. I really feel both Holly and Victoria have more story to tell and hope that it won’t be long until we read more from these two because I couldn’t put the book down once their chemistry started to build and can only see it continuing (and intensifying) into another book.

5 stars


If you would like to purchase a copy of Bring Holly Home by following the links below:

Amazon US

Amazon AU

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