My Lady Lipstick by Karin Kallmaker

I really enjoyed My Lady Lipstick. I haven’t read many books by Karin Kallmaker but when I do they always give me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Paris writes Bodice Ripper novels under the pseudonym, Anita Topaz. She keeps her identity a secret and doesn’t even look anything like the stock photo on the back of her book. Her publishing house is pushing her to make some press appearances and she wants to avoid those at all costs. When she meets actress Diana she’s immediately taken with her but Diana has a big secret… Could this be the end to their mutual attraction? Or could it make things more interesting?

This book was a little different than what I was expecting and I think that was what I loved about it most. Diana’s underlying game of subterfuge was quite exciting to read about however, the star of the show was Paris, I finished the book with a rather big crush on her. She was quiet, sweet and a little butch with a big heart. Honestly, she was the whole delicious package.

There where definitely points in the book I felt the plot was going a little too slow, but this was made up by the moments Paris and Diana had together that melt my heart. My favourite part of the book was the last four chapters… major swoon. I read them again I loved them so much.

This book has definitely made me want to read more from Karin Kallmaker in the future so look out for upcoming reviews of the other novels in her catalogue.

4 stars


If you would like to purchase My Lady Lipstick please follow the links below:

Bella Books

Amazon US

Amazon AU

Amazon UK






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