Major Surgery by Lola Keeley

Lola Keely wrote one of my favourite books to date so I was over the moon to see Major Surgery was coming out so soon after I read The Music and The Mirror.

As much as I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did The Music and The Mirror, it was still an excellent book especially for only being the author’s second book.

Surgeon and Department head, Veronica is known for being cold but phenomenal at her job. She runs a tight ship so when she encounters rough around the edges and fresh from the army, Cassie she doesn’t expect to get along with her never mind to develop feeling’s for her.

This story was really fleshed out, the characters were developed well and I felt like I got to know them as friend’s throughout the story. I love medical romances and this one didn’t disappoint, especially in the hospital scenes which I found particularly good.

At times I felt there could have been more of a spark/chemistry between Veronica and Cassie. I almost wanted Veronica to go all crazy for Cassie. It was definitely a slow burn but when they do get it together it was worth the wait. And I loved watching Veronica’s Ice Queen crown slip off and show the person that was meant to fall for Cassie.

All in all, a lovely story I look forward to rereading soon.
4 stars


If you would like to purchase Major Surgery please follow the links below:

Ylva Publishing





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