A Curious Women by Jess Lea

This story was very a funny and quirky story that was quite different from any Lesbian fiction novel I’ve read before.

Bess Campbell has escaped city life for the small village of Port Banir. She works at the Cabinet of Curiosities, a museum of the weird and wonderful, where no day is like the last. Ice Queen, Margaret Gale owns the Port Banir Maritime Museum where the locals don’t frequent often as her strict rules and the artifacts can make it quite boring. When a murder ties these two women together they begin to see that not only is this a setup but maybe opposites do attract!

Jess Lea set up a very exciting and unique story. I actually have a bit of a thing for the ‘Ice Queen’ trope so I was really excited about Margaret’s character from the beginning. It was nice to watch as Margret’s stone walls came down the more time she spent with Bess.

I just couldn’t personally connect with the intrigue side of the story and kept wishing there would be more build up to Margaret and Bess’s love story. I guess I am just a romantic at heart.

Despite this, I will give Jess Lea credit for constructing a story that doled out plot twist after plot twist. I wasn’t really sure where the book was headed at all until the very last few pages where I was shocked by the reveal. She built up a strong cast of secondary characters who are all well-fleshed out and have their own back stories of intrigue.

I’ll definitely check out what comes next from Jess Lea.

3.5 stars


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