Learning to Swim by KJ

Changing your life can be scary, but sometimes love is worth it.

What was the book about?:
Lauren and Andrea meet at a networking luncheon for women six years earlier. Lauren has always been in love with Andrea, but Andrea is oblivious because she’s a complete and total workaholic. One day she comes to the realization that she loves Lauren, too. They spend a steamy night together, causing Andrea to re-examine her life and her priorities. This is further exacerbated when her mother has a psychotic break from also being a workaholic.

Featured Tropes: Friends to lovers; family drama

Book Strengths:
The writing is good. All the interactions between Andrea and the other characters are authentic. Although, some are unexpected. The realness of this book is what makes it great. It will leave most readers wanting to review their own lives to makes sure we are living our best lives.

Book weaknesses:
Since Andrea’s relationship with Lauren was the main catalyst for her changes, it would have been nice to see more of that relationship develop. I understand the author’s choices, I just would have liked more of them as a couple, or even showing more of their prior friendship.

Character Chemistry:
This book is about Andrea and her journey. All the other characters, including Lauren, are merely part of that journey. I loved Andrea. She is real and authentic. Watching her growth is what makes this book.

Heat Rating: 4

I look forward to the next offering by this Author.

Star Rating: 4

If you would like to purchase Learning to Swim please follow the links below:

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