Willow by Raven J. Spencer

Fast and Thrilling!!!

What was the book about?:
Kat finds herself assigned with looking after the rich daughter of one of her former colleagues, but ends up with a lot more than she bargained for, her hands full, and an action packed adventure on top of it all. 

Featured Tropes: Romance, Action

Book Strengths:
Providing a fast paced, exiting adventure with a hint of erotica, Willow gives the reader all the drama and action of a full blow Hollywood blockbuster in a novella. Raven J. Spencer pulls out all the stops to deliver excitement and uncertainty, as Kat and Willow race against time to escape a dangerous situation alive. I was hooked from the very beginning, getting lost in the plot, and wrapped up in the details of the action packed plot. 

Book weaknesses:
All I wanna know now is, what’s next for Kat and Willow because this book has set up some pretty interesting possibilities. 

Character Chemistry:
Kat and Willow have instant attraction, which is on fire, especially as Kat tries to remain professional and Willow isn’t afraid to be shy with all her flirting and come ons.   Kat was definitely my favourite character, she is a strong woman, with good morals, and a heart of gold, but she is human, and when her feelings show through she is passionate and driven, which really brings her character alive. 

Heat Rating: 4 Flames

An exciting book that will leave you wanting to know what the future holds in store. 

Star Rating: 4 Stars

If you would like to buy this book please follow the links below:

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