The Roommate Arrangement by Jae

I love fake romances!

What was the book about? 

Stephanie Renshaw is a comedian who has yet to “make it”. Her self imposed deadline is fast approaching. In order to be closer to the LA comedy scene, she wants to move into a nearby apartment. Unfortunately, the landlord will only rent to couples. Steph hatches a plan to fine a roommate who can serve as her fake significant other so she can get the apartment. 

Rae Coleman, ex police officer and new security guard at one of the big comedy clubs is still struggling with the injuries that resulted in her status as ex police officer. One of those injuries makes it difficult for her to drive at night, and living within walking distance of the club is an offer she just can’t refuse, no matter how infuriating she finds Steph.

Featured Tropes: Fake romance, opposites attract

Book Strengths:
This book is entertaining. It was an all around enjoyable read. Jae can always be counted on for a fantastic book. I loved the premise, especially since I’d already read Just for Show (the book where we first met Stephanie). There was a good mix of comedy and seriousness. I love a good light-hearted read, but it’s good to see the characters face their demons as well.

Character Chemistry:
I loved the chemistry between Steph and Rae. Steph was so thoughtful about Rae’s condition, I think there was really no way for Rae not to fall for Steph. They really did compliment each other, and honestly, that’s why opposites really do attract.

Heat Rating: 3

Wrap up:
I wouldn’t mind seeing Steph, Rae, Claire, and Lana again in the future.

Star Rating: 5

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