Shadows & Dreams by Alexis Hall

The film noir-like novel you never knew you wanted to read, with vampires, werewolves and lesbians everywhere.

What was the book about?

Kate Kane is on trial for the murder of one of the London Vampire Princes, following the events from the first book, Iron & Velvet. As she waits for the Council to decide whether her killing him was indeed murder, Kate, with the help of her assistant Elise, a living statue, tries to stop some sort of vampire zombie army from killing everyone in London, all the while dealing with too many girlfriends, past and current, including the one who killed her partner, and all sorts of witches, werewolves, sorcerers and even more vampires.

Featured Tropes: 


Book Strengths:

The best thing about this series is its main character, the cynical but benevolent Kate Kane, and the gothic vampire / film noir atmosphere. It’s fun, dark, cynical and zany.

Book Weaknesses:

What weaknesses?

Character Chemistry: 

Kate’s current girlfriend is Julian Saint-Germain, the Prince of Cups, who’s, basically, the Vampire Prince of desire and pleasure. So of course the chemistry between the two women is out of this world. My only complaint is that, while it makes sense for the story, I wish the two of them spent more time together.

Heat Rating: 4

Wrap up:

Don’t try to make sense of the story or the characters, just enjoy. Have fun.

Star Rating: 4

Would you like to grab a copy?

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