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Between the Covers with Les Rêveur is the opportunity to receive more than just your regular Lesbian Fiction reviews… A novel Idea right?

Who is Team Les Rev?
We are a group of Lesbian Fiction book geeks who realized the genre really wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved. So, Rachael Byrne (Founder) started Les Revêur. Together with the team, we have reviewed just short of 500 books in 4 years, and It just keeps getting bigger and better.

Why Patreon?
For the past four and a half years, Rachael has wore the cost of everything, from Website fees to canva subscriptions, Les Rev Merchandise to buying and mailing paperbacks to comp winners all over the planet. As a team, we would like to find a way to keep doing what we do but not have the price tag. So we decided to give Patreon a go.

What will you get?
It all depends on the tier but we will be giving inside scopes, discounts, and freebies. This will include merch, paperback books, customised (to you) book suggestions, Secret Author Interviews, early access to competitions, access to our regular newsletter and a bi-monthly Patreon Newsletter that is for your eyes only! But most of all you will get a massive thanks from us for keeping our little website ticking over so we can keep shouting from the rooftops why we love #Lesfic so damn much!!

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