Music City Dreamers by Robyn Nyx

I have been waiting for this book patiently since the teaser was posted on social media last year. I love country music, big fan of anything Nashville and when mixing them with a lesbian fiction romance I knew I was going to be on board straight away.

The story begins with Louie working hard to make enough money to get to Nashville where she is certain her dream can come true. Heather is already in Nashville and while she failed at her attempt at being a country music star she is excelling in her job of finding the next big talent while she works for a prestigious music label. Heather’s main goal now is to make enough money so she can start her own label and finally come out the closet. When she meets Louie, all bet’s are off and she can’t help but want to break her celibacy to find out what there is between them but Louie is firmly out of the closet and has no intention of going back in. How can it possibly work? Especially when they now need to work together.

Firstly I want to mention this is the first book I have read by Robyn Nyx and what a way to start. I really enjoyed the slow pace of the book and while it could be considered a slow burn (and it was in many ways), the characters feelings for each other were evident from the moment they met. There was no uncertainty from either Heather or Louie, they both knew they wanted each other but it was the outside world that was the issue.

Heather was a great protagonist to get to know. She was so sure of her path and how she had to make her dream of having her own label that she never anticipated her feelings for Louie and that they could make her question everything. Her closeted sexuality was understandable in the world she worked and the city she lived. It actually made me sad and wonder how many of my favourite country stars might be hiding in the closet.

Louie was just the epitome of sexy. She’s butch, handsome, strong while sensitive, passionate but respectful and honestly, she is just amazing and everything that makes my heart go weak. The fact she writes country songs just made me fall even harder. Wow!

The chemistry between them both is so charged that at times it seeped from the page. There was a moment outside the BlueBird Café (Famous Nashville spot) where the tension and lust was so evident that it gave me chills.

The secondary characters in this book help to make it something really special. Gabe, Louie’s best friend and roommate stole my heart and I loved that he got so much page time. He reminded me so much of my best friend that I wanted to cuddle him so much. Other secondary characters included the country superstar, Savana and while she is a force to be reckoned with, she left me wondering what her story was for the future…

My only issue was that I felt the book ended a little too quickly and I really feel it needed an epilogue which would have definitely rounded it up to the 5 stars. However in saying this, if the book turns into a series, or gets a sequel then I will most definitely be changing to 5 stars.

This has definitely put Robyn Nyx on ‘one to watch’ list and I’ve already started eyeing up her back catalogue.

4 Stars


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Escape to Pleasure: Lesbian Travel Erotica

A great collaboration from Bold Strokes Books Editors Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor.

All short stories are based on the travel theme and I loved that trope. All the stories are really something different and have their own edge and erotic content that was just plain hot. Here are a few of my favourites with a short review. Enjoy…


A Fantasy Getaway by Jeannie Levig

Wow! Just wow… Jeannie Levig, I have no words. None.  OK, two words… Freaking Hot! It was fantastic and sexy, really really sexy! Definitely by far my favourite in this collection.


The Lodge by Aurora Rey

No surprise really that this was one of my favourites too. Aurora Rey just writes things I know I am gonna enjoy and this is no different. But once again I am left wanting more… More of the sex, more of the love, just more of her writing essentially! Fun, flirty and provocative… Just perfection really.


Mistakes Happen by Britt Ryder

Remember Emery from Britt Ryders short story, Shameless? Well, she’s back and with a bang! This is everything I have come to expect from the amazing Britt Ryder and she left me with my mouth hanging open once more.  Emery is just passionate, exciting and astonishingly sexy!

All in all, a fantastic collaboration of stories! So if you’re looking for something to spice up your holiday… Buy this book!. 4 Stars


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Royal Court by Jenny Frame

A truly romantic and thoroughly satisfying story about finding yourself when you find your soul mate…

This story is about two women from very different worlds that are complete opposites but somehow they work beautifully together and have explosive chemistry.

The Royal dresser to the Queen’s Consort, Holly is the life and soul of every party. She’s fun to be around and the men she dates are for amusement more than love. She tells her friends she’s straight but has girl crushes on a famous butch actress and one of the Queen’s friends, Captain Quincy. Let’s just say she’s a little mixed up about her sexuality but then again, who isn’t?

When Captain Quincy is hired to be the Queen’s Consort security detail, Holly realises that she’s not the stud she thought she was. She’s more uptight, constantly in a sour mood and doesn’t seem to like Holly at all. But as they spend more time together and Quincy lets her guard down, Holly begins to see the real Quincy, but why does Quincy keep holding her at arms length?

This is the third book in the Royal Romance Series by Jenny Frame and I think this one is my new favourite in the series. I loved Holly from the first book  A Royal Romance. She’s fun, caring, put her friends happiness above all and a bit of a go-getter. She’s truly amazing and has an infectious personality. Quincy however is strong, brooding, quiet and incredible loyal. The one thing both women have in common is they are both fiercely protective of the people they love.

Quincy had a hard few years in the Royal Marines and it’s made her unsure of herself. The moments she’s thinking about Holly in her head are so different to when they are together in the beginning and Quincy’s walls go back up. But it’s nice to see Holly break them down one at a time. Holly’s frustration with Quincy is warranted and at times I wanted to shake Quincy and say “Dude, get with the program! This woman is all in for you here” but alas, books don’t listen to their readers.

The sex scenes in this book are hot which honestly, I kind of knew they would be because Jenny Frame writes epic sex scenes while holding on to the intimacy in the moment. She really has a skill for it.

All I can say is I hope this is not the last book in the series. And I also really hope that we get a short story or a novella of how secondary characters Cameron and Lali got together because those two are just adorable.

Royal Court is such a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a butch/femme romance that packs a punch.

4.5 stars


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Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan

Hello new lesbian romantic fiction series…

Avery Simmons is co-founder of a Lesbian-dating app, only problem is she’s painfully single. Her girlfriend left her for someone else and took her dog in the process so it’s safe to say she’s feeling pretty low when Charlie Grant becomes her new roommate. They don’t hit it off at first but as they get to know each other they realise their growing feelings.  But falling for your roommate has disaster written all over it, right?

I think I may have just found one of my new favourite authors and series’. Sweat Equitywas fantastic and a great opening book to the new series Ladyluck Start-ups.  This is the first book I have read by Monica McCallan and I am so glad I jumped on board because I enjoyed it immensely.

I had a real soft spot for Avery. Even though she at times seemed a little grumpy and had some self loathing going, I felt it was part of the charm to discover that it was her heartbreak (from the ex) that caused her moods and as the walls came down, she was actually an amazing person. She was also this amazing geeky girl and I have a real thing for geeks in my Lesbian fiction so that was a major plus.

Charlie was just awesome. I think if there was ever a person to make Avery come out of her funk it was her. I could see why Avery had a crush on her straight away and she was such a genuine and lovely person.  Her job as a personal trainer cultivates the impression of her having the perfect body but she has a little bit of mystery about her and her past. It gave her an edge while maintaining her complete loveliness.

The secondary characters (and co founders of the start up app) are Avery’s best friends, Carter and Brennan, need to get their own love story in the series. So I am hoping there is, at the very least, two more books to come. I know I’ll be first in line… and I cannot wait!

5 stars

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se mc

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me by Tracey Richardson

What a fun story with lots of fantastic music to read along to.

When Clare Melbourne fires her intern, Ellie Kirkland reckons she’ll never see her again. But when a naughty little dog escapes home and is found by Clare, she doesn’t expect to find the owner to be Ellie. Putting their conflict aside they bond over Motown music, Ellie’s little dog and Clare’s beauty of a car… really, it’s a beauty. But Claire worries the age difference is a big reason from them to not be together. Ellie just needs to make her change her mind.

One of my favourite tropes is age-gap romance and this did not disappoint; I really enjoyed this unraveling of the romance. The pace was perfect and I hadn’t realized I had read so long until I had finished the book in one sitting.

It was easy to like both characters and the chemistry for both Ellie and Clare was there from the moment Clare returns Ellie’s pup home. This story had happily ever after written all over it from that moment on.

I really liked the side story of Ellie’s sister and I would find it interesting if there became a follow up story with her in it. I actually almost messaged the author to see if this was the plan because it just felt so right for her story to continue.

My only complaint would be the moments with Ellie’s parents and all the issues that came with them. I almost wanted to jump their sections but alas, it all turned out well.

Another fun story from Tracey Richardson, really looking forward to what’s coming next… Please be a follow up to I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. I have been singing the Motown songs from the book for days afterwards.

4 stars


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Breaking Character by Lee Winter

What a fantastic novel. I felt a little book drunk after reading it. Like, how could I choose what book follows that?

Elizabeth Thornton is most hated villain on American Medical TV Drama, Choosing Hope. But her character’s demeanour on the show has begun to be all that the public see of her outside it, a villain.  She just needs to get to the end of the season then she can pursue bigger and better roles. In walks fellow actress Summer and she is everything her name implies, bright, cheerful and stunningly beautiful. When a clumsy stumble puts Elizabeth and Summer in the spotlight, their world begins to change. Especially when the director wants to hire Elizabeth as his lead actress for his latest upcoming movie, but only if she brings along her girlfriend Summer to the meeting. Elizabeth’s well-constructed closet starts fail as she is forced into the open but she really wants that part. Can she convince Summer to play her girlfriend until she secures the part? And not fall for Summer’s charms in the process? All the while keeping the public from learning about her sexuality?

There are so many tropes in this book you could easily loose count but the ones that intrigued me the most were, fauxmance, ice queen, age-gap and Hollywood romance. All the tropes that I simply love and look out for, so I knew this book was going to blow my mind. The Ice Queen trope was one with a twist though because as much as Elizabeth to the outside world had a cold demeanour, it couldn’t be further from the truth, behind closed doors and with friends she was relaxed, charming, fun and very likeable. I was crushing on her hard.

Summer is just delightful. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is probably one of the most caring and loveable characters I have ever read. There were moments I couldn’t understand how Elizabeth could hold back from falling for her completely. I wanted to make her my friend after the first chapter.

I really enjoyed the moments of realisation for Elizabeth about her feelings for Summer or other aspects of her closeted life. It was like a wall came down every time and we saw how amazing she was. In turn, her friends were also amazing and stole my heart on more than one occasion, especially Alex. I really hope Lee Winter writes her story at some point as I was really taken with her character.

This is without a doubt one of the best novels to come out of Lesbian fiction in 2018. It’s wonderful… really. The chemistry between the characters was oozing off the page, the characters were easy to like from the get go and the whole premise gave me the feels.

Unequivocally 5 stars.


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Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie

Valerie had a horrendous childhood growing up in the foster system but her life is on track now. She’s a children’s librarian and loves her job working with the children so she has decided to foster kids to right the wrongs she felt as a child. When beginning her induction course in fostering she meets one of the coaches, Paige. Paige and Valerie have electric chemistry but when she meets the two young children she will be fostering and realises that Paige is her caseworker, they have to put their attraction on the back burner and concentrate on the kids… But that doesn’t mean they find being in close proximity hard, especially when they are perfect for one another.

This book broke my heart a little, I don’t think I have cried and/or got the feels that much in a while from a storyline. It may be that I’m a mum or I’ve worked with vulnerable children but I was so effected by this story.

This book is fast paced and moved at the speed that I felt matched the growth of the protagonist’s journey. Don’t get me wrong, the characters’ relationship happens on a slower stride but the story itself moves along nicely. There wasn’t a moment in this book were I thought Valerie and Paige wouldn’t get together as it’s obvious from the beginning they are soul mates and their romance isn’t the focal point until the last 25% of the book.

Valerie couldn’t be a better candidate for fostering children. She’s an amazing human being with a big heart and lots of love to give to any child. So watching her with her foster kids, Lily and Ian was beautiful especially as she began to really bond with them. I would actually say the kids stole the show and made the book something really wonderful.

Paige was another beautiful soul and she really was the best person to support Valerie through her time going into fostering. She’s so sweet and has an adoptive daughter herself that came through the foster system so she understands and really allows Valerie to lean on her in all the hard times.

What a book! I cried continuously from the last two chapters through to the end of the most beautiful epilogue.

I really can’t wait to see what’s next from Erin McKenzie.
5 stars


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Love’s Verdict by Carsen Taite

I really enjoyed this book, it had me all swept up in the romance from the beginning.

Landon Holt and Carly Pachett are total opposites, the only thing they have in common is that they are phenomenal lawyers. Carly is reserved and quiet but highly talented at researching her cases and has the smarts to wow, not just her clients but also her bosses. Landon is suave and self-assured; her clients warm to her easily and trust her implicitly because her confidence makes them feel safe. Carly and Landon work tirelessly together but as we all know, working so close and the fact opposites always attract means these two are bound to fall for each other but how wise would it be to fall for the woman gunning for your promotion?

I really enjoyed this story. It was fast paced and I loved the interactions between Carly and Landon. Carly and Landon were so serious about their jobs that when they teased and flirted with each other it was a nice escape from the seriousness of the legal case they where involved in. Also, Landon was really able to soften Carly’s character and in turn Carly really changed in the second half of the book and became much more likeable for me. Landon however, I was fascinated with from the beginning. Her confidence is attractive but it’s the moments she vulnerable that really had me. When you first learn about her background I found it hard to imagine with the beautiful soul I was reading about. However her experiences really lead to making her a fantastic character. She might be my new favourite character from Carsen Taite.

My only complaints would be that I’d have loved a longer epilogue and also I am not a fan of book covers with the protagonist on it as it confuses what’s in my imagination. In regards to the epilogue, I really loved the way things were left in the last chapter but when I read the epilogue, I longed for a little more or even a further time gap. But if you read my reviews you know I love an epilogue, especially one that is six months to a year after the last chapter!!

All in all, another great read from Carsen Taite.

4 stars

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Passionate Rivals by Radclyffe

I was so excited to read this book as I’ve followed the PMC Hospital Series from the moment I read Fated Love. I love Quinn and Honor (Fated Love) so to know I would get another book with them in the story had me reading this book the moment it hit my kindle.

As well as an update on all the loveliness that is Honor and Quinn, the plot centres around two new characters, Emmett and Sydney. Emmett and Sydney meet again under unexpected circumstances and are pitted against each other for the role of Chief resident in PMC Hospital. The problem is that the attraction they feel to one another is still strong… Can they work together/ against each other when their feelings are still so strong?

This book is definitely more a of slow burn for most of the book and then it really speeds up from 75% in which really finished the book nicely for me.

I adore how after four books in the series Honor and Quinn are just as much in love if not more than in Fated Love. There is something about those two (and also Tori and Reese from Ptown series) that makes me measure all of Radclyffe’s protagonists against them. So to see them still as madly in love made me incredibly happy.

Sydney and Emmett’s back-story intrigued me from the beginning, how did they know each other? Were they lovers? Or was it a fling?

The more we got to know them the more I couldn’t believe they hadn’t gotten serious the first time they met but Sydney’s story develops into all the reasons why and I have to say, it was an interesting twist in their story.

I saw a lot of Quinn in Emmett and I think that’s what made her my favourite character in this book. She was really something special and characters like her are one of the many reasons I keep returning to reread Radclyffe’s books.

The secondary characters in the book really made for some interesting moments and I really hope they are continued into this new phase of the PMC romance series. Especially Dani and Zoey, who I really hope Radclyffe writes a story around as I reckon them as a couple could be explosive on the page.

One of my issues was the cover of the book. I’m not a fan of people on the front covers of books because I like to have an image in my mind of what I think the character looks like and I can never really do that when there is quite a defined picture of the protagonists on the front. It’s a personal thing though but I wanted to mention it as it throws me a bit off.

Not my favourite from Radclyffe but another great hospital romance I’ll read again.

4 stars

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Life in Bits by Harper Bliss & T.B. Markinson

What a fantastic Christmas story!

Eileen’s life has changed dramatically after a health implication lands her in recovery and back in her hometown near her family… Not exactly her dream scenario. When home, she meets Naomi who is not only gorgeous but young with a positive attitude and a beautiful caring soul that Eileen can’t help but be drawn too. After fighting off the attraction she realises that what she really needs is to embrace her feelings for Naomi and live her best life.

Firstly, I wanted to say that I have read lots of books written with multiple authors that this one was definitely a favourite, I’m not sure how the writing was strategised but it flowed perfectly and I honestly couldn’t guess who was writing what at any given moment. The book was truly a success.

Oh, I loved this story. Not only was it right up my street with the age-gap romance trope but also both authors really portrayed Naomi and Eileen’s personalities perfectly. The chemistry between them was great and I could feel the tension and attraction from the first moment they met.

My favourite character was definitely Naomi. How could anyone not love her zest for life? Or her unbelievably beautiful view on life? She was amazing and I think if I was Eileen I would struggle not to fall for her pretty quickly too.

Well done Harper Bliss and T.B Markinson, this is a fantastic Christmas story that will be on my reread list every Christmas!

5 stars


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