Alone by E.J. Noyes

Another phenomenal book by E.J. Noyes.

This book was amazing and so incredibly interesting. Celeste has taken part in a four-year study/ experiment of the human psyche. All she has to do is live alone in the middle of nowhere for a maximum of four years, she can’t have any contact with the outside world and the payout is massive and would set her up for the rest of her life. When an unknown hiker shows up three years into the experiment and she’s wounded, Celeste wants to help but could this ruin everything she has stayed alone for the past three years…

How does E.J. Noyes do it? Coming up with these intense and elaborate stories that draw you in so much that you can’t put the book down until it’s finished. I became a little obsessed with this book. This isn’t a novel you can rush, the pace is definitely slower than other books by the author but I think it’s perfect for these characters and their story and also for the reader to really understand the situation.

The story is told solely from Celeste’s POV and what an interesting point of view she has. Understanding how alone she is was quite eye opening. The way she adapted her life to survive the loneliness was amazing. When Olivia (the wounded hiker) is added to the story and gives the plot it’s romantic element I was so excited and it did not disappoint.

I think that’s where I am going to stop this review because honestly, I am scared to give any spoilers. But I will say this… BUY THIS BOOK! Alone is now in the running for the Les Rêveur book of 2019. It’s just that fantastic.

5 Stars

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The Road To Madison by Elle Spencer

I basically started this story lying in bed one morning and didn’t put it down (or leave the house) until I finished it. I was entranced from the first chapter and hung on every word until it was finished. 

Ana and Madison were madly in love when they were teenagers. But when Madison’s father puts a stop to their relationship they are both left heart broken with no one ever quite measuring up to each other. When Madison’s father dies they bump into each other at the funeral and chemistry and love bubbles back to the surface. But can they ever really be together when the past still haunts them? 

This book gave me all the feels. Elle Spencer is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. She transports me into the story and I feel like I’m living vicariously through the characters. The pace was perfect, especially for this love story. It gave the reader the time to understand the characters and their past and why they were so cautious. 

The book is written in the present but there are flashbacks to the relationship Maddie and Anna have as teenagers. The love they feel as kids is so potent that you understand the degree of heart break they both went through. Maddie and Ana are the very definition of soul mates. They complete each other and their second chance at being together is so beautiful. I mean don’t get me wrong Elle Spencer makes you work for it as they navigate their feelings but at no point do you question their love. It’s at the forefront from the first chapter.

The love scenes were intimate while hot and passionate. Even as teenagers the tentative touches and exploration was written beautifully. 

The secondary characters were so important in this story and I think I bonded with them… well, the nice ones anyway. Especially Kris and Scott whom I just loved every time they got page time. I’m kinda hoping Kris gets her own love story… she certainly deserves it.

All in all this was a fantastic story! 

5 stars


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Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks

What a fantastic story! Loved every minute of  it.

Tamsyn is a famous actress who has kept her sexuality a secret all through her fame and fortune. That is until she meets Maggie Cooper, the novelist who is staying at the same getaway location to get away from the world. The spark is there from the beginning but Tamsyn is reluctant to fall for a woman when she can’t give her what she deserves. But when the chemistry is indisputable and both women are at war with their feelings, it’s not going to be easy to walk away at the end of the break.

This was the first book to read by A.L. Brooks and as with every new author, I go in with trepidation but I adored this story. It was fantastic from start to finish. The pace was perfect, the characters were well  developed and entirely believable and best part was the lovely storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I loved Tamsyn, she had such a complex identity but hadn’t become tainted by her fame. She still enjoyed the simple things while out of the limelight. I felt sorry for her as  she had to hide in the closet and deny her sexuality but she made a choice and sure was sticking to it. Until Maggie. Oh, Maggie… if there ever was a woman to sweep Tamsyn off her feet it was Maggie. I think I fell for Maggie a little by the end of the book. She is so warm and caring while being effortlessly sexy and smart as a whip. Tamsyn never stood a chance really.

The sex scenes were hot and so very sexy… quite the awakening for both characters. Their chemistry was off the chart in and out bed but they also had a sweetness to them at times too that made their connection even more intimate and about more than sex.

I absolutely loved it. I’m really hoping Tamsyn’s agent, Carmen gets her own story (she so needs to jump the fence) because I want more from all these characters…
5 stars


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Game Night by Cassidy Storm

This was such a fun story to read!

Alyssa gets more than she bargained for when she attends her colleague Mia’s game night, and it really is down to you to decide as you are reading this whether you think she wins or loses! Alyssa’s crush on Mia gets harder and harder for her to keep secret for the night as well, which creates an air of tension between her and some of Mia’s friends, who really make it difficult for Alyssa to hide her feelings.

Mia and her friends really have a unique sense of humour with their game night, leaving little to the imagination and playing for high stakes. It was great reading about Alyssa’s experience of this truly spectacular night.

There are a lot of poker references but it all adds to the tension of the story, and giving the reader the experience as Alyssa truly experiences the games. A very interesting, fun, flirty, and sexy read that was very enjoyable.

5 Stars


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Guest Review: Falling by Kris Bryant

Sometimes you come across a book when all you can say is “Wow”.

This is how I felt about Kris Bryant’s new book Falling. The 4 main characters met because of a plane crash. They bonded because of the crash and fell in love because of the crash. This is the best writing I have ever seen from Kris Bryant. The 1st chapter just sucked me in. It was raw and compelling. Ms. Bryant portrayed all of the terror and raw emotion that Shaylie felt before the plane crashed and how her world has been altered by this life changing event. Shaylie meets Piper at a survivors support group and become friends then lovers. The sparks fly. Piper and Shaylie are red hot. Some of the best love scenes Kris has ever written. The last couple of chapters are fabulous. Make sure you  have lots of kleenex.

5 Stars


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Never Enough by Robyn Nyx

Well, I was not expecting that… WOW!

Madison Ford is an awarding winner journalist. She’s reported some of the most terrifying news that happens all over the world, from foreign war to Trans rights. As a favour she interviews Elodie Fontaine, a famous actress who’s doing charity work as a humanitarian. Both women are immediately attracted to one another but when Madison becomes entangled in the story of the year related to a Human trafficking ring, their lives get more action than they were expecting.

This book was something else. At no point was I bored or skipping through pages. The pace was great and the segway from my usual romance novels to something with a bit of grit was really enjoyable.

Elodie was something else. The first chapter in the book had my mouth agape the entire time, talk about sex on legs! She was a walking, talking swoon. In saying that, I really liked Maddie. She was such a great character to read and I felt a real connection to her and her fierce need for independence. In the beginning I couldn’t imagine Elodie and Maddie together but by the halfway mark in the book I was really rooting for them.

The chemistry and sex scenes were explicit and unbelievably hot. More than that though, I really felt like Elodie and Maddie were connecting on another level during those scenes. It was like they had a higher level of intimacy.

For me there were times where the violence was a little much, however it never held me back for long and this book has definitely made me rethink some books I have passed up in the past due to the sub-genre.

If you love a thrill mixed with your romance, this is definitely the book for you. It’s already made it to the re-read shelf.

4 stars


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Falling by Kris Bryant

This book is just exceptional.
Shaylie has just survived a plane crash. She’s a little bit broken in places and she’ll heal but it’s shaken her life. In an attempt to get back to some normality, she meets Piper during a support group for survivors. Piper lost her best friend and her fiancée in the plane crash and she needs answers. Piper and Shaylie become fast friends and help each other heal. Shaylie begins to fall for Piper and the more time she spends with her she knows this woman could be the one…

I’m getting this feeling writing up this review. This story is extraordinary. I cried my way through it and it’s the best book Kris Bryant has ever written but it’s now my favourite Lesbian Fiction Book… Ever!
The pace of the book was perfect. The first chapter gave me chills as we enter the book just minutes before the crash. Kris Bryant’s descriptions during this scene were outstanding and boy did they cement my focus on the book. Next minute I knew, I was at the end and you certainly could see the track marks of my tears.

When it comes to characters Piper and Shaylie are soul mates. They just complement each other in every way and it’s just circumstance that they meet the way they do. I believe in my heart they would have met no matter what. The chemistry they have when they finally get together (this is a romance and Kris Bryant, we all know it happens) was palpable. I could feel it sizzling of the page.

The sex scenes blew my mind. There is one in particular that I think is Kris Bryant’s best ever sex scene. It was really well described and the actual scene was sexy, and hot as hell.

I can’t finish the review of this book without mentioning the epilogue because it’s everything. I have a tightening in my chest just thinking about how magical it was. If there was ever a book that finished with me knowing these protagonists not only make it but live happy ever after, this is the one.

A complete triumph and I know I haven’t done this book justice in the review but how could I when it’s my perfect book. Buy this book and make your heart happy people… it’s a must read!
An outstanding 5 stars

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Not the Marrying Kind by Jae

Fantastic story. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Ashley has always hidden in the proverbial closet. She likes it there, it’s safe and she isn’t hurting anyone. That is, until she finds out that her friend, Sasha is bisexual. Now she is seeing Sasha in a whole new light and with them working closely together on the wedding of the season for their mutual friends, it’s only a matter of time until sparks fly, especially because Sasha has always harboured a crush on Ashley. But with Ashley too scared to come out and Sasha not wanting to be anyone’s secret, it could never work… right?

This was really a great book. The pace was perfect, the chemistry between both protagonists was on fire and I really enjoyed the storyline. I loved Sasha and Ashley together. Even as friends they had something special going on. I also think the chemistry between Sasha and Ashley is possibly the best Jae has ever written. It was sexy while intimate and left this reader a little hot under the collar.

I absolutely adored that Holly and Leo from the first book in the Fair Oaks series, Perfect Rhythm were in this one too. In fact, Perfect Rhythm was where we were first introduced to Sasha and Ashley and honestly, I didn’t see Jae putting these two together. The community of friends they have in Fair Oaks that accept them is amazing and I really hope Jae continues to tell us more stories from the Fair Oaks Community… Who could be next?

5 stars

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Love to the Rescue by Radclyffe

I actually loved this story and more so for the family/friendship aspects than the love.

Brody left the River’s community and the Rivers family without looking back. Now after years away, she’s back to help start the Medivac team at the Hospital. Memories are flooding back and she’s trying to avoid the confrontation with the River’s family (especially Flann) whenever she can but when you live in a small town it’s hard to avoid anyone. The only shining light of being back is the crush she still has on Val from High School and the fact that Val now sees her instead of cool other kids at school. Val feel’s a connection to Brody straight away. She’s everything she has been looking for but how did she not see it before?

What a great story and I really enjoyed it being out with the hospital for a change. Val being the local Vet and Brody being the Medivac set them in the Hospital mix but not at the centre of all the drama. The flow and pace were perfect, and it was a really nice read for a Sunday afternoon at home.

The chemistry and budding romance from Val and Brody felt easy to read and enjoy. Their relationship was lovely and at no point could I see it end in heart break or did it throw too much angst. The angst was between Brody and her connection to the Rivers family. The hurt her leaving did to them especially Flann who just can’t get on board with why she is back.

In fact, the friendship and love between Flann and Brody is where the real story is in the book. It felt heated and hurtful between them both. Radclyffe gave such emotion to the moments they were together toughing it out but in turn the love flowed during the times they spoke about each other or the rest of the Rivers crew.

I can’t review a Rivers Community book without mentioning Maggie and Blake. Our young teens that have been around since book two. I just think that Radclyffe really needs to be commended for the continued excellence when it comes to writing Blake and his transition with such accuracy. As a trans male he goes through some hard times but with Maggie and the Rivers clan by his side he seems to be able to tackle anything. I do really hope he finds love with Maggie one day, if any couple deserve each other it’s those two.

Great addition to the Rivers Community books. Still hot and sexy with so much love it’s hard not to swoon.
4.5 stars

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The Revelation of Beatrice Darby by Jean Copeland

What the hell took me so long to read this? I am down right annoyed at myself!

This is a coming out story with a difference. We follow Beatrice Darby’s life from high school, the realisation that she’s interested romantically in girls, her first crush and then her first unrequited love. This story deals with not only the feelings of the unknown and rejection that comes with coming out but also the fact that in the time she lived (late 1950’s) made everything else hard, the secrets and lies you had to tell, the stolen moments but ultimately the strength you need to be who you are and not be ashamed by that.

The Revelation of Beatrice Darby was written in the first person POV and I honestly couldn’t see this book being any other way. I mean, this is Beatrice’s story and no one else’s. I think this book is so true to the time it was written in. I mean, I already knew the 1950’s was a difficult time to come out as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community but wow these women were brave.

Beatrice was such a fantastic character to get to know. She is a lovely and honest person inside and out. But the times she lives in forces her to keep some things hidden and put up a front to get by as the all american girl. As we move through the story we begin to see, the more she gets confident to be herself, the more she rejects the norms and pushes the boundaries that have been set by generations of lesbians before her. She made me want to fist pump her more than once because she definitely grew into a woman before her time.

Her love life in this book is hard going. Not to read but to imagine… I mean, if I was Beatrice I would find it so hard to trust anyone not to break my heart or out me to the people and community around me. But this story has a beautiful happy ending that I hadn’t realised how much I needed until the end.

I read this book in one sitting and I am so glad I did. It’s such an inspirational book and without the sex scenes (I was imagining some freaking hot ones in my head) I reckon this needs to be part of the high school syllabuses for the 16-17 year olds. Because this type of insight is severely lacking.

Great book and so very inspiring.
5 stars


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