A Lesson In Love by Harper Bliss

This book knocked my socks off. 

What was the book about?
Helen is a professor at Oxford University; however, in her private life, she is the author of a lesbian mystery book series. When she meets Rory, the student who she will advise through her PHD, her life is thrown into a spin. Not only is she wildly attracted to Rory, which in itself is frowned upon (regardless of how mutual the attraction is), but she is also considering telling everyone her secret author identity.

Rory is drawn to Helen from the get-go and knows this is more than just a teacher crush. She just needs to convince Helen that the age gap and the student-teacher relationship isn’t an issue.

Featured Tropes:
Age Gap Romance/ Teacher-Student 

Book Strengths:
The writing in this book is excellent. Each chapter is told from one protagonist’s point of view. I loved this and how it fits in perfectly with the story and how both characters are going through very different experiences but their feeling for each other are very similar. I think their differences are what I enjoyed most. I love age gap romances, and honestly, this one is one of my favourites. I’m not surprised though because one of the best age gap romances is Seasons of Love by the same author. 

Helen is the character that changes the most in the book, and It was beautiful to ee. Usually, the younger character needs to change or grow up to fit in with the older character. It’s almost like Rory is the catalyst for all the changes Helen has been putting off and is now embracing. It was beautiful to watch her adopt her author persona.

Book weaknesses:
I would have really enjoyed an epilogue with a glimpse a few years later. 

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Helen and Rory is phenomenal. Their first sex scene was probably the most sensual I’ve ever read. Being in Rory’s head for that scene was exquisite and really showed how she felt about Helen, and it raised the intimacy level to another degree. I’m still in awe of that moment.

Heat Rating: 5

A great story and an awesome end to what is a fantastic series. I love Harper Bliss books, and this one was no different. She always leaves me wanting more. 

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars


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A Taste of Love by Clare Lydon

Can I move to the Cotswolds?

What was the book about?

Natalie is the village sweetheart. Everyone loves her; the only problem is she can’t find love. She has all but given up on love when Ellie crashes into her… literally! Ellie is from London originally, but she is ready for a quiet life in the Cotswolds with her newly opened Ice Cream parlour.

Neither women are looking for love, but love finds them, and with the usual wacky family members and village locals you are in for a wild ride!

Featured Tropes

Big City meets Small town, Village sweetheart, Small town romance.

Book Strengths:

Fantastic book! Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down and the late night/early morning finish was a testament to what a beautiful story it was. I especially loved the secondary characters in this book, especially Natalie’s Dad. He won my heart in a big way.

Book weaknesses:

I would have loved an epilogue for these two awesome ladies.

Character Chemistry:

Natalie and Ellie have chemistry in spades! The attraction was evident from very early on, and when they do finally get to the first kiss, it was explosive. The sexual tension and build-up was spectacular. I love how the author cultivated their passion for each other.

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Excellent novel and this new series is shaping up well. I can’t wait to start Harper Bliss’s book three in the Village Romance Series.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4.5 Stars)


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Smile Number Seven by Melissa Price

Such a great novel and so easy to read and enjoy.

Katarina Verralta is a movie star who has lived her life in the closet. She scores big roles in big budget films but is scared it would all disappear if she told the world she was gay. Caught in an unexpected storm, she pulls into a diner and meets the owner, Julia Dealing. Julia is stunning and Katarina can’t help herself. They fall into an intoxicating romance but can either one of them really be happy in a relationship that is in the shadows? Keeping each other a secret?

Such a great story and I demolished it in one go. The story is told from both Katrina and Juliette’s point of view, which in this case I think was very important to do, especially with the ups and downs from both sides. The pace was perfect and gave enough at the end that I felt the characters got their happy ever after.

This book has a few great tropes but my favourite is the age-gap romance. It really added a lovely extra element to the story. I loved Julia’s character best. She was so loving and forthright. The idea of this beautiful creature being hidden in the closet was just damn sad, but don’t you worry, she holds her own.

I think my favourite part of this book was the lack of angst and the story was also not drawn out. We know the feelings between both characters are strong from pretty early on. This made me enjoy the story even more because I could just fall into an enjoyable love story.

4.5 stars

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Love to the Rescue by Radclyffe

I actually loved this story and more so for the family/friendship aspects than the love.

Brody left the River’s community and the Rivers family without looking back. Now after years away, she’s back to help start the Medivac team at the Hospital. Memories are flooding back and she’s trying to avoid the confrontation with the River’s family (especially Flann) whenever she can but when you live in a small town it’s hard to avoid anyone. The only shining light of being back is the crush she still has on Val from High School and the fact that Val now sees her instead of cool other kids at school. Val feel’s a connection to Brody straight away. She’s everything she has been looking for but how did she not see it before?

What a great story and I really enjoyed it being out with the hospital for a change. Val being the local Vet and Brody being the Medivac set them in the Hospital mix but not at the centre of all the drama. The flow and pace were perfect, and it was a really nice read for a Sunday afternoon at home.

The chemistry and budding romance from Val and Brody felt easy to read and enjoy. Their relationship was lovely and at no point could I see it end in heart break or did it throw too much angst. The angst was between Brody and her connection to the Rivers family. The hurt her leaving did to them especially Flann who just can’t get on board with why she is back.

In fact, the friendship and love between Flann and Brody is where the real story is in the book. It felt heated and hurtful between them both. Radclyffe gave such emotion to the moments they were together toughing it out but in turn the love flowed during the times they spoke about each other or the rest of the Rivers crew.

I can’t review a Rivers Community book without mentioning Maggie and Blake. Our young teens that have been around since book two. I just think that Radclyffe really needs to be commended for the continued excellence when it comes to writing Blake and his transition with such accuracy. As a trans male he goes through some hard times but with Maggie and the Rivers clan by his side he seems to be able to tackle anything. I do really hope he finds love with Maggie one day, if any couple deserve each other it’s those two.

Great addition to the Rivers Community books. Still hot and sexy with so much love it’s hard not to swoon.
4.5 stars

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The Do-Over by Georgia Beers

This book is definitely one of my favourite from Georgia Beers.

Easton has to go to a conflict resolution class for work and when she meets her teacher she is immediately in awe. Bella is gorgeous and everything Easton wants but on the flip side Bella is shocked by Easton’s presence. Easton was Bella’s high school crush and also one of the cool kids that contributed to her bullying! But Bella still has feelings for Easton and Easton clearly doesn’t recognise her so what’s the harm in getting to know her again!

I’m not even kidding when I say I was onboard with the storyline from the beginning. I had butterflies during the first and second date with these two! I was way more invested in this romance/relationship I think than ever before.

Great character development. Especially Bella differing in some of her personality now compared to high school and her shyness. It was incredibly exciting to watch the moments where as a woman she had confidence to say and feel what she wanted. It was really validating for this reader anyway!

The flashbacks to school fed the story well and the situation of the past was at the forefront of my mind which was good because these characters had a way of holding my attention with their loving gazes and astounding chemistry so to have a bit of context from the past was really good.

I loved that Easton was still friends with her ex husband and they worked as a team for their daughter, Emma. It was really endearing and nice not to have the ex husband be the bad guy but be the supportive friend.

The sex scenes were good and while being passionate, were still extremely intimate. As always, great kissing scenes from Georgia Beers. She does write the best kisses after all.

My only negative is the lack of an epilogue. I would have really liked one to tie everything together especially with Easton’s daughter, Emma and then being a family and also in general to close off Easton and Bella’s story into the future.

Such a beautiful story that honestly left me a bit book drunk! I’m already planning my re-read.

4.5 stars


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Royal Court by Jenny Frame

A truly romantic and thoroughly satisfying story about finding yourself when you find your soul mate…

This story is about two women from very different worlds that are complete opposites but somehow they work beautifully together and have explosive chemistry.

The Royal dresser to the Queen’s Consort, Holly is the life and soul of every party. She’s fun to be around and the men she dates are for amusement more than love. She tells her friends she’s straight but has girl crushes on a famous butch actress and one of the Queen’s friends, Captain Quincy. Let’s just say she’s a little mixed up about her sexuality but then again, who isn’t?

When Captain Quincy is hired to be the Queen’s Consort security detail, Holly realises that she’s not the stud she thought she was. She’s more uptight, constantly in a sour mood and doesn’t seem to like Holly at all. But as they spend more time together and Quincy lets her guard down, Holly begins to see the real Quincy, but why does Quincy keep holding her at arms length?

This is the third book in the Royal Romance Series by Jenny Frame and I think this one is my new favourite in the series. I loved Holly from the first book  A Royal Romance. She’s fun, caring, put her friends happiness above all and a bit of a go-getter. She’s truly amazing and has an infectious personality. Quincy however is strong, brooding, quiet and incredible loyal. The one thing both women have in common is they are both fiercely protective of the people they love.

Quincy had a hard few years in the Royal Marines and it’s made her unsure of herself. The moments she’s thinking about Holly in her head are so different to when they are together in the beginning and Quincy’s walls go back up. But it’s nice to see Holly break them down one at a time. Holly’s frustration with Quincy is warranted and at times I wanted to shake Quincy and say “Dude, get with the program! This woman is all in for you here” but alas, books don’t listen to their readers.

The sex scenes in this book are hot which honestly, I kind of knew they would be because Jenny Frame writes epic sex scenes while holding on to the intimacy in the moment. She really has a skill for it.

All I can say is I hope this is not the last book in the series. And I also really hope that we get a short story or a novella of how secondary characters Cameron and Lali got together because those two are just adorable.

Royal Court is such a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a butch/femme romance that packs a punch.

4.5 stars


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Greengage Plots by Emma Sterner-Radley

This book was incredibly sweet and just so quintessentially British Rom-Com.

Kit has moved to the Isle of Greengage for a new job and a new life. She is working at a library that is much bigger than anything she could dream of in London. She befriends the lovely, Laura whose family have resided in Greengage forever.  Laura is currently engaged to Dylan, a guy from a long held feuding family on the island (it’s all very Capulet meets Montague). Kit helps Laura and Dylan navigate the icy waters of telling their families however while this is all going on in the background, Kit is gradually falling for Laura.

Kit is the star of the show for me. She is kind, sweet and so very loving. She puts her friends before herself and put her feelings for Laura on the backburner to help her. She’s just amazing and this book left me hoping for more people like her in the world.

Laura intrigued me. She was like a Rubix cube I could not solve. I didn’t get her relationship with Dylan. It frustrated me at points because she is a strong, confident and amazing woman, why would she be hung up on Dylan… Anyways as the book progressed, I realised it was actually a very clever way to engage me into the drama in Greengage. So, as much as it frustrated me, I ended up looking back and thinking it couldn’t be done any other way because I was so invested.

British humour in this book was on point and more than once I laughed out loud. My favourite quote was…

“I can’t stand to see her tethered to him for life. I always thought she’d wake up one morning and go, ‘Vagina! That’s what I need this morning! Bye, Dylan!’ But she never did.”

I am excited to see what comes next from the Greenage characters and will be following the release date of the sequel.

4.5 stars

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Calendar Girl by Georgia Beers

I loved this book… It was sweet girl meets Ice Queen trope with a side of sexy office romance and boss falls for employee. Perfecto!

Addison is in the running to run her families company Fairchild Enterprises. She lives and breaths her job and has no time for social life. All she wants is to get her place as the head of the company, even If that means ignoring her health. When Addison’s health stops her in her tracks, her mother (and current head of Fairchild Enterprises) demands she get an assistant and a life, Addison has no other option much to her chagrin. In walks the beautiful and intelligent, Kate Cooper. Kate’s life is on hold currently as she helps take care of her ailing father. The job with Addison will help her pay some of the medical bills that are mounting for her mother. But being Addison’s assistant is anything but easy. Addison is stand offish and clearly would do anything but have an assistant however, when they start to work together it’s clear there is an underlying attraction that neither of them expected.

What a great premise and I thoroughly enjoyed Kate and Addison figuring each other out. My favourite part of the story was each and every time Kate found a way to impress Addison, thus impressing Addison enough to lower her walls… slightly.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters, they were excellent in this book, especially Addisons best friend, Sophie and Kates friend, Samantha. At seperate times during the book I thought these women would make for a good toaster oven romance if Georgia Beers ever decided to work on their stories.

Lastly, I enjoyed how much the back stories of both characters drove their personalities. Kate who is caring and loving, who spends time looking after her dad, she was the perfect person to aide Addison back to health and work after her health issues. They really were perfect for each other and the chemistry in the bedroom was hot!

Great book and as usual, I am excited to see what come next from Georgia Beers.
4.5 stars


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Wait For Me by Susan X Meagher

This is a story about not settling for second best especially when you have the chance with your true soul mate.

Molly has just ended her marriage and is restarting her life. The death of her best friend was a catalyst for many changes in her life, the biggest being that she is not straight. She is now finding herself again and the first thing she does is join a new book club where she meets Alexa.
Alexa is charming with a warm personality and they become fast friends. Molly knows from the beginning that it’s unrequited but when signs show that that might not be the case, she’s ready to jump in with both feet. But as far as Molly knows Alexa is happily married. Nothing can come of this… Can it?

I found this story rather heartbreaking. Like every Susan X Meagher book she really explores her characters in depth but I think with this book the inner turmoil for these two was superbly written.

As the story unfolds you truly are taken into the book and you feel everything the characters are feeling. For me personally, Molly was the star of the book… The inner thoughts and feelings of her unrequited love for Molly was beautiful yet heart wrenching to read.

When these two get together the fireworks are worth the wait. The chemistry is very pure and the feelings they have for each other are all consuming. I really got excited for their life together and knew the book at that point was headed for the happy ever after I had been craving from the very beginning.

I think this may be one of the best Susan X Meagher books to date and I highly recommend it. The happy ever after is worth every ounce of pain these characters go through.

A truly beautiful story, 4.5 stars


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The Women Lost Series by T.B. Markinson

Review of books 0-3

What a fantastic series, one that I related to in some very eye opening ways! If you haven’t read the series and intend to, I would advise reading each section of this separately as to avoid spoilers:

These books follow the relationship ups and downs of Lizzie Petrie. She’s a little bit awkward, fiercely independent and more relationship challenged than most.  It takes for one very strong and loving woman to challenge her solitary and insecure existence.


A Clueless Woman (Book #0)

This is the prequel to The Woman Lost book. How did Sarah and Lizzie meet? All is revealed in this book. I am glad I read this first instead of the way the book was originally published. It created a trail of breadcrumbs to understand Lizzie more and to be more understanding of A Women Lostand the how that book unravels.  I really enjoyed it and I found Lizzie incredibly funny… the more I read it the more I read my wife into Lizzie’s place!

Lizzie has serious intimacy issues. Always wanting to be independent but craving more and not knowing how to deal with her emotions especially in relation to Sarah.

4 stars


A Women Lost (Book #1)

Wow! This book is something else. It’s incredibly angst-ridden and raw. I don’t think I have ever read a book so real before… honestly.  At times I felt uncomfortable at Lizzie’s thoughts and then angry for her follow through but thank god the next book was readily available because I would have been left hanging out on a ledge if not for book #2. The last four chapters made this book. Lizzie really found herself and found who she wanted to become. The realisation was bordering on ground breaking and it made me really warm to Lizzie in a way I hadn’t for the book before and most of this book. Bring on book #2!

4 stars


A Women Ignored (Book #2)

HELLO LIZZIE!!!  This was the book I was waiting for. We had a forthright Lizzie, who adored her wife and seriously just wanted her to be happy. I really fell for these two as a couple. Sarah really complements Lizzie in the way that she is a social butterfly; confident and very honest about her feelings whereas Lizzie is the polar opposite and together they make this beautiful power couple.

This is definitely my favourite book in the series so far. It was also really eye opening to see more of Lizzie’s family, which help the reader understand and sympathise with all her previous mistakes and heartbreaks.  Secondary character, Maddie has been floating around since book one and I really hope that in the next novel she finds someone to love.

Bring on book #3! 5 stars


A Family Woman (Book #3)

Ok I retract! This was my favourite in the series…  one word: TWINS!!! Lizzie and Sarah are expecting twins and after a brief melt down, Lizzie is on track to being an amazing supportive wife to Sarah who is carrying.  I was bowled over with Lizzie’s progression. She tries ever so hard and even when the stumbling blocks happen in her awkward and socially inept world, she manages through it with a lot more poise than ever before.

I think Sarah’s growth was more noticeable in this book due to the moments she was more understanding and supportive of Lizzie in her ‘moments’. I really can’t wait to see what T.B. Markinson has planned next for this unlikely pair but I am anticipating something pretty amazing, especially as I just learned there will be at least two more books in the series.

5 stars

Series rating as a whole so far: 4.5 Stars


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