Spinning Tales by Brey Willows

Well that was some out of the box story telling right there… Wow!

Maggie McShay is bored with life, her job and her lack of dating. She sees an ad in the newspaper for a cottage keeper but what she doesn’t know is the cottage is a portal into a Fairytale world… literally. When Maggie meets her protector, Kody Wilks she’s not sure if she’s more shocked how unbelievably butch and sexy Kody is or by the string of women in her bed. As they tackle the fairytale realm and Maggie’s new-found gifts, they begin to fall for each other but how can it work when Maggie is from another world and Kody is brooding over the past… Maybe fairy-tales can come true?

I absolutely loved this book. I was engrossed from the prologue and it just kept getting better. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would connect with this book at all but I had nothing to worry about as the magic whisked me away into this magical land and I couldn’t get enough.

All the characters, main and secondary were fantastic and well fleshed out. But for me there was only Kody Wilks. She was everything… Butch but in a James Dean way, sweet and sensitive in some ways but above all she was ferociously brave and genuingly caring of her friends, especially Maggie.

I don’t know how Maggie kept her hands to herself for so long because she was Maggie’s perfect match in every way. The chemistry and connection between them both was undeniable and honestly it seeped from the page. The sex scenes were off the chart and it was a relief when these two finally let the fireworks take over because it was amazing, loving but ultimately incredibly sexy!
Also, the “Wanted Ads” that Maggie enjoys reading in the newspaper were nothing short of hilarious and they added a levity to the books in moments where I didn’t think there was any.

This is not my normal go to for Lesbian fiction but I am so glad I picked it up. I hope Spinning Tales becomes a series or has a follow-up because I want more magic and adventure with Maggie and Kody

Unequivocally 5 Stars.


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Second Chances by A.E. Radley

I always know when I get a new A.E. Radley Book I’m in for a treat. They make me feel so good after reading them that most of the time I’m just plain sad that they have finished.

Alice has just moved to a small town in England to start her new job as a grade one school teacher. On her first day she encounters a timid girl, Rosie who doesn’t talk in class. When she meets Rosie’s mum, Hannah, she is stunned by this woman who is not only gorgeous but unbelievably sweet and affectionate with her daughter. She knows straight away she’s attracted to this woman. They navigate their path to one another while also dealing with the possibility of small town gossips and how it could affect Rosie. But ultimately the gravity between them is too much to ignore.

Second Chances is told from both protagonists point of view which was great because it really was excellent to understand both women’s internal commentary on each other. The pace of the novel was excellent (no surprise there, it’s an A.E. Radley book) and I felt it closed on a beautiful moment even though there was no epilogue (which you all know I love), it was enough for me to feel like these two women would make it. In my mind’s eye they are currently lying in a park somewhere, Hannah staring into the sky while Hannah and Rosie read to each other…

Alice was my favourite character in the book. I stayed up all night to read this book and at 3am in the morning I realised why, I had a massive crush on Alice… it’s because she reminds me of a sexy version of Miss Honey from the book Matilda! Alas, it all became clear. The chemistry between Alice and Hannah is lovely and sweet. They make a beautiful couple and wondered if A.E. Radley would continue their story into small town romance series… Now that would be exciting.

Rosie and her mum, Hannah are such great characters. I kept mirroring them to my relationship with my son and how his intelligence is sometimes much superior to mine (not even kidding here… he’s got the smarts). And because of this I really connected with Hannah on the way she feels about Rosie and school. I also felt her anxieties along with her as they are the same ones I have everyday I drop my son off at day care. A.E. Radley needs to be commended in the way she writes children in to her books. She is able to write and understand the child and their parents in a way I have never before read in this genre.

Also, secondary character and Hannah’s boss, Adrian was awesome and I had a few chuckles when he had page time. I love a good protagonist’s best friend who actually doesn’t deter from the story but enhances it . And Adrian certainly did that.

All in all, Second Chances has landed on my favourites shelf. Honestly, this book is worth every second of your time.

5 stars

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Wooing the Farmer by Jenny Frame

This book, like all of Jenny Frames are just one major swoon. I think I lust after most butch protagonists she writes but Sam McQuade was something special.

Sam McQuade is handsome, sweet and an all together good person. All she wants is to meet the woman that she can adore, who will enjoy being a farmers wife in the small village of Axedale. When Penelope comes racing into town with her personal brand, abundance of social media followers and famous cooking blog, she is a force to be reckoned with. Sam and Penelope connect straight away but something is holding Penelope back and it just seems to intrigue sexy Sam more. As she slowly lets Sam in behind her walls, Penelope discovers that Sam might be the only one for her.

I absolutely adored this book. Once again, Jenny Frame just hits the spot for me with her butch/femme trope. I loved the old fashioned idea of Sam courting Penny while secretly Penny is trying to woo Sam, it just made gave all the feels. The intricacies of their relationship are quite different to those of the other characters in the Axedale series and it just made them more unique and me more intrigued with every chapter.

When Penelope comes to town I got the impression she was a little stuck up and spoilt but as Jenny Frame avails facets of her personality, I really began to see what a beautiful person she is and that she hides her true self almost as protection. It’s almost a given that Sam and Penelope are attracted to one another but it’s Penny’s honesty that made me realise how special she was and why she and Sam need to take things slow… you’ll realise what I mean more when you read the book but there is more to Penny’s story than meets the eye.

What’s great about a series like this is that we get to catch up with old friends from the last two books and it’s really great to do so. When I started this novel I really hoped Sam and Penelope’s storyline wasn’t going to be the last in the series but in the very last scene in this book, Harry and Annie (from Courting the Countess book) are chatting and their closing statement (or play on words) made me feel that this may not be the end… I’m incredibly hopeful.

5 stars


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The Keepers Daughter by Susan X. Meagher

Well, let me just say this book is fantastic and I was so incredibly excited to get my hands on it to read and review. It really played homage to Scotland and made me get lost in the feeling of home for a while.

When Gillian is close to burning out in her job, she decides it time for a recharge. She makes plans to visit Scotland and when there meets tour guide, Torie. They become fast friends and Gillian hires Torie to show her around Scotland. They slowly fall for each other behind the backdrop of the Scottish highlands. But with Gillian’s life in America and Torie’s in Scotland, how can it possibly work?

I adored this story. Everything about it hit home (literally) for me. The way Susan X Meagher describes Scotland in all its vibrancy was on point and if more people don’t visit my homeland after reading this book, I will be shocked. I also felt like I was travelling around with Torie and Gillian with the in depth descriptions that the author portrayed.

I love Gillian’s character most. She just oozes charisma and I think I was drawn to her personality from the beginning. Torie just felt like a friend next door. She reminded me of so many people all meshed into one so much so, that she is probably one of the clearer characters I have ever had in my imagination. I just felt like I knew her.

The chemistry between Gillian’s and Torie’s characters is beautiful, while being very passionate. The moments they are not in the same country really made me feel for them both and what they were missing out on with one another.

I’d love to see Gillian and Torie again as a cameo in another book or a sequel. I really did fall for them as a couple and couldn’t get enough.

Fantastic story and definitely one of my new favourite from Susan X. Meagher.
5 Stars!


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Listen by Kris Bryant

This book floored me. I’ve read it three times since the book appeared on my kindle… I just love it so much. I’m actually sitting here wondering how i’m going to convey my sheer awe but I will try my best. Kris Bryant won Les Rêveur book of the year 2018 and this is a serious contender for 2019.

Lily likes her life. It’s calm, she likes her job and she’s bloody good at it, she loves her cat and even though her life is spent mostly in solitary, it works for her and her abundance of anxieties. Her life sure has changed since she left the fame that her music created behind for the peace she has now. When she hears beautiful music coming from a building on her way home from work, she is enraptured. And that’s when she meets Hope and she’s everything her name suggests! The attraction between them both is clear from the beginning but will Lily’s hang ups be the making or breaking of them?
Every second of this book blew me away! I resonated with Lily so much in so many ways. She’s an amazing soul and I wanted to be friends with her from the beginning of the book. This story for me was about finding your better half. It was a love story of epic proportion and left me feeling thoroughly satisfied by Lily and Hope’s love.
Hope for me is just everything a woman like Lily needs, she’s passionate about music, she pushes Lily out of her comfort zone but also loves her enough to want to give her space and she understands Lily’s anxieties so she tries to make life ultimately easy for her by supporting her instead of trying to change her. Not to mention she’s gorgeous, sexy and smart as a whip. She’s Lily’s perfect woman and soul mate.
Like most sex scenes written by Kris Bryant, they are sexy and ultimately a massive turn on but I think there was a level of intimacy portrayed in these sex scenes that didn’t take away from them being ultimately hot but added another layer that just showed how deeply Hope and Lily are falling for each other. It was quite beautiful actually!
This book is wonderful and every time I’ve finished it (yes I’ve read it more than once) I’ve been left with butterflies. Five stars ain’t enough but it’s the max I got so 5 Stars!


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The Music and the Mirror by Lola Keely

This book was fantastic from start to finish. Truly hit every button for me and I just can’t stop smiling after finishing it for a second time.

Victoria Ford is head of the Metropolitan Performing Arts Centre and is famous for being the best ballet dancer of her time (maybe ever). When Anna, a new ballet dancer arrives at the Metropolitan, she is determined to impress Victoria and boy, does she impress. Victoria is the epitome of the Ice Queen but she sees something great in Anna and finds her intriguing from the start. As Anna justifies her potential and skill to Victoria and Victoria softens to Anna, we watch them fall in love in one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read.

This book hits my two favourite tropes of Age-Gap and Ice Queen romance. I’m still struck by the fact that this is Lola Keeley’s debut novel because this screamed seasoned author throughout. The pace was perfect, such a slow ease into what honestly was one of the most amazing books I have ever read in Lesbian Fiction.

By the end I was convinced that this must have been a Devil Wears Prada fanfic at some point and when I checked other reviews I noticed other readers had come to the same conclusion. If only I had known that prior because I would have been the first in line for this book. Devil Wears Prada fanfic is my jam… big time!

I loved both these characters and felt that I really understood their personalities to the outside world and the change and intimacies they showed one another when they were alone. In this instance, finding your soul mate can make you almost seem like a different person when you’re around them… That was how I found Victoria when she is around Anna… different but honestly, I loved she only showed that side of herself to Anna.

The chemistry is so beautifully written between Anna and Victoria that it kept making the butterflies in my tummy dance around and then happy tears on top of that (especially the last chapter and Epilogue). This book definitely brought out heaps of emotions for me. When the sex scenes happened it was unbelievably sexy. I reckon they would appeal to anyone reading this book but I was left in awe.

This book jumps onto my favourites shelf and is currently wrestling with my two favourites for all time top spot!

Unequivocally 5 stars!


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At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Suzanne has realised some aspects of her sexual self she wants to explore further. After being rejected by her ex – girlfriend who first introduces her to kink/BDSM, she is left feeling unwanted and insecure. That is until one night she is on Kink-Life website and stumbles upon the profile of Mami–P. Suzanne is beyond excited to meet the exotic and gorgeous Pilar (Mami-P) and they hit it off straight away. They begin to map out their new dynamic as Mami and Little Suzy and what that entails. As they navigate their way, they fall in love but when Suzanne’s kinky private life with Pilar is threatened, can she trust Pilar enough to protect her?

This is such a great book and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review it so I re-read it before writing this up and I am so glad I did because I had forgotten how great it actually is.

Before I continue, I want to put a warning to some who aren’t interested in mild BDSM, age – play or eroticism because this book is packed full of it and as much as I loved it, I know it’s not for everyone.

I’ll be honest, when I first read this book the idea of age-play was not something I thought I’d enjoy reading about however Rebekah Weatherspoon introduced this aspect of the protagonist’s relationship with such respect and poise that it was hard not to love Pilar and Suzy and all their relationship entails.

I did love the moments that Pilar and Suzanne indulged in the vanilla side of their relationship as it really showed two women falling in love aside from the kink they loved behind closed doors. I really liked that the author did not hide both Suzanne and to some extent Pilar’s insecurities and how it strengthened their relationship as they work past things together.

The sex scenes in this book are hot and jam backed full of eroticism. The BDSM elements where great too and left me feeling a little hot under the collar. This aspect of the book was written incredibly well and even though I didn’t think age-play dynamics would be something for me, the way Rebekah Weatherspoon introduced it was incredibly sexy! Kudos.

Fantastic read. 5 stars

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Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan

Hello new lesbian romantic fiction series…

Avery Simmons is co-founder of a Lesbian-dating app, only problem is she’s painfully single. Her girlfriend left her for someone else and took her dog in the process so it’s safe to say she’s feeling pretty low when Charlie Grant becomes her new roommate. They don’t hit it off at first but as they get to know each other they realise their growing feelings.  But falling for your roommate has disaster written all over it, right?

I think I may have just found one of my new favourite authors and series’. Sweat Equitywas fantastic and a great opening book to the new series Ladyluck Start-ups.  This is the first book I have read by Monica McCallan and I am so glad I jumped on board because I enjoyed it immensely.

I had a real soft spot for Avery. Even though she at times seemed a little grumpy and had some self loathing going, I felt it was part of the charm to discover that it was her heartbreak (from the ex) that caused her moods and as the walls came down, she was actually an amazing person. She was also this amazing geeky girl and I have a real thing for geeks in my Lesbian fiction so that was a major plus.

Charlie was just awesome. I think if there was ever a person to make Avery come out of her funk it was her. I could see why Avery had a crush on her straight away and she was such a genuine and lovely person.  Her job as a personal trainer cultivates the impression of her having the perfect body but she has a little bit of mystery about her and her past. It gave her an edge while maintaining her complete loveliness.

The secondary characters (and co founders of the start up app) are Avery’s best friends, Carter and Brennan, need to get their own love story in the series. So I am hoping there is, at the very least, two more books to come. I know I’ll be first in line… and I cannot wait!

5 stars

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Breaking Character by Lee Winter

What a fantastic novel. I felt a little book drunk after reading it. Like, how could I choose what book follows that?

Elizabeth Thornton is most hated villain on American Medical TV Drama, Choosing Hope. But her character’s demeanour on the show has begun to be all that the public see of her outside it, a villain.  She just needs to get to the end of the season then she can pursue bigger and better roles. In walks fellow actress Summer and she is everything her name implies, bright, cheerful and stunningly beautiful. When a clumsy stumble puts Elizabeth and Summer in the spotlight, their world begins to change. Especially when the director wants to hire Elizabeth as his lead actress for his latest upcoming movie, but only if she brings along her girlfriend Summer to the meeting. Elizabeth’s well-constructed closet starts fail as she is forced into the open but she really wants that part. Can she convince Summer to play her girlfriend until she secures the part? And not fall for Summer’s charms in the process? All the while keeping the public from learning about her sexuality?

There are so many tropes in this book you could easily loose count but the ones that intrigued me the most were, fauxmance, ice queen, age-gap and Hollywood romance. All the tropes that I simply love and look out for, so I knew this book was going to blow my mind. The Ice Queen trope was one with a twist though because as much as Elizabeth to the outside world had a cold demeanour, it couldn’t be further from the truth, behind closed doors and with friends she was relaxed, charming, fun and very likeable. I was crushing on her hard.

Summer is just delightful. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is probably one of the most caring and loveable characters I have ever read. There were moments I couldn’t understand how Elizabeth could hold back from falling for her completely. I wanted to make her my friend after the first chapter.

I really enjoyed the moments of realisation for Elizabeth about her feelings for Summer or other aspects of her closeted life. It was like a wall came down every time and we saw how amazing she was. In turn, her friends were also amazing and stole my heart on more than one occasion, especially Alex. I really hope Lee Winter writes her story at some point as I was really taken with her character.

This is without a doubt one of the best novels to come out of Lesbian fiction in 2018. It’s wonderful… really. The chemistry between the characters was oozing off the page, the characters were easy to like from the get go and the whole premise gave me the feels.

Unequivocally 5 stars.


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Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie

Valerie had a horrendous childhood growing up in the foster system but her life is on track now. She’s a children’s librarian and loves her job working with the children so she has decided to foster kids to right the wrongs she felt as a child. When beginning her induction course in fostering she meets one of the coaches, Paige. Paige and Valerie have electric chemistry but when she meets the two young children she will be fostering and realises that Paige is her caseworker, they have to put their attraction on the back burner and concentrate on the kids… But that doesn’t mean they find being in close proximity hard, especially when they are perfect for one another.

This book broke my heart a little, I don’t think I have cried and/or got the feels that much in a while from a storyline. It may be that I’m a mum or I’ve worked with vulnerable children but I was so effected by this story.

This book is fast paced and moved at the speed that I felt matched the growth of the protagonist’s journey. Don’t get me wrong, the characters’ relationship happens on a slower stride but the story itself moves along nicely. There wasn’t a moment in this book were I thought Valerie and Paige wouldn’t get together as it’s obvious from the beginning they are soul mates and their romance isn’t the focal point until the last 25% of the book.

Valerie couldn’t be a better candidate for fostering children. She’s an amazing human being with a big heart and lots of love to give to any child. So watching her with her foster kids, Lily and Ian was beautiful especially as she began to really bond with them. I would actually say the kids stole the show and made the book something really wonderful.

Paige was another beautiful soul and she really was the best person to support Valerie through her time going into fostering. She’s so sweet and has an adoptive daughter herself that came through the foster system so she understands and really allows Valerie to lean on her in all the hard times.

What a book! I cried continuously from the last two chapters through to the end of the most beautiful epilogue.

I really can’t wait to see what’s next from Erin McKenzie.
5 stars


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