Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan

Hello new lesbian romantic fiction series…

Avery Simmons is co-founder of a Lesbian-dating app, only problem is she’s painfully single. Her girlfriend left her for someone else and took her dog in the process so it’s safe to say she’s feeling pretty low when Charlie Grant becomes her new roommate. They don’t hit it off at first but as they get to know each other they realise their growing feelings.  But falling for your roommate has disaster written all over it, right?

I think I may have just found one of my new favourite authors and series’. Sweat Equitywas fantastic and a great opening book to the new series Ladyluck Start-ups.  This is the first book I have read by Monica McCallan and I am so glad I jumped on board because I enjoyed it immensely.

I had a real soft spot for Avery. Even though she at times seemed a little grumpy and had some self loathing going, I felt it was part of the charm to discover that it was her heartbreak (from the ex) that caused her moods and as the walls came down, she was actually an amazing person. She was also this amazing geeky girl and I have a real thing for geeks in my Lesbian fiction so that was a major plus.

Charlie was just awesome. I think if there was ever a person to make Avery come out of her funk it was her. I could see why Avery had a crush on her straight away and she was such a genuine and lovely person.  Her job as a personal trainer cultivates the impression of her having the perfect body but she has a little bit of mystery about her and her past. It gave her an edge while maintaining her complete loveliness.

The secondary characters (and co founders of the start up app) are Avery’s best friends, Carter and Brennan, need to get their own love story in the series. So I am hoping there is, at the very least, two more books to come. I know I’ll be first in line… and I cannot wait!

5 stars

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Breaking Character by Lee Winter

What a fantastic novel. I felt a little book drunk after reading it. Like, how could I choose what book follows that?

Elizabeth Thornton is most hated villain on American Medical TV Drama, Choosing Hope. But her character’s demeanour on the show has begun to be all that the public see of her outside it, a villain.  She just needs to get to the end of the season then she can pursue bigger and better roles. In walks fellow actress Summer and she is everything her name implies, bright, cheerful and stunningly beautiful. When a clumsy stumble puts Elizabeth and Summer in the spotlight, their world begins to change. Especially when the director wants to hire Elizabeth as his lead actress for his latest upcoming movie, but only if she brings along her girlfriend Summer to the meeting. Elizabeth’s well-constructed closet starts fail as she is forced into the open but she really wants that part. Can she convince Summer to play her girlfriend until she secures the part? And not fall for Summer’s charms in the process? All the while keeping the public from learning about her sexuality?

There are so many tropes in this book you could easily loose count but the ones that intrigued me the most were, fauxmance, ice queen, age-gap and Hollywood romance. All the tropes that I simply love and look out for, so I knew this book was going to blow my mind. The Ice Queen trope was one with a twist though because as much as Elizabeth to the outside world had a cold demeanour, it couldn’t be further from the truth, behind closed doors and with friends she was relaxed, charming, fun and very likeable. I was crushing on her hard.

Summer is just delightful. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is probably one of the most caring and loveable characters I have ever read. There were moments I couldn’t understand how Elizabeth could hold back from falling for her completely. I wanted to make her my friend after the first chapter.

I really enjoyed the moments of realisation for Elizabeth about her feelings for Summer or other aspects of her closeted life. It was like a wall came down every time and we saw how amazing she was. In turn, her friends were also amazing and stole my heart on more than one occasion, especially Alex. I really hope Lee Winter writes her story at some point as I was really taken with her character.

This is without a doubt one of the best novels to come out of Lesbian fiction in 2018. It’s wonderful… really. The chemistry between the characters was oozing off the page, the characters were easy to like from the get go and the whole premise gave me the feels.

Unequivocally 5 stars.


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Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie

Valerie had a horrendous childhood growing up in the foster system but her life is on track now. She’s a children’s librarian and loves her job working with the children so she has decided to foster kids to right the wrongs she felt as a child. When beginning her induction course in fostering she meets one of the coaches, Paige. Paige and Valerie have electric chemistry but when she meets the two young children she will be fostering and realises that Paige is her caseworker, they have to put their attraction on the back burner and concentrate on the kids… But that doesn’t mean they find being in close proximity hard, especially when they are perfect for one another.

This book broke my heart a little, I don’t think I have cried and/or got the feels that much in a while from a storyline. It may be that I’m a mum or I’ve worked with vulnerable children but I was so effected by this story.

This book is fast paced and moved at the speed that I felt matched the growth of the protagonist’s journey. Don’t get me wrong, the characters’ relationship happens on a slower stride but the story itself moves along nicely. There wasn’t a moment in this book were I thought Valerie and Paige wouldn’t get together as it’s obvious from the beginning they are soul mates and their romance isn’t the focal point until the last 25% of the book.

Valerie couldn’t be a better candidate for fostering children. She’s an amazing human being with a big heart and lots of love to give to any child. So watching her with her foster kids, Lily and Ian was beautiful especially as she began to really bond with them. I would actually say the kids stole the show and made the book something really wonderful.

Paige was another beautiful soul and she really was the best person to support Valerie through her time going into fostering. She’s so sweet and has an adoptive daughter herself that came through the foster system so she understands and really allows Valerie to lean on her in all the hard times.

What a book! I cried continuously from the last two chapters through to the end of the most beautiful epilogue.

I really can’t wait to see what’s next from Erin McKenzie.
5 stars


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Life in Bits by Harper Bliss & T.B. Markinson

What a fantastic Christmas story!

Eileen’s life has changed dramatically after a health implication lands her in recovery and back in her hometown near her family… Not exactly her dream scenario. When home, she meets Naomi who is not only gorgeous but young with a positive attitude and a beautiful caring soul that Eileen can’t help but be drawn too. After fighting off the attraction she realises that what she really needs is to embrace her feelings for Naomi and live her best life.

Firstly, I wanted to say that I have read lots of books written with multiple authors that this one was definitely a favourite, I’m not sure how the writing was strategised but it flowed perfectly and I honestly couldn’t guess who was writing what at any given moment. The book was truly a success.

Oh, I loved this story. Not only was it right up my street with the age-gap romance trope but also both authors really portrayed Naomi and Eileen’s personalities perfectly. The chemistry between them was great and I could feel the tension and attraction from the first moment they met.

My favourite character was definitely Naomi. How could anyone not love her zest for life? Or her unbelievably beautiful view on life? She was amazing and I think if I was Eileen I would struggle not to fall for her pretty quickly too.

Well done Harper Bliss and T.B Markinson, this is a fantastic Christmas story that will be on my reread list every Christmas!

5 stars


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Ask Me Again by E.J. Noyes

Ask Me Again is the Sequel to Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes and this book had to be written.

Sabine is back from another military tour but her PTSD is worse than ever. She is struggling to function in her day to day life but more so, she is struggling with her relationship with her beautiful girlfriend and ex commanding officer, Rebecca. It’s undeniable they are meant to be together and the love they have for one another is even stronger than ever before. But with Rebecca struggling to move on from the part she played in Sabine’s PTSD and with Sabine wanting to fix herself without worrying Rebecca… They need to find a way to work together before they can move forward to the life they truly deserve.

This book was an emotional roller coaster that I am so glad I jumped on. Even through the entire trauma these two go through, the love that is between Rebecca and Sabine is so freaking potent that even in the hardest conversations and moments throughout the book, you know there is only one way this can go. I can’t believe I am saying this but I loved this book more than the first book, Ask, Tell.

Rebecca and Sabine’s love story is written beautifully and EJ Noyes really worked hard to make the reader aware that no matter what, they are soul mates and nothing will tear them apart.

The main difference in this story from the first in the series is that we have both Sabine and Rebecca’s point of view which was pivotal to the flow of the story and to really know how these characters feel about not only each other, but how they are both dealing with Sabine’s PTSD separately and together.

The secondary characters in the book were fantastic especially Sabine’s sister, Jani. She cracked me up but also was a major support to both characters in different ways throughout the story, if only she wasn’t straight because I’d love to read a story about her falling in love.

This story was soul stirring, powerful and so emotive that I don’t think I could really put into words how outstanding this book actually is. In the end I came up with this… Ask Me Again is about real love, not a fairy tale love but real, messed up, adoring and sometimes hard, Love.

A very powerful, 5 stars!


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Friends Without Benefits by Dena Blake

This is the book when the ‘Friends to Lovers’ trope doesn’t work out. When you tell your best friend you are in love with her and she doesn’t return your feelings. This book is real life and I think I loved it more for that.

Dex has been in love with her best friend Grace forever but after Grace gets married she decides it’s time to move on. Grace’s husband, Brent sets up Dex with his best friend, Emma. Emma and Dex hit it off and start falling for one another straight away. They are definitely soul mates but Grace can’t stand the fact she’s loosing Dex’s affections to Emma so easily. Can Grace sabotage something that is meant to be? Or Can Emma hold onto Dex while keeping Grace at arms length?

Without a doubt this is Dena Blake’s best book by far. I think this book has honestly lifted the bar for her other novels. It’s engaging and moves out of a 4 star comfort zone to a blasting 5 star novel.

I really enjoyed Dex and Emma whenever they were alone. They had this beautiful chemistry and soul mate quality from the beginning, Every time Grace showed up so did my anger for her character (her husband isn’t far behind in the annoyance category either), as she just created havoc and her jealousy made her a very unattractive character.

The story line in Friends Without Benefits is real life and the characters weren’t perfect but I think it’s why I connected to it so well.  Especially Emma, I think she was something really special and when I read the book a second time before reviewing, I think I ended up having a little crush on her.

Great story with a fantastic epilogue… Did I mention I love a good Epilogue? Because I really do!

5 stars!!!


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Breaking Down Her Walls by Erin Zak

Erin Zak really wow’d me with this wonderful story.

Julia is a runner. She takes off again after her first meeting with her birth parents goes terribly wrong. When her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere in the state of Colorado, she panics until a local cowboy offers to pay for her car repairs in trade for her helping as a ranch hand over herding session. Julia gets stuck into her new job but she can’t stop thinking about the ranch owner and boss, Elena. Elena is the definitive ice queen character but there is something about Julia that she just can’t help but be drawn too. The more time they spend together the more Elena’s walls come down and then Elena’s ex, Penn shows up and Julia starts to worry that this is just another moment of let down in her life. But will she run or stick around and see what life could be with Elena by her side?

This is a love story, 100%! Breaking Down Her Walls had me completely spun. One minute I’m thinking that it’s such a sweet romance, the next I found it sexy as hell then by the end, I had it as an all-encompassing love story that I just adored.

Erin Zak has written Breaking Down Her Walls in third person, present tense and normally I am not a massive fan of that style but Erin Zak wrote it with such finesse, I was immersed in the story from the first chapter.

I really enjoyed the level of angst in the story and found that it created the perfect balance throughout. The sex scenes were fantastic… I mean wow! The build up in the entire book was like foreplay and then when it happened… boom, my brain explodes!!! Very well done.

Just a side note that I love Colorado and this book took me back there to all of the wonderful memories I have from my time there. Secondly how amazing is this cover? Red Chucks? SOLD!

I really can’t wait to see what comes next from Erin Zak because I will be waiting very impatiently.
5 Stars


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A Wish Upon A Star by Jeannie Levig

What a lovely and heartwarming story by Jeannie Levig and one I won’t forget anytime soon.

Leslie Raymond has lost everything she loved dearly and is struggling to move past the pain she has felt since the day her family walked out the door. She moves back home to California to live in her parent’s home, which is empty since they passed away. What she doesn’t expect is to meet the most alluring neighbour, Erica with the most adorable little girl. But she has to keep the few rules around her heart which are: no straight women and more importantly, no women with children, but when she develops a friendship with her neighbour, Erica and her young daughter, Siena… all bets are off.

This was a beautiful story of two fiercely independent women with big hearts and a secret weakness for one another. It was great to watch both Erica and Leslie grow together in the story but for me, Siena stole the show. She was spunky and fun. She made Leslie feel part of their family from the very beginning. The story would have been nothing without her in it.

I also really liked the cheeky flirting between Leslie and Erica and it made for some good banter and fun chemistry between the two. Talking of chemistry, it was quite apparent from the get go that Leslie and Erica have it for each other in spades. Add that to the love that is growing between them and it’s a real soul mates story.

For me the epilogue was the real winner. I cried my eyes out. What an amazing way to end a book. Don’t want to say too much but this rounded the whole story off beautifully and didn’t leave me wanting more from the characters or story.

This book had me enthralled from the word go and I actually finished it in one day. I think it is currently fighting for first place with Embracing The Dawn on my Jeannie Levig favourites.

5 stars

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Unforgettable by Elle Spencer

is made up of two great novellas, Forget Her Not and Forget Her Never.

Forget Her Not was first released as a novella in August 2017 and rereading it now just made me fall in love with it all over again. I’m so happy Elle Spencer re-released this as a double hit with Forget her Never.

Forget Her Not

Loved this story from the very beginning. Samantha King likes her own company and finds one night stands with men whenever she needs the release. That is until she wakes up with a gorgeous woman in her bed and doesn’t remember a thing about it. She brushes it off as a one-time thing but when she can’t move on or stop thinking about the woman, she decides she needs to find out more about this woman and her feelings.

Wow! Fantastic novella that left nothing hanging at the end. Loved the Epilogues and a glimpse into Samantha and Mia’s life. Solid story, one I have read time and time again. This is still my favourite Lesbian Fiction Novella to date.

5 Stars

Forget Her Never

Abby done meets Kendall in a bar one night where she is very chivalrous and sweet. Abby is curious and decides to accept Kendell’s proposal of a date on her fancy boat. They have an amazing time together and Abby can see herself falling for this sweet and amazing women until she finds out she is married… now she can’t get Kendell out of her head or her heart!

This was a beautiful story and I really found myself connecting to the characters, especially Kendell. So many times I thought this would make an amazing full-length novel! I was worried about the cheating but ultimately it was for the greater good and I was okay with it by the end. My heart swelled in the last chapter with so much loveliness.

4.5 Stars
Another triumph from Elle Spencer!

5 stars

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Love All by Rachel Spangler

Firstly, and I think most importantly, I want to just say that in my estimation this is the best book Rachel Spangler has written to date.

Sadie has been everything for her daughter, Destiny since the day she was born. Everything Sadie does she does it for Destiny. Destiny is 17 years old and playing professional tennis around the world. She’s not quite at her best yet but working hard to become a professional tennis star. Her coach thinks it would be good for her training, and her wallet, to play doubles with Jay Pierce, Tennis star and well-known figure in the media. Jay wants to stay away from the doubles platform after her disastrous past but she also needs the money to fund her comeback, plus if by playing doubles with Destiny gets her closer to Sadie… No harm right?

I connected with this book in quite a few ways. The biggest is probably with Sadie and the way she feels about her daughter Destiny. It really mirrored my thoughts and feelings as a mum and it made me really relate to Sadie’s thoughts and feelings about almost every issue and every lovely moment she shared with her daughter, Destiny. The second thing that made me really connect was the tennis. I am a massive tennis fan so if you’re going to write a book about any sport and the author picks Tennis, I am going to be there reading it with bells on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too top heavy on the sport but it was enough for me to get my tennis fix.

Rachel Spangler has written an epic tale of two women falling in love while navigating family, old news and the ever-pressing paparazzi and she wrote it all beautifully.

The tension between Sadie and Jay was anything but mild and deliciously sexy. I was engaged in the story from the get go, the twist and turns kept me up all night and I was barracking for Sadie and Jay from the first time they met. Jay in particular is a beautiful soul with a jaded past and she just wants love, while keeping anyone around her from the harm she feels she’s created for herself. By the end of the book I had a solid crush on her and her beautiful soul.

Destiny was another story. She clearly loves her mum and just wants her to get nothing but the best and as I am a daughter of a single mum, I kind of got it. No one is ever going to be good enough and Rachel Spangler wrote that part so well. There were times Destiny frustrated me so much with her games but honestly, by the end of the book she was one of my favourite characters and her part was integral to the story.  Sadie was definitely my favourite character, I just got her and when the book ended she was the character I missed the most.

The heat between Jay and Sadie was combustible and as the tension rose, so did the chemistry. I reckon the chemistry between Jay and Sadie was one of the best I have read recently. It was palpable and honestly, it was a big reason I stayed up through the night to finish it.

Unequivocally 5 stars


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