Media Darling by Fiona Riley

What an extraordinary story that I wanted to start all over again when it was finished. WOW!

Haley wants to be a screenwriter in LA but unfortunately that’s a hard gig to land in Hollywood so she works for a gossip rag and her big break fell into her lap after the talent (not to mention stunning) actress Emerson agrees to do a tell all interview with her. Emerson has always been in the limelight from a young age but now she’s been thrusted into the gossip columns after her supposed tryst with a fellow actress. But Emerson is more worried about the fall out for her family and Haley is the only one she trusts to set the record straight.

The first two words that come to mind when I think about this book is ‘chemistry’ and ‘connection’. Together Emerson and Haley have it in spades. It truely is a case of these two being better together than apart because when they had page time together it was like it was always meant to be.

The serendipitous way they met was exciting and made me feel from the very beginning that this book would be filled with not only love and chemistry but adventure and fun. There was no point in the book where I didn’t think these two wouldn’t make it because everything about them is meant to be.

I think one of Fiona Rileys biggest strengths in this book was portraying the people behind the glitz and glamour. It gave a heightened level of angst at some parts and keep me clued to the page. Also I laughed more than once… just wait to you meet, Stan.

Once again Fiona Riley has blown me away in the bedroom department… or you know, the floor, kitchen or anywhere Emerson and Haley could get their hands on each other. I reckon her sex scenes are getting hotter and hotter with every book.

I am so very excited about people reading this book because it is very special and everything about it makes it sit rather close to the top of my all time favourites.

5 stars.

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The Sex Therapist Next Door by Meghan O’Brien

Well, now that was something…

Jude has been having fantasies about her next door neighbour since she moved in so when her neighbour, Diana knocks on her door asking her to be a stand in at her Sex workshop for her therapy group, Jude is elated. All she has to do is sit back and endure earth shattering orgasm after orgasm. The only rule is, she must not fall in love… How hard could it be right?

This. Book. Is. Amazing!!! It’s got all the usual Meghan O’Brien naughty bits but she has ramped up the angst and It was the perfect combo.

Firstly, lets talk tropes because this book has everything. Age gap, friends to lovers, boss and employee, a little bit of the ice queen and eroticism… and it’s all fan-bloody-tastic!!!!

Diana has an emotional past, as does Jude but Diana’s is keeping her from finding love and Jude is the biggest temptation ever when it comes to letting her guard down. Jude has been imagining having sex with Diana for a while now so when the object of her affection wants to give her all her fantasies on a silver platter, who wouldn’t jump in with both feet. Problem is, Jude is falling for Diana fast but knows it’s not part of the arrangement which is making her feeling worse. These two are so lovely and deserve each other in so many lovely ways. I just kept wanting more.

I really love how Meghan O’Brien writes such depth and emotion for her characters. I don’t think I have ever read one of her books and not loved the protagonist and the journey they take.

The sex was, as always, off the chart in the hotness department. Meghan O’Brien writes my favourite sex scenes hands down and her level of detail is just amazing. Her sex scenes are so vivid it’s like it’s happening right in front of me.

Again, another erotic masterpiece from the pen of Meghan O’Brien….

5 stars!!

When is the next one due out Meghan????

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Drawing the Line by KD Williamson

Oh how I love Cops and Docs books, especially ones by KD Williamson.

Becca and Dani were in love but their relationship wasn’t working so Becca ran and spent sometime working out what she wanted from her life. 4 years later she’s back and ready to deal with the fall out and try her hardest to win back Dani but first she has to make Dani see she wasn’t the only one at fault and hopefully love can follow.

I have a little obsession with Cop romances so when I heard KD Williamson was continuing her Cops and Docs series I was elated. Seriously elated!!

I really enjoyed the second chance romance trope in this book. I was pulling for these characters from the get go. I really liked Dani and her character’s insecurities masked as abruptness/ rudeness. She was complex and I really enjoyed watching Becca find ways to break down her walls.

The sex scenes were unbelievably hot and to be honest, a little different to what I’m used to. Let me explain… Both Becca and Dani knew each other intimately because they had been in a relationship before. So I think the first sex scene was almost like what I would call make up sex. Its angry and frustrating but so very hot you can’t help but get hot under the collar.

I would be remise if I didn’t mention the secondary character in the book that all made this story worth so much more. Rick in particular stole my heart a little bit. He was Becca and Dani best friend and ultimately was stuck in the middle but also stuck in the cross fire more than once. He’s a good guy with a big heart and nothing but love for both Dani and Becca. Looking back on the journey of the book I wouldn’t be able to see it flow as good as it did without him. And he is one of many secondary characters that helped to enhance Drawing the Line.

All in all another triumph from KD Williamson and I cannot wait to see what comes next… Oh wait, I know it is another Cops and Docs story. She is publishing a short story about he first two Cops and Docs characters, Kellie and Nora.

5 stars!!!


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Autumns Light by Aurora Rey

I honestly can’t believe the series is officially over. I remember when I first found Winter’s Harbor by Aurora Rey, I so hoped there would be a sequel… never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be four books down into what is now one of my most favourite series’.

A little about the fourth and final installment in the Cape End Romance series…
Mat Pero loves her life, she owns and operates a lobster boat in Ptown with her cousin/best friend. She has the pick of the ladies and as long as she keeps her lifestyle separate from her traditional Portuguese family, no one bats a eye. So yeah life is good… Until her eyes catch Graham Connor on the dock. She likes Graham a lot and can’t seem to get her off her mind. Graham isn’t someone that normally looks for a one night stand or casual fling but there is something about Mat that she can’t get her off her mind, so she decides to take a leap and try something new. But as time goes on, they both develop deeper feelings. Can Mat get over her underlying fears about commitment before she looses Graham?

Aurora Rey is by far one of my favourite authors. She writes books that just get me… Her winning formula is Butch women who fall for strong femmes. I just love it.

What I adored in particular about this book was Mat’s reluctance to fall in love with Graham but as it unfolded, she just couldn’t help herself and who would… I mean, I have been in love with Graham myself since Spring’s Wake was released, hoping that Aurora would write her story.

Mat was just so much hotness in one character. I mean she’s just so yummy… And the sex scenes between her and Graham were amazing… Fireworks! I am quite sure that Aurora Rey nudges the bar up each time she writes a sex scene… Leave me wondering what could possibly be next!!

The secondary characters in this story are all great especially the six characters for them previous three books. It’s like a little epilogue every time you start the next book in the series. But I had to give a shout out to Mats cousin and best friend Dom. His presence in this book enriched it for me in ways you will only find out when you read the book. I almost want to beg Aurora to write him a story because he’s a special character.

Another triumph from the pen of Aurora Rey.
5 stars


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Against All Odds by Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings and M. Ullrich

This book could be set to win book of the year at Les Rêveur… watch this space.

The story opens in a Bridal shop where two women, Peyton and Tory meet for the first time and indulge in some mild flirting. Neither of them knows their lives are about to change forever when a jilted and unhinged man walks through the doors and kills everyone in the store… or so he thinks. Peyton and Tory are the only survivors and as they recover from the emotional and physical trauma together, they begin to fall in love but when the murderer, Bradley finds out that both women survived, he begins to fixate on how to fix his mistake.

This book was fantastic and is currently the best book I’ve read in 2018. Fact. Due to the fact that my three favourite authors got together and wrote a book I’m sure you understand I went into reading this book with more excitement than I can explain. And let me tell you I was not let down. Each author concentrates on one character and they made an art out of telling this story from three points of view in a seamless way. A fun part of this book is working out who wrote which character… I’m eager to find out who you think wrote what protagonist.

Ok so firstly I’ve got to talk about the chills I got from reading Bradley (the sociopathic murderer) and his bizarre reality. From the outset Bradley was more than a little creepy and his warped sense of righteousness had me scared from the get go. Be prepared to feel your skin crawl… seriously! But In saying all this, I think that whoever wrote Bradley needs to be commended as Against All Odds would not be the book it is without the true profiling and research that would have gone into a character like, Bradley. Really, superbly done.

And then there was Peyton and Tory… God I loved them! The chemistry between these two emanates of the page and I fell in love a little with them both. They are both learning to be themselves again in new skin after the terror they lived through in the bridal shop. But together they help each other move on and it’s beautiful to read.

One of my favourite things in the book is the intimate moments from Tory and Peyton. For example, there is this moment where Peyton rubs Tory’s feet after a TV interview and there is something exceedingly domestic and intimate about the act, it made me love them even more. I don’t want to give too much away but there are a few moments like this that had me in tears with all the warmth and affection. They gave me the warm and fuzzies without a doubt.

Now it would not be a Bryant, Cummings and Ullrich book if the sex scenes were not off the hook so let me tell you… The sex scenes are steaming hot! Thank goodness I was not in a public place when I was reading them because… Damn. Readers beware, you will not be disappointed.

Lastly I wanted to mention that as much as the genre is a romantic intrigue, I think I valued that there was a focus on Tory and Peyton’s Romance, even though I could feel Bradley lurking around each corner. It really was a beautiful and well-written love story that had some embedded darkness.

This book is a triumph and the authors themselves must be commended for coming together and producing a stellar book that proves to be seamless in every way.

5 stars!!!!!


Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings and M. Ullrich will be doing a Q&A on the Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Rêveur on Facebook on 6th of October. Come join us by following the link below:

Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Rêveur


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Love Like This by Melissa Brayden

What a Phenomenal book… I can’t believe the Seven Shores series is finished for good. How did that happen…

Hadley is happy-go-lucky, kind and believe the best in everyone. She has watched her three best friends find their should mate and she’s just now waiting patiently for hers to show up. Spencer Adair is the next big name in fashion and is working with Hadley to get her line into the Rodeo Drive store where Hadley works. The attraction is instant but with Hadley’s need for happily ever after and Spencer’s view of nothing lasts forever, can they find their way to happy ever after?

This book should come with a box of tissues especially for chapter 3 and for the epilogue! Boy, I have not cried that many happy tears in a book before… I was totally floored!

Hadley is defo my favourite character in the series (as is Autumn… these two fight for first place) so having her story end the tale of the Seven Shores group of friends was actually perfect. On Friday night I started the series again with Eyes Like Those and read right through to Love Like This. What a weekend!

I really have to commend Melissa Brayden in her exceptional writing and especially in the way she writes not only the romance but the friendships between the group of women, she did a very similar thing with the Soho Loft Series. The connection between the four friends of Seven Shores is what every girl aims for in friendship.

The chemistry between Spencer and Hadley in this book radiated of the page and I think their connection with all their doubts was still one of the strongest in this series. As soon as they met there was an undercurrent of just knowing both Spencer and Hadley were made for each other. Hadley reminds me a little of myself as I can be seen as naive and am constantly told my head is in the clouds but really I just believe in the good in people and like to live in a word filled with romance… my wife however is the opposite and I think that is why I just knew Spencer and Hadley had the makings of something great.

The biggest surprise was the bedroom scenes… Best Melissa Brayden has written. EVER. Seriously, and you won’t expect our sweet and innocent Hadley to be the way she is when she hits the sheets! Wow, is all I’m saying. Go Hadley!!!!

I know this is a book (and series) I will read over and over again. Melissa Brayden always has a way of knocking them out of the park and this book is no exception.

5 stars.


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Chosen by Brey Willows

Wow… now that’s how you write a book.

The preludes starts with the news that earth has been ravaged by global warming and humans are likely to become extinct.

Jump on a few years and the the book starts with Devin, an ex-military and geologist being picked up a year after being told she’s part of the ‘Chosen’ ones. At the time she doesn’t know where she’s going, only that it’s to a government facility. She’s excited for the adventure, with no real friends or family she wants to be part of something bigger.

When the convoy arrived to pick up Karissa, she’s not as excited about leaving her ailing mother and father. She wants to stay and help but agrees to go after her parents all but beg her to go. Devin and Karissa have a connection from the first moment they lay eyes on each other. Their attraction is clear but more than that, they lean on each other during the tumultuous journey to the facility. When their convoy is raided by an Ecological team of activists wanting to save the planet, they are told what the facility they are going to has in store for them. When it sinks in that they have been chosen to colonise a new planet, they don’t know if they should be excited or scared.
But what if when finding your soul mate, you want different things? Or different planets?

What a phenomenal book. I can’t believe it’s over. Not only did I love this book but it made me stop and really think about global warming and how scary it actually is.

For moi, Devin is the perfect character. She’s tough, knows what she wants and is an incredible leader. But with Karissa she is flirtatious, tender and unbelievably loving. I felt like if there was ever a character in a book to protect and love you this is who I’d want by my side. As the relationship progressed between Karissa and Devin I couldn’t see them not making it work together, they need each other in love but also in a whole other survival need also. Like how could either survive with out the other. It heightened their chemistry threefold.

I really enjoy how Brey Willows portrayed the world in the book and time it was written. The beauty was still vibrant in the world but with a undercurrent of waiting for the next big disaster to strike.

This book is written with some significant secondary characters. In fact if this book isn’t planned out as a series it’s a damn shame. I became extremely invested in another possible couple in the book and really hope Brey Willows runs with the momentum she’s built and writes Van and Dr Sandish a book of their own.

I’m all together devastated this book is over and extremely happy with the overall awesomeness of this book.

Unequivocally 5 Stars… wish I could give it 10!


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Amazon release mid- September!



Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue

As a tennis nut I knew this book would be right up my alley and I wasn’t wrong… I loved it from start to finish.

This is unquestionably a story about love conquering all. Viva is an all-star female tennis player at the top of her game until one foot fault penalty looses her the match title and her confidence and she is never the same again. Viva blames the over eager lines-woman for her loosing the game and holds onto the grudge until they bump into each other in the Australian outback when Viva is heading home to visit her family.
Gabriella always plays by the rules, especially when it comes to her job as a professional Tennis Umpire. She is ready for her next big career move into top tier umpiring but what she doesn’t expect is Viva to walk into her life and change everything, for example, breaking the biggest rule of all… no relationships with tennis players. But Viva makes Gabriella want to forget the rules and everything she has worked incredibly hard for.

Firstly, I love tennis, especially women’s tennis so this book had my attention before I even started it. So when it landed in my mailbox I was more than slightly excited and Cheyenne Blue did not let me down. The book was written from both main protagonists POV and was interesting to get to know them both, especially the very stand offish Gabriella.

What’s excellent about this book is that you do not need to be an aficionado on tennis to get the book, it’s not all about tennis, it centres around both these beautiful women and their struggle to be together. Don’t get me wrong, tennis plays a major role but it’s not written in a way where you’re Googling tennis terms all the time to check what’s going on… this is something I have been stung by before so I was really happy that it was written as a book for romance lovers, not just tennis fans.

This book is definitely a slow burn but not in usual sense. It’s apparent pretty quickly that these two protagonists are attracted and care for one another but the narrative takes its time on the route to them actually becoming an item. The characters are more of ‘opposites attract’ trope and it worked beautifully in this story. My favourite character was Gabriella, which surprised me because normally Viva would be definitely up my street however, Gabriella’s character unravelled slowly and something about Viva made her toss caution to the wind, which I thought was really sexy. I loved how strong willed and passionate she was and that when it came down to it, she valued her career as highly as Viva’s even though Viva was the famous one.

I loved the secondary characters especially Jelina and Alina. I finished the book and pondered straight away if there was a sequel there for them, almost like the Ice Queen and the nice girl… food for thought!

I can’t wait to re-read this one in a few months when the Australian Open begins, it’s definitely my favourite sports Lesfic to date.

5 stars


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Love at Last Call by M. Ullrich

This is the summer book you have all been waiting for…

Lauren has had enough of her life in general. She decides to drown her sorrows at her local lesbian bar called The Doll House. Berit (owner of said bar) is attracted to Lauren from the get go and would very much like to hang up her lothario hat and woo Lauren. But first, she must convince Lauren she’s not just the player image she personifies but exactly what Lauren wants in a girlfriend. Lauren and Berit have their ups and downs on the road to love… but what a journey they have!

I want to leave my version of the story there because you don’t want a hint of a spoiler with this book… just enjoy the ride.

First off, I have to give a massive shout out to M. Ullrich who has just upped the ante big time with this novel. It’s exciting, addictive (I was up all night reading it) and still gave me all the major swoon moments I’ve come to love from this author.

Lauren and Berit’s story was one I’ll never forget and honestly, it’s a book I’ll re-read time and time again. There isn’t the usual angst at play in this book and it’s one of the reasons I adore it so much. Don’t get me wrong, there is the twist we’ve come to expect but there’s no doubt in my mind these characters get their happy ending and I loved that it was written that way. My favourite parts in this book are the moments where it’s just Lauren and Berit and the world is silenced by their dialogue… especially Lauren, who at moments had me riveted by her honesty and candidness but then left me hot as hell by her secret sexy self!

If you read my reviews you’ll know I love nothing better than a butch or androgynous woman and M. Ullrich blew every other character I love in lesfic out of the water for me when she created Berit. She’s amazing and I knew I’d love her and be swooning most of the book when I read her profile but what floored me was her personality. She’s androgynous with a hint of butch, she confident but has a vulnerable side, and she’s a player but has a big heart and wants nothing more than to give it to Lauren.

What I didn’t expect was how much I’d love Lauren… she’s the girl next door but a secretly sexy minx. At the start of the book Lauren’s low self-esteem made me sad because she’s amazing; smart, sexy as hell and then as she begins to gain confidence you begin to get to know this awesome chick that knows what she wants and by god, is she going to go for it. Lauren shocked me more than once with her moments of confidence… I actually found myself shouting “Go Lauren” on a couple of occasions!

The chemistry between Lauren and Berit is combustible and I think this book has not only the best sex scene I’ve ever read by M. Ullrich but also the best I’ve read this year in Lesfic. Not to mention the scene where Lauren and Berit kiss for the first time… like wow! It’s possibly the best first kiss to date (and I read Georgia Beers books… so you know it must be awesome!!!).

I absolutely loved the characters in this book, even the secondary characters had me enthralled. So much so I have to mention Jennifer. Jennifer is a friend of Berit’s and is interested in Lauren romantically. I really hope M. Ullrich finds a way to write a book about her in a stand-alone novel, I even know who I’d pick as a love interest…

All in all, this is the best book M Ullrich has ever written so do yourself a favour and go buy it now… I promise you’re going to thank me. Big time.

Can I give it more than 5 stars? No? Please?
Ok then… A massive 5 stars!!!


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The Goodmans by Clare Ashton

So here’s the thing…. I had extremely high expectations for this book by Clare Ashton, who has written some fantastic books including the award winning Poppy Jenkins. Well… I wasn’t disappointed in the least and with every page turn I was swept up in all The Goodmans drama.

The story follows three main protagonists, Maggie, mother of two children Eli and Jude and wife to Richard, who she is currently in the midst of separating from. Then there is Jude’s best friend Abby, who is is extremely close to the family and especially Maggie who she sees as a mother figure. Abby also has unrequited love for Jude. And lastly, Jude, who has a complicated relationship with her mother and is none the wiser of Abby’s feeling for her. And that is the basics of The Goodman drama in a nutshell and you don’t want more for me… trust me it’s better to unravel the story yourself!

I really loved all three main characters but Maggie was my favourite and the most fun. As her story unravelled I got more and more excited every time some new element to her personality appeared, to the point I was nearly bouncing on my seat when I worked her story all out. She’s definitely a complex character and a force to be reckoned with but that’s where all the fun in reading about her is. Jude and Abby stole my heart completely. If the story had just been centred around them it would have still been a 5 star novel but adding Maggie in was genius… sheer genius.

This book oozes fun, emotion and has very hot sexy scenes… it ticks every one of my boxes of what a great novel should be and then goes beyond. I can’t wait to see what Clare Ashton writes next… I’m hoping it won’t be too long before she graces us with another book.

5 stars

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