Wow! What a story! It’s been two weeks and I’m still not quite over it. 

What’s the book about?
Morgan Ashworth works for death as one of her many minions. She’s the best at her job and truly believes no one can do it quite like her. She lost who she thought was her soul mate many years ago so what’s the point in trying to find the replacement when she knows it’s just not out there. She is happy doing her job and is content that her only friend is Death. End of.

That all changes when she has to administer an afterlife package to one of her employees, Jane Smith. It’s not helping matters that she is insanely attracted to Jane but also that Jane has a bucket list that Morgan can help her achieve before she signs her afterlife package… The only problem is that if number 12 on the list (Sex with my boss) is to be ticked off, then the attraction is definitely mutual. Which means Jane can throw Morgan’s carefully planned existence into disarray because Morgan cannot fall in love again. She can‘t, right?

Featured Tropes
Paranormal, Boss-Employee, Age-Gap

Book Strengths
This book was exceptional, and that’s not surprising as E.J. Noyes wrote it and she does blow me away every time she puts pen to paper to take us on the journey with her. E.J. Noyes is an exceptional author; there are no two ways about it. She has the ability to draw me into the story so much that I feel like I’m hovering over the characters being almost voyeur in their life. For me personally, it takes on a whole new element of reading. There are a handful of authors that can do that for me and she’s certainly one of them. 

Ok, so enough about the author and on to the book! Wow! What a plot and the characters were equally amazing to read. It was written in the third person which totally worked and is not the norm for this author, but she pulled it off beautifully. The pace was perfect and I couldn’t believe I had read through the night to then realise I had finished it, I was so immersed in the story. I loved Jane and Morgan equally and for very different reasons. I don’t want to go into backstories and plot too much because I think it could ruin the journey for you, but it’s one hell of a ride. 

I do want to shout out to the secondary characters though because some of the moments with Cici, aka Death and Jane’s mother, were my favourite scenes. Those two were hilarious but also just fantastic characters to read. 

I think the whole concept was fun and so out of the norm, I almost wonder how the storyline to came to be. Where did the inspiration come from? 

Character Chemistry
Jane and Morgan have chemistry in spades. In and outside the bedroom. They have kinetic energy that draws them to one another. They also feel a lot of each other’s emotions and are incredibly in tune. And let me tell you… They set the sheets on fire!!! 

Heat Rating
4 Flames

Wrap Up
Outstanding book! I want the world to stop spinning for 24 hours so that I can read it all over again. An immensely satisfying novel that is a perfect way to escape from his crazy world! 

Star Rating
5 stars

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The author mentions “the blessing of small miracles” at one point, and that’s exactly what this novel is.

What was the book about?
High heels, a patch of ice, a train… Chelsea’s life ended abruptly and not in a pretty way. But she won’t let death stop her from attending her brother’s wedding. Which means she needs to get from New York (an interesting place to be a ghost in, fyi) to San Francisco. 

Being a spirit, she can’t take a plane nor a car, which go right through her, so she’ll have to walk (hover?) there. Two friends join her on her trip: Carmen, who died decades earlier and is sort of mentoring her into ghosthood, and Cyndricka, a homeless mute Black mime who, for some reason, can see and communicate with ghosts even though she’s not dead.

Featured Tropes

Book Strengths:
The relationship between the three travelers is both incredibly unusual and plausible. On their way to California, they also meet the cutest cat, other ghosts and living people, some good, some bad, or even dangerous. I loved Jamie, who sounds like the sweetest ghost ever even without a face. That’s one of the things I loved best about this novel, how the undead keep the appearance they had when they died and are not all ethereally perfect beings.

Despite the subject, there’s nothing heavy about the story, it’s more subtle and penetrating. I don’t think I can explain why I loved this book so much without giving too much away. It’s not about twists and surprises, it’s all about the way the feelings are built up, how they grow. Like most road trips (at least in books and movies), this one is both a journey cross-country and to themselves.

Book Weaknesses:
This book isyet another excellent debut. I’m sure there are weaknesses but I can’t see them.

Character Chemistry:
There’s no romance in this book, even though it’s full of love. There’s a mention of a possibility, but chemistry between ghosts is fickle. 

Wrap up:
I took forever to get to this novel (dead people, anxiety, sadness…) and that was stupid of me since it’s made it straight to my favourite-books-of-the-year list. It’s one of the most poetic and charming novels I’ve read. It’s tender and bittersweet, it made me cry and smile at the same time.

Star Rating: 5

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It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Here are my top 13 books of 2019!

Click the links to read the reviews and check out the competition below:

  1. Alone by E.J Noyes
  2. Listen by Kris Bryant
  3. The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair
  4. Back to September by Melissa Brayden
  5. Big Girl Pill by KD Williamson
  6. Top of her Game by M. Ullrich
  7. One Walk in Winter by Georgia Beers
  8. Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey
  9. Perspective by Monica McCallan
  10. Spinning Tales by Brey Willows
  11. Fire and Ice by Rachel Spangler
  12. Pining and Loving by Emma Sterner-Radley

13. Thorn by Anna Burke

Book of the Year 2019:

Alone by E.J. Noyes

This book has been on my mind since I read it back in May this year, and I’ve read it several times since. I love when authors write outside the box and shuck the typical Lesbian Fiction formula. E.J. Noyes is known for keeping the Lesbian fiction structure while sending you on a rollercoaster ride along with her characters. This book was not only engaging from the minute I started it, but I also felt I was part of the journey with the main character, Celeste. Feeling her sadness, love, hurt, and joy right beside her. Alone thoroughly deserves the accolade of Book of Year and should be on the top of your Christmas list. 

If you would like to read my full review, please follow the link below:

Alone by E.J.Noyes

Trust me you want to check this one out.

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Now that’s how you write second chance romance… pure perfection!

What was the book about?
Lexi loves her life cruising around the world. She is a bartender/ VIP liaison on a large cruise ship. Life is good, and she’s exactly where she thinks she should be. That is until Charlotte sails (see what I did there 😉) back into her life and Lexi’s broken heart from more than a decade ago starts to ache again. 

Charlotte has cancelled her wedding to her cheating fiancé but like hell is she missing out on the honeymoon of a lifetime. But the last thing she expects is that her VIP liaison on the cruise ship is the woman who was the love of her life. With Lexi now in front of her, all she wants is a way to fix the biggest mistake of her life. But can Lexi ever forgive her? 

Featured Tropes
Second Chance, Holiday romance, Soulmates, First Love, Oh the Sex!

Book Strengths
I can’t even tell you how unbelievably excited I was about receiving this book. I love Fiona Riley’s books, and in fact, she’s up there with my favourite authors, so it’s been a long year waiting (not patiently) for this book. And boy was it worth the wait!

This book is exceptional lesbian fiction, and the characters (especially Charlotte) were swoon-worthy… honestly, I think I hugged my kindle at one point. 

When it comes to the storyline, I can’t imagine a more perfect second chance romance. The storyline moved along beautifully, and I couldn’t believe by the time I was at the epilogue how much time hadn’t passed. I was so captivated by the story. I think I got lost in there for the duration. 

Charlotte was definitely my favourite character but only by a small amount because Lexi is fantastic too. Charlotte was just so honest and upfront about her feelings for Lexi right from the get-go. She’s probably the character I’ve been waiting forever to read, wears her heart on her sleeve and no drama/angst. In fact, Lexi didn’t even bring much angst to the romance, and it just made it so much more enjoyable. 

Character Chemistry
Hot damn!!! This is to date the sexiest book Fiona Riley has ever written and let me tell you, she has written some of the sexiest lesbian fiction scenes to date. The chemistry between Lexi and Charlotte was almost combustible, and at times I thought the sheets would light on fire. But it wasn’t just about the sex (ok it was mostly about the hot sex), but they also had an intense intimacy that I wasn’t expecting. There were little moments, smiles, waves where it seemed like the room disappeared, and it was only them. But be aware don’t read the sex scenes in a public place… #scorching

Heat Rating

Wrap up
Well, how can Fiona Riley top that? I have confidence she will, but I’ll need a week off to recover next time! 

Star Rating

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For more than just the love of the game.

What was the book about?:
Kenzie Shaw joins the New Jersey Hurricanes Women’s Soccer team after being drafted from Penn State. The Hurricanes also have her idol and crush, Sutton Flores playing for them. 

The attraction to each other is sizzling and before either of them know it, the chemistry becomes infinitely more and they can’t get enough of each other. But when a sexual harrasment suit and national soccer team rules throw them curve balls, can they hold true to each other?

Featured Tropes
Sport, Friends to Lovers, Age-Gap

Book Strengths
This book made Les Rêveur top books of 2019.
I was astounded by how much I adored it but then again, M. Ullrich never disappointments me. She is kicking goals (see what I did there) every time she sits down to write. I was glued from the word ‘go’ and honestly, her little twists and turns in the story just kept leaving me stunned!

These women are both powerhouses on and off the field. When it comes to the soccer, M. Ullrich gave a solid account of the game and the players. I can honestly say this book would suit any reader even if you’re not a fan of soccer. The romance and storyline take centre stage but the soccer just adds a nice little extra for us soccer fans out there.
I cried. I cried a lot in this book. It also made me nervous, made my stomach flip in good ways and in bad. And the Epilogue… Sigh. It was nothing short of perfection.

Character Chemistry
I have read some hot sex scenes and some of the best ones have come from M. Ullrich. As she grows as an author she seems to hone the craft of writing them and adds little extras that suit only the characters in the story. You’ll see what I mean when you read it but this book’s hottest scene was not what I was expecting. So very sexy!

The chemistry between Sutton and Kenzie is off the hook. I got shivers a few times when they would look at one another or when they’d touch. There was also a certain level of non sexual intimacy that made my heart swell and I reckon you can only have this intense connection if you have been friends before lovers. It was actually quite lovely to read.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up
I read this book twice in a row because the first time I forgot to take notes I immersed in it so much. This book has landed on my all time favourites list. Exceptional!

Star Rating:

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What was the book about?:

Lauren King always wanted to be a hard-hitting news reporter. She left her small Iowa town with big dreams but ended up in L.A., instead, working as an entertainment reporter. Catherine Ayers, the iciest of ice queens, is a disgraced former D.C. Bureau chief who has been exiled to the same entertainment beat as Lauren. Lauren and Catherine have a love-hate relationship, as in they love to hate each other. When they stumble on a huge story, they have to work together to get to the bottom of it while dealing with private corporations and government agents trying to stop them at every turn. This brings them closer, and I mean really closer, together. After the story is published, Lauren realizes she is in love with Catherine, but Catherine doesn’t seem to share those feelings. 

Featured Tropes: Age-gap, ice queen, enemies to lovers

Book Strengths:

This book has it all: action, adventure, intrigue, murder, hot sex, and love. All the characters bring something to the story. Nothing is just there for filler, and every character is unique. It is one of the things I adore about Lee Winter’s writing; she builds an entire world of people who are real. This is a truly magnificent book that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading it. 

Character Chemistry: 

Lauren and Catherine are amazing together. Catherine’s acerbic personality perfectly complements Lauren’s sweet Midwestern charm. If you love an ice queen like I do, you can’t help but fall in love with Catherine Ayers. I have also listened to this book in audio, and Victoria Mei really brings all the characters to life, but Catherine… well, like I said to begin with: SWOON!

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Lee Winter never fails to deliver an entertaining book. The Red Files takes this to another level.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The perfect summer book to take on vacation!

What was the book about?
PR superstar Emery is going to Hawaii for her college friends wedding, but there are two problems with it. Firstly, she hasn’t seen them in five years and they don’t know she’s gay, and secondly, she’s single. The idea of showing up to this wedding alone and with her news is all too much for Emery. Jordan is Emery’s neighbour and close friend, and she’s also about to become Emery’s knight in shining armour. Jordan agrees to be her fake girlfriend, holding Emery’s hand while she comes out to her friends. This was all going to be fine until they realise that while faking a relationship, they are actually pretty perfect for one another. Are their feelings all because they are on holiday and away from their life??? 

Featured Tropes: 
Fake Relationship / Friends to Lovers / Holiday Romance

Book Strengths:
The pace of the book was perfect. I really loved the fact I didn’t want to jump to the next chapter as it was so enjoyable. Jordan was definitely my favourite character and I was so excited every time she would just be upfront with Emery. By the end, I was excited about Emery and Jordan’s future and swooning so hard I was almost falling over.

Character Chemistry :
The chemistry between Emery and Jordan is present even before they notice each other romantically. In fact, it was like a little fire that just got bigger and bigger until it combusted, resulting in them falling into bed together. Then it was blazin’! They definitely enjoyed each other between smouldering gazes and tactile caresses. As much as they tried to not fall for each other, it was inevitable. Hashtag Soulmates!

Heat Rating: 

Wrap Up:
This book was great, and I can’t wait to reread it again soon. Monica McCallan is someone to watch in Lesbian Fiction and I can only see great things ahead.

Star Rating: 

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Sophie James is in flux. Her manager and close friend, Ray, has died. As she struggles to come to terms with his death, she is assigned a new manager by her recording company. At first, she is irked by the need for her to be managed so soon after Ray’s death but when her new manager, Dana is appointed, she is immediately entranced by her. Dana, on the other hand, thought she was going to be managing another diva. But when she actually realised Sophie’s beauty is nothing on her personality, the chemistry between the two builds. But you can’t mix business with pleasure, can you?

I absolutely adored this book. It had everything I expect from a Georgia Beers book and so much more. The pace was perfect, angst was not too overwhelming, and the love story was such a joy to read. One of my favourite tropes is age-gap romances and this one hits the nail on the head. The age gap is only ten years give or take, but it’s enough to hold my interest and provide the characters with a sexy edge.

There was a lovely sweetness to their chemistry that turned uber hot when they got to the bedroom. And once again,  Georgia Beers floored me with her first kiss. I’ve said it before, and I’m going to repeat it – Georgia Beers writes amazing first kisses! I could feel myself blushing afterwards.

I also want to mention the fantastic secondary characters in this book, especially Anya. Anya was like Dana’s Jiminy Cricket. She was always checking in and making sure Dana was making the right decisions and aware of her feelings. I freaking need an Anya in my life, pronto. She is probably one of my favourite secondary characters to date in a Georgia Beers novel.

A great book that will be jumping onto my favourites list.

5 Stars


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Things you need to do before reading this book:

  1. Clear your schedule because once you start you’re going to want to just keep going.
  2. Grab a big box of tissues
  3. Make sure there is no one around to bother you while you read it (unless they are bringing you coffee or cocktails, then they can stay)

Okay…  organised? Well, let me tell you a little about how wonderful this book is…

When Beth shows up on romance writer, Jackie’s front doorstep, proclaiming to be her daughter she gave up for adoption, Jackie’s world tilts on its axis. But that’s nothing compared to the feelings brought forth by meeting Beth’s adoptive Mum, Susan. Susan and Jackie have an instant connection, but Susan is straight and married so nothing can ever happen. Right?

Erin Zak is definitely the dark horse of the Lesbian Fiction world, she is definitely one to watch. Create A Life To Love is a soulful story of how love can conquer all. I laughed, cried (sobbed) and got butterflies more than once, and did you see the cover art? Fantastic. The book has excellent pace and I was sucked in from the first sentence. I’m so glad that included Beth’s (Susan’s daughter) point of view because she is the heart of the story.

Let’s talk about Beth first. She a beautiful soul full of tenacity and courage. The relationship she builds with Jacqui throughout the book is beautiful and was the reason for so many of my tears. She is also incredibly accepting of Jackie and the fact she’s a lesbian.

There were these moments of simplicity between the three of them, but the reality was that there was nothing simple going on in their heads. All three protagonists were going through a roller coaster ride of emotions but were completely supported by each other. Such a solid family from the beginning.

From the minute Jackie and Susan meet there is palpable chemistry between them and it builds quite quickly through the book. I really connected with Susan on a few different levels, she was probably my favourite character. She was an awesome mum and watching her coming into her own was actually really amazing to watch. The sex scenes in this book are off the chart sexy while still beautiful and intimate.

I am such a sucker for a good Epilogue and this one can’t not be mentioned. It was fantastic and tied everything up in a red big bow. I just adored these characters and by end of the book wanted to start it all over again.

Unequivocally 5 Stars!


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Another phenomenal book by E.J. Noyes.

This book was amazing and so incredibly interesting. Celeste has taken part in a four-year study/ experiment of the human psyche. All she has to do is live alone in the middle of nowhere for a maximum of four years, she can’t have any contact with the outside world and the payout is massive and would set her up for the rest of her life. When an unknown hiker shows up three years into the experiment and she’s wounded, Celeste wants to help but could this ruin everything she has stayed alone for the past three years…

How does E.J. Noyes do it? Coming up with these intense and elaborate stories that draw you in so much that you can’t put the book down until it’s finished. I became a little obsessed with this book. This isn’t a novel you can rush, the pace is definitely slower than other books by the author but I think it’s perfect for these characters and their story and also for the reader to really understand the situation.

The story is told solely from Celeste’s POV and what an interesting point of view she has. Understanding how alone she is was quite eye opening. The way she adapted her life to survive the loneliness was amazing. When Olivia (the wounded hiker) is added to the story and gives the plot it’s romantic element I was so excited and it did not disappoint.

I think that’s where I am going to stop this review because honestly, I am scared to give any spoilers. But I will say this… BUY THIS BOOK! Alone is now in the running for the Les Rêveur book of 2019. It’s just that fantastic.

5 Stars

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This book is just exceptional.
Shaylie has just survived a plane crash. She’s a little bit broken in places and she’ll heal but it’s shaken her life. In an attempt to get back to some normality, she meets Piper during a support group for survivors. Piper lost her best friend and her fiancée in the plane crash and she needs answers. Piper and Shaylie become fast friends and help each other heal. Shaylie begins to fall for Piper and the more time she spends with her she knows this woman could be the one…

I’m getting this feeling writing up this review. This story is extraordinary. I cried my way through it and it’s the best book Kris Bryant has ever written but it’s now my favourite Lesbian Fiction Book… Ever!
The pace of the book was perfect. The first chapter gave me chills as we enter the book just minutes before the crash. Kris Bryant’s descriptions during this scene were outstanding and boy did they cement my focus on the book. Next minute I knew, I was at the end and you certainly could see the track marks of my tears.

When it comes to characters Piper and Shaylie are soul mates. They just complement each other in every way and it’s just circumstance that they meet the way they do. I believe in my heart they would have met no matter what. The chemistry they have when they finally get together (this is a romance and Kris Bryant, we all know it happens) was palpable. I could feel it sizzling of the page.

The sex scenes blew my mind. There is one in particular that I think is Kris Bryant’s best ever sex scene. It was really well described and the actual scene was sexy, and hot as hell.

I can’t finish the review of this book without mentioning the epilogue because it’s everything. I have a tightening in my chest just thinking about how magical it was. If there was ever a book that finished with me knowing these protagonists not only make it but live happy ever after, this is the one.

A complete triumph and I know I haven’t done this book justice in the review but how could I when it’s my perfect book. Buy this book and make your heart happy people… it’s a must read!
An outstanding 5 stars

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Fantastic story. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Ashley has always hidden in the proverbial closet. She likes it there, it’s safe and she isn’t hurting anyone. That is, until she finds out that her friend, Sasha is bisexual. Now she is seeing Sasha in a whole new light and with them working closely together on the wedding of the season for their mutual friends, it’s only a matter of time until sparks fly, especially because Sasha has always harboured a crush on Ashley. But with Ashley too scared to come out and Sasha not wanting to be anyone’s secret, it could never work… right?

This was really a great book. The pace was perfect, the chemistry between both protagonists was on fire and I really enjoyed the storyline. I loved Sasha and Ashley together. Even as friends they had something special going on. I also think the chemistry between Sasha and Ashley is possibly the best Jae has ever written. It was sexy while intimate and left this reader a little hot under the collar.

I absolutely adored that Holly and Leo from the first book in the Fair Oaks series, Perfect Rhythm were in this one too. In fact, Perfect Rhythm was where we were first introduced to Sasha and Ashley and honestly, I didn’t see Jae putting these two together. The community of friends they have in Fair Oaks that accept them is amazing and I really hope Jae continues to tell us more stories from the Fair Oaks Community… Who could be next?

5 stars

If you would like to purchase Not The Marrying Kind please follow the link below:

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I’ve been waiting for this story for while with bated breath and it did not disappoint.

Drew Davis moves to upstate New York after getting a job as head chef at a farm to table restaurant. This job is just a stepping stone to being head chef at a leading restaurant in New York so she can’t have any entanglements and needs to stay focused. If only she could get the the beautiful, Hannah Little out of her head. Hannah can’t help but be attracted to the flashy New York chef straight away but she has a good deal with the local restaurant by supplying them all her farm fresh fruit and veg. She doesn’t need to mess that up by being caught up in a fling with Drew but what if this could be more?

So here’s a few things that always get me excited when Aurora Rey publishes a new book… Firstly, I am guaranteed a hot butch with a sensitive side, this alone is a mssive tick. Secondly, I am guaranteed to throw any diet out the window because the books always have the most delectable descriptions of food that I immediately go on the hunt for – this time it was a BLT with a difference. And lastly, hot sex scenes that personally have added to my fanatsy list throughout the years! This book did not disappoint in any of those areas.

I really enjoyed the build up in this book and found that there was possibly more angst in this story than there has been before in Aurora Rey’s novels. I think it suited this story because there was an element of ‘will they, won’t they’ and then ‘will they make it work?’. Where as, normally I just know these characters are made for each other. Either Drew or Hannah needed to make a massive changed to their life plans for them to ever be together and I was nervous right until the end of how they could have each other and still have their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, this book has a beautiful happy ending but I felt like I worked for it as did the characters and I really enjoyed that. With that in mind, I think it shows how much Aurora’s strengths are growing with every book she writes and when I looked back and saw that I rated her first 5 stars, you can imagine what the future looks like for Aurora Rey and her books!

Like I said before, the sex scenes in Aurora Rey’s books play a big part in my love for her work. She just gets this reader and honestly, I get really excited when I reach those parts of her books. This book had a very unexpected but sexy element that I really enjoyed.

Before I finish up, I just want to mention the cover. It’s possibly my new favourite cover to date. Its clean and fresh with heaps of meaning about the book without ruining the mystery. I found out today it was created by Melody Pond, so wanted to acknowledge the on point design.

Honestly, between the love story, the food and the hot butch, I think I swooned so hard I fell off my bed. Another delicious (in more ways than one) book for Aurora Rey.

5 Stars


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What an extraordinary story that I wanted to start all over again when it was finished. WOW!

Haley wants to be a screenwriter in LA but unfortunately that’s a hard gig to land in Hollywood so she works for a gossip rag and her big break fell into her lap after the talent (not to mention stunning) actress Emerson agrees to do a tell all interview with her. Emerson has always been in the limelight from a young age but now she’s been thrusted into the gossip columns after her supposed tryst with a fellow actress. But Emerson is more worried about the fall out for her family and Haley is the only one she trusts to set the record straight.

The first two words that come to mind when I think about this book is ‘chemistry’ and ‘connection’. Together Emerson and Haley have it in spades. It truely is a case of these two being better together than apart because when they had page time together it was like it was always meant to be.

The serendipitous way they met was exciting and made me feel from the very beginning that this book would be filled with not only love and chemistry but adventure and fun. There was no point in the book where I didn’t think these two wouldn’t make it because everything about them is meant to be.

I think one of Fiona Rileys biggest strengths in this book was portraying the people behind the glitz and glamour. It gave a heightened level of angst at some parts and keep me clued to the page. Also I laughed more than once… just wait to you meet, Stan.

Once again Fiona Riley has blown me away in the bedroom department… or you know, the floor, kitchen or anywhere Emerson and Haley could get their hands on each other. I reckon her sex scenes are getting hotter and hotter with every book.

I am so very excited about people reading this book because it is very special and everything about it makes it sit rather close to the top of my all time favourites.

5 stars.

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Well, now that was something…

Jude has been having fantasies about her next door neighbour since she moved in so when her neighbour, Diana knocks on her door asking her to be a stand in at her Sex workshop for her therapy group, Jude is elated. All she has to do is sit back and endure earth shattering orgasm after orgasm. The only rule is, she must not fall in love… How hard could it be right?

This. Book. Is. Amazing!!! It’s got all the usual Meghan O’Brien naughty bits but she has ramped up the angst and It was the perfect combo.

Firstly, lets talk tropes because this book has everything. Age gap, friends to lovers, boss and employee, a little bit of the ice queen and eroticism… and it’s all fan-bloody-tastic!!!!

Diana has an emotional past, as does Jude but Diana’s is keeping her from finding love and Jude is the biggest temptation ever when it comes to letting her guard down. Jude has been imagining having sex with Diana for a while now so when the object of her affection wants to give her all her fantasies on a silver platter, who wouldn’t jump in with both feet. Problem is, Jude is falling for Diana fast but knows it’s not part of the arrangement which is making her feeling worse. These two are so lovely and deserve each other in so many lovely ways. I just kept wanting more.

I really love how Meghan O’Brien writes such depth and emotion for her characters. I don’t think I have ever read one of her books and not loved the protagonist and the journey they take.

The sex was, as always, off the chart in the hotness department. Meghan O’Brien writes my favourite sex scenes hands down and her level of detail is just amazing. Her sex scenes are so vivid it’s like it’s happening right in front of me.

Again, another erotic masterpiece from the pen of Meghan O’Brien….

5 stars!!

When is the next one due out Meghan????

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