Up on the Roof by A.L. Brooks

A Sweet, Authentic Romance!

What was the book about?:
Lena suffers from severe anxiety and OCD. She likes her apartment spotless, her routines uninterrupted, and does not handle change well, at all. Lena meets her new, klutzy neighbor, Megan, when she damages Lena’s door while moving in. With each encounter, Megan’s clumsiness further disrupts Lena’s routines making her dislike Megan more and more. When a storm hits destroying Lena’s apartment, she has no option but to accept Megan’s generosity and move into the spare bedroom of Megan’s very, messy apartment. Did I mention Lena suffers from OCD? As the two women learn to navigate living together, they also have to navigate their growing attraction.

Featured Tropes:
Enemies to lovers, slow burn

Book Strengths:
This book has a lot of strengths. The story is well written and the characters exceptionally well developed. The best part, it’s realistic. The characters are not models, they have self-esteem and mental health issues, and they are flawed, but genuine. A.L. Brooks has written a book that is truly about us, everyday women.

Book Weaknesses:
The only issue I had with this book is the ending. It wasn’t a bad ending, I would have just liked a more concrete wrap-up, or preferably, an epilogue.

Character Chemistry:

I adore Lena. As someone who suffers from OCD and anxiety, it is wonderful to see representation in the genre I love. The chemistry between Lena and Megan is sweet and undeniable. It’s also real. Once they decide to date, we see them take two steps forward and one step back each time Lena’s anxiety rears its ugly head.

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Star Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Just One Moment by Dena Blake

This book broke me but in all the good ways. I’ll be honest, I worried about this story, the synopsis indicated at an affair and honestly, I struggle with reading my protagonists having affairs because hey, this is meant to be true love, right? No heartbreak allowed! But that’s what’s beautiful about this book, it’s REAL. It’s so beautifully real and undeniably vulnerable that you’re invested by the first chapter. Because the book shows that real life, with all its hard crap and struggles, can still be a fairytale. It just takes hope and a truckload of love…

Let me tell you a little about this book…

Chloe is trying to settle into her new life without Shay. Shay is in no way ready to leave Chloe behind but all attempts to try and fix their marriage come against a stone wall. But that all changes when Shay is in an accident and she can’t remember not being with Chloe. Chloe decides to help look after Shay until she recovers not realising that in doing so she may fall in love with Shay all over again.

This is the sweetest, yet rawest book from Dena Blake yet. It is 100% the best book she’s ever written. The pacing was perfect, and the story told well. No epilogue which would normally annoy me but because these characters have already been in a relationship and it’s more of a rekindling of their love, I didn’t mind that there wasn’t one.

Shay was my favourite character. She was so sweet and couldn’t understand why Chloe was being distant after her accident. The love she felt for Chloe just broke my heart. I reckon if there was ever to be a true match made in heaven, it was Chloe and Shay.

As they found their relationship beginning to build again and realising that they had never truly fallen out of love was probably my favourite sections of the story.

Sex scenes and chemistry were excellent. Like I said before, the connection between both characters really was out of this world and not just the love, but the anger too. When Shay and Chloe are fighting at the beginning of the book you can still feel the passion and chemistry flowing.

Just one last thing! Big shout out to Tammy Seidick who designed the cover for Just One Moment. This book has the sexiest cover… ever!

Fantastic book.

5 stars

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Playing Passions Game by Lesley Davis

What a fantastic story!

Trent loves computer gaming. She works for a games store near her home, she plays games online with friends at weekends and competes in gaming competitions with her team. Her life is gaming and that suits Trent just fine. Until she meets Juliette… Then everything changes. She doesn’t do entanglements but she can’t stop thinking about Juliette. Trent doesn’t want the heart ache that Juliette could bring but she also can’t help herself either.

Honestly, I was reading Playing with Fire and then I released that this book is a series. So, I swiftly put it down and started the first book in the series, Playing Passions Game. Thank goodness I did because it’s such a wonderful story line. The book is written from both protagonist’s point of view which I love. The story is quick and not much angst which again was right up my street.

I absolutely love Trent. She’s the epitome of sexy for me. She’s butch, sweet, a game nerd and cares about everyone in her life. She’s amazing and honestly, I hope she continues to be a part of each of the following books in the series. Juliette complimented her in every way and I think what I loved most was she gave Trent the comfort and love to be who she was without pushing her into something she isn’t. It was all one major swoon.

The chemistry between Trent and Juliette was magnificent and really added a whole other sexy level to their intimacy. The sex scenes were written incredibly well while still being extremely hot.

The secondary characters were also fantastic. I really adored the chemistry and comradery between the set of friends. Also, how much they all support each other. They gave me the feels when they talked about how they care for and support each other.

If this is a taster of the series, then I am 100% on board!

Loved it. 5 stars


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As the Crow Flies by Karen F. Williams

What a fabulous book. It has some of the best story telling I have ever read, I simply couldn’t get enough.

This story follows the love story of two couples. Sam Weller, famous Novelist and the older Gwen Laraway. They meet over an antique book end that Sam is looking for the matching end. They find each other alluring from the beginning but between Gwen thinking she’s too old and a series of odd events happening that are keeping them apart, it was a rollercoaster ride for these two. A much slower romance is Liz and Isabel. Liz is related to Sam through marriage and comes with her on her quest to find the other book end. When Liz see’s Gwen’s niece, Isabel for the first time, all her casual relationship ways fall out the window as she can’t stop thinking about Isabel and wants much more than a meaningless fling. Isabel is so sweet and innocent she seems not to be seeing Liz’s affections for more than friendship but as time wears on we see that Isabel is just acting as a novice in love.

This book is so brilliantly written with great pacing and such interesting and enchanting characters. I was transfixed from the very beginning. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to read this authors works.

I enjoyed both romances thoroughly and kept thinking what a fantastic series this book would make. Sam and Gwen ticked my age-gap romance box big time. I enjoyed their conversations and how in tune they were. I have to say though that my favourite romance was between Isabel and Liz. I reckon those two were supposed to find each other no matter what. Isabel’s naivety and innocence really drove their story and I loved the way Liz became so protective over her even though normally Liz would normally be the aggressor in a relationship.

There is a scene where Isabel shows up at Liz’s door unexpectedly and it’s my favourite scene in the whole book because it funny, upsetting, endearing and gave me the butterflies all at once. Anyway, I digress…

All in all, this is a fabulous book and I would love for it to have a sequel. More please!

5 stars


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The Road To Madison by Elle Spencer

I basically started this story lying in bed one morning and didn’t put it down (or leave the house) until I finished it. I was entranced from the first chapter and hung on every word until it was finished. 

Ana and Madison were madly in love when they were teenagers. But when Madison’s father puts a stop to their relationship they are both left heart broken with no one ever quite measuring up to each other. When Madison’s father dies they bump into each other at the funeral and chemistry and love bubbles back to the surface. But can they ever really be together when the past still haunts them? 

This book gave me all the feels. Elle Spencer is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. She transports me into the story and I feel like I’m living vicariously through the characters. The pace was perfect, especially for this love story. It gave the reader the time to understand the characters and their past and why they were so cautious. 

The book is written in the present but there are flashbacks to the relationship Maddie and Anna have as teenagers. The love they feel as kids is so potent that you understand the degree of heart break they both went through. Maddie and Ana are the very definition of soul mates. They complete each other and their second chance at being together is so beautiful. I mean don’t get me wrong Elle Spencer makes you work for it as they navigate their feelings but at no point do you question their love. It’s at the forefront from the first chapter.

The love scenes were intimate while hot and passionate. Even as teenagers the tentative touches and exploration was written beautifully. 

The secondary characters were so important in this story and I think I bonded with them… well, the nice ones anyway. Especially Kris and Scott whom I just loved every time they got page time. I’m kinda hoping Kris gets her own love story… she certainly deserves it.

All in all this was a fantastic story! 

5 stars


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Full English by Rachel Spangler

A beautiful love story that reaffirmed my love in this genre.

Famous novelist, Emma Volant Is running from a broken heart and a messy divorce. She lands in a little village in England where she plans to hide and heal. But the community around don’t allow her to hide and graciously welcome her in ways she isn’t always sure she’ll enjoy. Through this, she meets jack of all trades, Brogan and they begin an easy friendship. But when feelings of a more than friendship surface, Emma doesn’t trust she’s over her traumatic divorce but she does know she’s never felt like this before… can you fall in love while fixing your broken heart?

The first chapter drew me in completely. I was thoroughly intrigued by Emma’s presence in the village. Why was she there? What had happened? Who had broken this woman? And with every chapter the story drew me in more and I became completely entranced by the storyline.

This book is a very slow burn but beautiful in the fact that it is. No one’s in a rush here so you can enjoy the ride of two people who are genuinely meant to be together falling in love. I think if the protagonists had rushed into things at any point it would have ruined the story and the friendship the author built for these two first was just a strong foundation of what turns out to be an all-encompassing love. It was really beautiful to watch it all unfold.

Brogan for me was just perfect but more so perfect for Emma. They complimented each other beautifully. There is a scene in chapter 15 where Emma is sternly talking to some of the villagers and it was such an emotional moment and I had not released I was crying until I finished the chapter. The moment just pulled on every heart string I have and I was so immersed in the moment I hadn’t realised I was also part of the emotion.

As said this is a slow burn but when Brogan and Emma finally give into their chemistry it’s explosive! It was probably one of the sexiest while incredible intimate sex scenes I’ve ever read.  It was not only perfect for these protagonists but perfect for this reader.

I can’t close off this review without mentioning secondary character, Lady Victoria. And absolutely begging Rachel Spangler to write her story into a romance novel because I can’t get her out of my head. She deserves a happy ever after… pretty please?

5 stars


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Perfect Partners by Maggie Cummings

Absolutely Fantastic!!! This book was just one massive swoon for me!

Sara’s whole life is training police service dogs and their human partners. She is the best and her job is everything to her. When she meets new recruit, Izzy she doesn’t expect to feel so drawn to her. Granted, Izzy is incredible in most every way, except she’s a cop and Sara doesn’t date cops and especially not cops that are her students… too dangerous in too many ways! But why can’t she get Izzy off her mind? And it’s clear the feeling is mutual.

I actually adored this book! I finished it in one sitting then started it again from scratch. Completely a book made for me in regards to plot, characters and just the overall romance… ahhh swoon!

Who knew my perfect protagonist was a femme cop called Izzy! Izzy is the embodiment of one major swoon. She’s gorgeous, loquacious, incredibly sweet but fierce and courageous! She’s got the cop thing going for her (I’ve sooo got a thing for cops) and on top of that she is great with her service dog, Chase! I’m telling you, this girl has it all! I could see why Sara found her the ultimate temptation.

Sara was so very lovely too (although honestly Izzy was my favourite) and incredibly genuine. I reckon if anyone deserves to find her soulmate and be blissfully happy, it’s Sara. The more intimate moments and the sex scenes were beautifully written and really connected the characters well.

Maggie Cummings goes from strength to strength and still ranks as one of my favourite authors. Her books are just plain fun and I get so much enjoyment out of just kicking back and relaxing with her stories.

Keep em’ Cummings… 5 stars!


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Love’s Verdict by Carsen Taite

I really enjoyed this book, it had me all swept up in the romance from the beginning.

Landon Holt and Carly Pachett are total opposites, the only thing they have in common is that they are phenomenal lawyers. Carly is reserved and quiet but highly talented at researching her cases and has the smarts to wow, not just her clients but also her bosses. Landon is suave and self-assured; her clients warm to her easily and trust her implicitly because her confidence makes them feel safe. Carly and Landon work tirelessly together but as we all know, working so close and the fact opposites always attract means these two are bound to fall for each other but how wise would it be to fall for the woman gunning for your promotion?

I really enjoyed this story. It was fast paced and I loved the interactions between Carly and Landon. Carly and Landon were so serious about their jobs that when they teased and flirted with each other it was a nice escape from the seriousness of the legal case they where involved in. Also, Landon was really able to soften Carly’s character and in turn Carly really changed in the second half of the book and became much more likeable for me. Landon however, I was fascinated with from the beginning. Her confidence is attractive but it’s the moments she vulnerable that really had me. When you first learn about her background I found it hard to imagine with the beautiful soul I was reading about. However her experiences really lead to making her a fantastic character. She might be my new favourite character from Carsen Taite.

My only complaints would be that I’d have loved a longer epilogue and also I am not a fan of book covers with the protagonist on it as it confuses what’s in my imagination. In regards to the epilogue, I really loved the way things were left in the last chapter but when I read the epilogue, I longed for a little more or even a further time gap. But if you read my reviews you know I love an epilogue, especially one that is six months to a year after the last chapter!!

All in all, another great read from Carsen Taite.

4 stars

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More Than Words by Harper Bliss

Katherine Jones has just given up her job as an escort/ high-end female sex worker to open up her very own Pink Bean coffee shop with her best friend, Rocco. Katherine isn’t ashamed of her job and rightly so, so why does Rocco’s hot aunt, Hera have an issue with it and why is Katherine so attracted to her, especially with the clear distain for Katherine due to her last job. But with so much attraction between these two can Hera find a way to be open minded about Katherine? And not see her as just her ex job?

I love Katherine from previous books in the Pink Bean series so when she was put into the limelight in this novel I was more than a little excited. And Harper Bliss wrote her in perfectly. I love Katherine’s Sass and enthusiasm for life and it made me love her even more. She is definitely a favourite of mine throughout the entire series. Hera was the opposite of Katherine in every way and boy do these opposites attract. It took me a little while to warm up to Hera but that was probably more due to the fact that I support Sex work as a right woman have, so when she was pushing against it she put my hackles up a bit. But by the end I was really taken with her and her smarts. 

I did however think that the change in Hera’s view of Katherine maybe happened too quick for me to believe it was real. And I found the ending was too abrupt and I’m secretly hoping that, maybe like Caitlyn and Jo’s characters, Hera and Katherine will get two books to cover their romance. That would drastically change my comment about how the book ended. I was also hoping for some spice from Katherine’s sex scenes in regards to the way she was in ‘Love Without Limits’ and I understand why it didn’t happen that way but if there was a second book I reckon it would amp up the volume. 

Book number nine in the Pink Bean Series and going strong. I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next from this series and Harper Bliss.

3.5 Stars

Ticket To Love by Donna Jay

Donna Jay really writes novels that are just so feel good while still being incredibly naughty!

After being caught by her mother in a compromising position, Tara flees Australia to live with her Aunt in New Zealand. There she rents a room off of her Aunts, Boss (and friend), Kathryn. Kathyrn has been hurt before and isn’t in the position to ever feel that way again but she can’t help this chemistry she has with Tara.

This was a lovely book, the romance was very sweet but also fun and a little naughty at times. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters, I especially loved the age-gap romance trope so that had me hooked from the being.

Both these women have been through the wringer in very different ways but somehow by being together they help each other heal and move on. The sex scenes do have some BDSM in them but Donna Jay, as always, writes them in such a way that they seem lighter. I also like how her books are 100% romance with a side of BDSM instead of other books (mainly erotica) that become wholly focused on the sex.

I always love how much Donna Jay adores her country of New Zealand and describes it to a tea. Every time I read one of her books I am ready to visit NZ all over again.

Great story and definitely one that will sit on my re-read list.
4.5 stars

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