How to submit a novel for review!

Thanks for stopping by and considering Les Rêveur to review your book. Before you send us through your novel please read the terms below…

Have a great day.

Rach @ Les Rêveur

Submission Terms

    All review submissions should be sent to
    All novels must be sent in .Mobi file format
    All novels must be Lesbian/Bi/Trans Romance or Erotic Fiction
    We do accept all other forms LGBTQIA Romantic and erotic fiction but only when one of the main protagonists is either a lesbian or a bisexual woman. This can be discussed in further detail in our intital conversation with the author prior to reading.
    All reviews will be written from a honest perspective.
    If we unfortunately don’t connect with the book and the review rates less than 3 stars, we won’t publish a review.
    We will aim to publish all reviews within 6 – 10 weeks of reading. As demand is high, there is currently a backlog of books and we are a bit behind but please be patient.
    We have six reviewers at Les Rêveur. If you would like to request a particular reviewer you can when submitting your novel. However be aware that some reviewers have an extensive backlog.
    We acknowledge that piracy is a concern but we assure that any books received will not be shared out with the Les Rêveur reviewers.
    Once complete, the review will be posted on the following:
    Les Rêveur website
    Amazon (Au, US or U.K depending on the reviewers origin).
    Les Rêveur Facebook page
    Numerous linked Facebook groups