Contract For Love by Alison Grey

I need to say this upfront… I adored this book. Absolutely everything about it, I loved. Fake romance trope is my new favourite.

Madison hires Sherry to be her girlfriend to make sure she gets her inheritance from her grandmother who thinks Madison is nothing but a play and party girl. Sherry agrees as her son needs medical treatment and Madison has vowed to take care of her son, Jake.

I really didn’t like Madison to begin with, I thought she was nothing but a over privileged woman who never grew up but the more I read I realised she was a product of her very bad upbringing. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not me being sympathetic, it’s reality. Sometimes even the richest of people can be the loneliest and that was Madison. It really bugged me she used Jakes health to get Sherry to go along with her plan but as they spend time together I realised it had to happen this way for them to truly understand each others past and help one another grow.

As they began to fall in love I did too with them both. They really bonded as a couple and I think together were stronger than they were apart, even though it was fake.

I think this book is a really great read and it really struck a chord with me as a mum because I could understand Sherry’s feelings and thoughts often.

I still keep hoping that Alison Grey will extend Hot Line into a novel at some point… I mean the first 3-4 chapters are there already…

But anything else she writes I will definitely read.

Great novel, 5 stars.


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Contract for Love


Paper Love by Jae

As a stationary enthusiast, I knew this book was right up my street.

Anja works for her boss and friend at a local stationary shop in Freiburg. Unfortunately, she isn’t aware the shop is failing and only finds out the truth when her boss’ niece, Susanne arrives to make some very tough decisions about the shop. Anja is instantly attracted to Susanne but isn’t so crazy about how she views the community of Freiburg, as well as the shop itself.

They battle with feelings but the spark is there and they’d be silly to not see what could happen… But Susanne will go back to Berlin and her life soon so is there any point?

The story was solid and I like the idea of them saving this little shop that was always meant to succeed. I really enjoyed Anja’s character and think she was really something special with her naïve ways and bubbly appearance. And when she is with Susanne, the chemistry between them is definitely there.

This is probably not my favourite book of Jae’s and I found I just didn’t connect with the characters like I normally do in Jae’s novels. In saying that, it did still have some beautiful moments and had all the little Jae touches that make it special.

I would however been keen for Jae to write a follow up story on Miriam and Franzi. They were both major highlights for me and their relationship seemed fun and at times, I wished we had more depth into them as characters.

All in all, a nice sweet romance from Jae

3.5 stars


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Paper Love

Autumns Light by Aurora Rey

I honestly can’t believe the series is officially over. I remember when I first found Winter’s Harbor by Aurora Rey, I so hoped there would be a sequel… never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be four books down into what is now one of my most favourite series’.

A little about the fourth and final installment in the Cape End Romance series…
Mat Pero loves her life, she owns and operates a lobster boat in Ptown with her cousin/best friend. She has the pick of the ladies and as long as she keeps her lifestyle separate from her traditional Portuguese family, no one bats a eye. So yeah life is good… Until her eyes catch Graham Connor on the dock. She likes Graham a lot and can’t seem to get her off her mind. Graham isn’t someone that normally looks for a one night stand or casual fling but there is something about Mat that she can’t get her off her mind, so she decides to take a leap and try something new. But as time goes on, they both develop deeper feelings. Can Mat get over her underlying fears about commitment before she looses Graham?

Aurora Rey is by far one of my favourite authors. She writes books that just get me… Her winning formula is Butch women who fall for strong femmes. I just love it.

What I adored in particular about this book was Mat’s reluctance to fall in love with Graham but as it unfolded, she just couldn’t help herself and who would… I mean, I have been in love with Graham myself since Spring’s Wake was released, hoping that Aurora would write her story.

Mat was just so much hotness in one character. I mean she’s just so yummy… And the sex scenes between her and Graham were amazing… Fireworks! I am quite sure that Aurora Rey nudges the bar up each time she writes a sex scene… Leave me wondering what could possibly be next!!

The secondary characters in this story are all great especially the six characters for them previous three books. It’s like a little epilogue every time you start the next book in the series. But I had to give a shout out to Mats cousin and best friend Dom. His presence in this book enriched it for me in ways you will only find out when you read the book. I almost want to beg Aurora to write him a story because he’s a special character.

Another triumph from the pen of Aurora Rey.
5 stars


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Against All Odds by Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings and M. Ullrich

This book could be set to win book of the year at Les Rêveur… watch this space.

The story opens in a Bridal shop where two women, Peyton and Tory meet for the first time and indulge in some mild flirting. Neither of them knows their lives are about to change forever when a jilted and unhinged man walks through the doors and kills everyone in the store… or so he thinks. Peyton and Tory are the only survivors and as they recover from the emotional and physical trauma together, they begin to fall in love but when the murderer, Bradley finds out that both women survived, he begins to fixate on how to fix his mistake.

This book was fantastic and is currently the best book I’ve read in 2018. Fact. Due to the fact that my three favourite authors got together and wrote a book I’m sure you understand I went into reading this book with more excitement than I can explain. And let me tell you I was not let down. Each author concentrates on one character and they made an art out of telling this story from three points of view in a seamless way. A fun part of this book is working out who wrote which character… I’m eager to find out who you think wrote what protagonist.

Ok so firstly I’ve got to talk about the chills I got from reading Bradley (the sociopathic murderer) and his bizarre reality. From the outset Bradley was more than a little creepy and his warped sense of righteousness had me scared from the get go. Be prepared to feel your skin crawl… seriously! But In saying all this, I think that whoever wrote Bradley needs to be commended as Against All Odds would not be the book it is without the true profiling and research that would have gone into a character like, Bradley. Really, superbly done.

And then there was Peyton and Tory… God I loved them! The chemistry between these two emanates of the page and I fell in love a little with them both. They are both learning to be themselves again in new skin after the terror they lived through in the bridal shop. But together they help each other move on and it’s beautiful to read.

One of my favourite things in the book is the intimate moments from Tory and Peyton. For example, there is this moment where Peyton rubs Tory’s feet after a TV interview and there is something exceedingly domestic and intimate about the act, it made me love them even more. I don’t want to give too much away but there are a few moments like this that had me in tears with all the warmth and affection. They gave me the warm and fuzzies without a doubt.

Now it would not be a Bryant, Cummings and Ullrich book if the sex scenes were not off the hook so let me tell you… The sex scenes are steaming hot! Thank goodness I was not in a public place when I was reading them because… Damn. Readers beware, you will not be disappointed.

Lastly I wanted to mention that as much as the genre is a romantic intrigue, I think I valued that there was a focus on Tory and Peyton’s Romance, even though I could feel Bradley lurking around each corner. It really was a beautiful and well-written love story that had some embedded darkness.

This book is a triumph and the authors themselves must be commended for coming together and producing a stellar book that proves to be seamless in every way.

5 stars!!!!!


Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings and M. Ullrich will be doing a Q&A on the Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Rêveur on Facebook on 6th of October. Come join us by following the link below:

Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Rêveur


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Wait For Me by Susan X Meagher

This is a story about not settling for second best especially when you have the chance with your true soul mate.

Molly has just ended her marriage and is restarting her life. The death of her best friend was a catalyst for many changes in her life, the biggest being that she is not straight. She is now finding herself again and the first thing she does is join a new book club where she meets Alexa.
Alexa is charming with a warm personality and they become fast friends. Molly knows from the beginning that it’s unrequited but when signs show that that might not be the case, she’s ready to jump in with both feet. But as far as Molly knows Alexa is happily married. Nothing can come of this… Can it?

I found this story rather heartbreaking. Like every Susan X Meagher book she really explores her characters in depth but I think with this book the inner turmoil for these two was superbly written.

As the story unfolds you truly are taken into the book and you feel everything the characters are feeling. For me personally, Molly was the star of the book… The inner thoughts and feelings of her unrequited love for Molly was beautiful yet heart wrenching to read.

When these two get together the fireworks are worth the wait. The chemistry is very pure and the feelings they have for each other are all consuming. I really got excited for their life together and knew the book at that point was headed for the happy ever after I had been craving from the very beginning.

I think this may be one of the best Susan X Meagher books to date and I highly recommend it. The happy ever after is worth every ounce of pain these characters go through.

A truly beautiful story, 4.5 stars


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Love Like This by Melissa Brayden

What a Phenomenal book… I can’t believe the Seven Shores series is finished for good. How did that happen…

Hadley is happy-go-lucky, kind and believe the best in everyone. She has watched her three best friends find their should mate and she’s just now waiting patiently for hers to show up. Spencer Adair is the next big name in fashion and is working with Hadley to get her line into the Rodeo Drive store where Hadley works. The attraction is instant but with Hadley’s need for happily ever after and Spencer’s view of nothing lasts forever, can they find their way to happy ever after?

This book should come with a box of tissues especially for chapter 3 and for the epilogue! Boy, I have not cried that many happy tears in a book before… I was totally floored!

Hadley is defo my favourite character in the series (as is Autumn… these two fight for first place) so having her story end the tale of the Seven Shores group of friends was actually perfect. On Friday night I started the series again with Eyes Like Those and read right through to Love Like This. What a weekend!

I really have to commend Melissa Brayden in her exceptional writing and especially in the way she writes not only the romance but the friendships between the group of women, she did a very similar thing with the Soho Loft Series. The connection between the four friends of Seven Shores is what every girl aims for in friendship.

The chemistry between Spencer and Hadley in this book radiated of the page and I think their connection with all their doubts was still one of the strongest in this series. As soon as they met there was an undercurrent of just knowing both Spencer and Hadley were made for each other. Hadley reminds me a little of myself as I can be seen as naive and am constantly told my head is in the clouds but really I just believe in the good in people and like to live in a word filled with romance… my wife however is the opposite and I think that is why I just knew Spencer and Hadley had the makings of something great.

The biggest surprise was the bedroom scenes… Best Melissa Brayden has written. EVER. Seriously, and you won’t expect our sweet and innocent Hadley to be the way she is when she hits the sheets! Wow, is all I’m saying. Go Hadley!!!!

I know this is a book (and series) I will read over and over again. Melissa Brayden always has a way of knocking them out of the park and this book is no exception.

5 stars.


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Three Reasons to Say Yes by Jaime Clevenger

This is without a doubt my new favourite Jaime Clevenger novel. From the moment the book began I was hooked… I couldn’t put it down.

Julia is a work-a-holic that doesn’t think she is good at relationships. She and her two friends embark on a holiday to Hawaii and while sitting on the plane she meets the most handsome passenger, Reed. Only problem is that Reed is travelling with her twin daughter’s and Julia is not into kids… at all! As the holiday unfolds they both get tangled up together and Julia begins to bond with not only Reed but also the kids. They know that it’s no longer just a holiday romance and decide that a no-strings relationship would work best for them when they return home. But the more time spent together with the kids, the more invested everyone gets, especially Julia… Hearts may be broken!

Well this book was amazing. Honestly I couldn’t put it down from the first chapter. Three Reasons to Say Yes is written solely from Julia’s point of view and what a view on her life she has. Many of my blog readers know I am not a massive fan of one protagonist point of views but in this instance it worked perfectly.

Firstly (and this might be the mum in me talking) I want to say that the two little girls in this book stole my heart from the first chapter. Both kids are very different but very lovable in their own ways. I had some serious laugh out loud moments when they had page time. I also understood the pull Julia felt toward both children… no one stood a chance against them.

Secondly…Reed! Reed was major swoon material and definitely sits on my top ten all time favourite butch characters. She was hot, butch and such a good mum to both her kids… It was hard not to fall for her so I got Julia’s feelings and all the reasons (more than three) she wanted to be with Reed.

The chemistry between Julia and Reed is off the chart and the sex scenes left nothing to be desired. I keep thinking it couldn’t get any hotter then bang… it totally did.

Lastly the secondary characters of Mo and Kate (Julia’s best friends) left me wanting more. I mean these two had clear underlying feelings but Jaime Clevenger leaves every moment with them open and I just craved more from them. The hurrah part of the book was when I heard there is to be a sequel and these characters will get their day… not sure if it will be happy ever after but I’m already dying to get my hands on it.

It ain’t over for these protagonists just yet… major win for this reader!

All in all this book has the potential to be my book of the year. Truely, books like this don’t come around often that suit my reading tastes to a tee.

Unequivocally 5 stars.

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Broken Vows by MJ Williamz

I’d be lying if I said this book didn’t have me all excited from the moment I found out MJ was writing a book about a nun falling for a butch contractor. I mean come on… in what world is that not a massive turn on.

Maggie is a nun and clearly a lesbian. She fantasises about one of her parishoners, Alex who is butch and doesn’t like to play fast and hard with her heart. She likes to keep things light with no strings attached but there is something about Maggie that has got her in a tailspin but really, she has no right falling for a nun anyway, right?

The plot of the book is really clever and the knowledge of the church was unbelievable. I grew up catholic and there are things I wasn’t even aware of. The amount of angst given to this book is completely fair because well, she’s breaking her vows at every turn and lying about it.

One of this things I feel is missing from the book is Alex’s point of view as the book is told soley from Maggies. There were times I wondered how Alex was feeling about certain aspects of their relationship and had to wait it out until it was mentioned instead of having access to her inner thoughts.

With all MJ Williamz’ novels there are heaps of smokin’ sex scenes and this book is certainly no different. In fact I’m not sure a chapter went by where these two didn’t get it on. And let me tell you, it was HOT! I don’t think I will ever look at a nun again in the same way.

If you’re looking for something to fall into and enjoy for fun, this is the book for you. It’s not too serious but also has underlying significance to todays world, you should definitely check it out.

4 stars

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Racing Hearts by Dena Blake

In my house we take car racing very seriously… This book was taken in the same light!

Drew is undercover at the nascar competition as a driver. She’s there to investigate the mysterious death of a few drivers, all of whom have been in relationships with one woman, the opposing team technician, Sam! Sam is the prime suspect but the only problem is Drew and Sam spark in a big way romantically and feelings are starting to run deep! Now Drew is out to prove that the murderer can’t be the person she’s falling in love with…

I know this book has had mixed reviews but I really liked it. It could be because car racing is a big deal in our house (my wife & son are obsessed). I probably liked best the angle Dena Blake went with that it was a mixture of Mystery and Romance with the back drop of an exciting sport.

I particularly liked Drew with her sexy rough exterior and soft heart. She was definitely my favourite character and the fact she was a cop… well enough said really! Phew…
Sex scenes are definitely getting hotter and I think this might be the hottest by Dena Blake to date… or was that A Country Girls heart… it’s damn close!

I thought the story was tight and the storyline ran along very nicely. My only issue was I felt Sam could be a bit repetitive in her actions towards Drew when it came to their relationship and it began to grate on me. The pulling back and forth with their feelings just frustrated me because I knew they were destined to be together.

I reckon we’ve got great things ahead with Dena Blake. Watch this space, Readers! 4 books down and going strong.

4 stars


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Proxima Five by Missouri Vaun

Who knew I’d get so into sci-fi novels… but it’s become my new thang.

Leah has woke up on the wrong planet, or so she thinks. She escaped earths pending mass extinction due to the extreme global warming deterioration and was heading to a new planet to create a new colony. Her ship is the only one of ten that was set off course and didn’t arrive at the new planet for mankind. So where is she now? And how long has she been asleep? When she’s captured by raiders and thinks it’s all over, Keegan comes to her rescue. Keegan is tough, strong and resembles some sort of military personnel but when they are alone she’s kind and nurturing. Leah is confused by her feelings and Keegan knows she wants Leah but for a change, she wants more than her body. When they are both threatened by Keegan’s ultimate opponent and Leader of the new world who wants Leah for himself, can they find a way to stop him?

Missouri Vaun just keeps surprising me. One minute she’s writing these beautiful romance novels set in the idyllic countryside and then the next book is set on another planet. I mean the versatility alone needs to be acknowledged. Kudos Missouri Vaun, you’re really knocking them outta the park.

Great premise indeed, especially the global warming aspect… because it’s happening and it’s scary.

I was quite taken with Keegan from the first moment she appeared on the page and her overwhelming need to protect Leah was quite a change from her normal behaviour but there is something between these two from the very beginning. I think what I loved (and it left me feeling empowered) was that both women are strong and independent. I was expecting Leah to need Keegan to protect her and she does to a certain extent but she also protects Keegan in a whole other emotional way.

The sex scenes are extremely steamy and left me a little hot under the collar. I reckon the sexual tension was close to combustible with Leah and Keegan.

The connection between the characters is undeniable and even in the moments they are second guessing their feelings you know this love between them is one of epic proportion. I really want more from them and I’m hoping Missouri Vaun turns this story into a series because it’s has such big potential to be a phenomenal series.

Without a doubt a 5 star novel.


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