Love to the Rescue by Radclyffe

I actually loved this story and more so for the family/friendship aspects than the love.

Brody left the River’s community and the Rivers family without looking back. Now after years away, she’s back to help start the Medivac team at the Hospital. Memories are flooding back and she’s trying to avoid the confrontation with the River’s family (especially Flann) whenever she can but when you live in a small town it’s hard to avoid anyone. The only shining light of being back is the crush she still has on Val from High School and the fact that Val now sees her instead of cool other kids at school. Val feel’s a connection to Brody straight away. She’s everything she has been looking for but how did she not see it before?

What a great story and I really enjoyed it being out with the hospital for a change. Val being the local Vet and Brody being the Medivac set them in the Hospital mix but not at the centre of all the drama. The flow and pace were perfect, and it was a really nice read for a Sunday afternoon at home.

The chemistry and budding romance from Val and Brody felt easy to read and enjoy. Their relationship was lovely and at no point could I see it end in heart break or did it throw too much angst. The angst was between Brody and her connection to the Rivers family. The hurt her leaving did to them especially Flann who just can’t get on board with why she is back.

In fact, the friendship and love between Flann and Brody is where the real story is in the book. It felt heated and hurtful between them both. Radclyffe gave such emotion to the moments they were together toughing it out but in turn the love flowed during the times they spoke about each other or the rest of the Rivers crew.

I can’t review a Rivers Community book without mentioning Maggie and Blake. Our young teens that have been around since book two. I just think that Radclyffe really needs to be commended for the continued excellence when it comes to writing Blake and his transition with such accuracy. As a trans male he goes through some hard times but with Maggie and the Rivers clan by his side he seems to be able to tackle anything. I do really hope he finds love with Maggie one day, if any couple deserve each other it’s those two.

Great addition to the Rivers Community books. Still hot and sexy with so much love it’s hard not to swoon.
4.5 stars

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The Revelation of Beatrice Darby by Jean Copeland

What the hell took me so long to read this? I am down right annoyed at myself!

This is a coming out story with a difference. We follow Beatrice Darby’s life from high school, the realisation that she’s interested romantically in girls, her first crush and then her first unrequited love. This story deals with not only the feelings of the unknown and rejection that comes with coming out but also the fact that in the time she lived (late 1950’s) made everything else hard, the secrets and lies you had to tell, the stolen moments but ultimately the strength you need to be who you are and not be ashamed by that.

The Revelation of Beatrice Darby was written in the first person POV and I honestly couldn’t see this book being any other way. I mean, this is Beatrice’s story and no one else’s. I think this book is so true to the time it was written in. I mean, I already knew the 1950’s was a difficult time to come out as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community but wow these women were brave.

Beatrice was such a fantastic character to get to know. She is a lovely and honest person inside and out. But the times she lives in forces her to keep some things hidden and put up a front to get by as the all american girl. As we move through the story we begin to see, the more she gets confident to be herself, the more she rejects the norms and pushes the boundaries that have been set by generations of lesbians before her. She made me want to fist pump her more than once because she definitely grew into a woman before her time.

Her love life in this book is hard going. Not to read but to imagine… I mean, if I was Beatrice I would find it so hard to trust anyone not to break my heart or out me to the people and community around me. But this story has a beautiful happy ending that I hadn’t realised how much I needed until the end.

I read this book in one sitting and I am so glad I did. It’s such an inspirational book and without the sex scenes (I was imagining some freaking hot ones in my head) I reckon this needs to be part of the high school syllabuses for the 16-17 year olds. Because this type of insight is severely lacking.

Great book and so very inspiring.
5 stars


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Cupid’s bow by Karen F. Williams

This was the perfect story to read on a lazy morning in bed! It was short and sweet with all the feels this girl loves.

I won’t rehash the synopsis but all I can say is it’s as close to love at first sight as you’ll get. I The romance is intense while still sweet enough for it to bring the characters to life. I didn’t want it to end… I’m left hoping for it to be extended into another novel.

If the author was looking for a way to draw me in she did and now I’m spending the next half of the day looking up the rest of her works.

Completely enjoyable and I’m already working out when I can reread it!  Best Novella I’ve read this year!

5 stars


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Ordinary is Perfect by D. Jackson Leigh

This was a lovely story. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Catherine is the next door neighbour and a close friend to Becki and her daughter, Gabe. When Becki dies unexpectedly, Catherine is forced into a co-parenting situation with Becki’s close cousin, Autumn. Catherine and Becki are polar opposites, from different backgrounds and different childhoods. Catherine is ex-Army hiding out in the country while trying to cope with her PTSD and Autumn is a hot shot city slicker who is taking the social media world by storm and doesn’t have plans to slow down. But they both loved Becki dearly so they have to make this work for Gabe.

The story is read from both Autumn and Catherine points of view. The pace was perfect and with very little angst, it made it the perfect light read that I know will sit on many of your re-read book shelves.

In the beginning I couldn’t see Autumn and Catherine being anything but together and madly in love. They were perfect for each other (even though they clearly didn’t agree) but with the tragedy of Becki and the reality of becoming parents to a teenager meant any idea of a relationship was on the back burner no matter how attached to one another they were. It was actually quite endearing how much they both looked after each other (including Gabe) and made me connect with them on a greater level. Gabe had lost her mother but gained two in the most beautiful of ways.

The chemistry between Catherine and Autumn was intense. Even when they were just fantasising or day dreaming about each other, there was a thrum of heat and passion; it was almost tangible. The sex scenes on top of that were explosive and sexy as hell with the undercurrent of tenderness and love. It was really beautiful to watch the love (and lust) between them unfold.

I would have liked more of an epilogue, maybe further in the future and with more displays of how life was going to work in their little family unit. I’d also love a follow up when Gabe is older and looking for love… Maybe with Angel? Gabe is future swoon material.

Also wanted to mention how much I loved the cover… I want that dog so much!

This was a great book to get lost in and I look forward to re-reading it again soon.

4 stars


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A Curious Women by Jess Lea

This story was very a funny and quirky story that was quite different from any Lesbian fiction novel I’ve read before.

Bess Campbell has escaped city life for the small village of Port Banir. She works at the Cabinet of Curiosities, a museum of the weird and wonderful, where no day is like the last. Ice Queen, Margaret Gale owns the Port Banir Maritime Museum where the locals don’t frequent often as her strict rules and the artifacts can make it quite boring. When a murder ties these two women together they begin to see that not only is this a setup but maybe opposites do attract!

Jess Lea set up a very exciting and unique story. I actually have a bit of a thing for the ‘Ice Queen’ trope so I was really excited about Margaret’s character from the beginning. It was nice to watch as Margret’s stone walls came down the more time she spent with Bess.

I just couldn’t personally connect with the intrigue side of the story and kept wishing there would be more build up to Margaret and Bess’s love story. I guess I am just a romantic at heart.

Despite this, I will give Jess Lea credit for constructing a story that doled out plot twist after plot twist. I wasn’t really sure where the book was headed at all until the very last few pages where I was shocked by the reveal. She built up a strong cast of secondary characters who are all well-fleshed out and have their own back stories of intrigue.

I’ll definitely check out what comes next from Jess Lea.

3.5 stars


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Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey

I’ve been waiting for this story for while with bated breath and it did not disappoint.

Drew Davis moves to upstate New York after getting a job as head chef at a farm to table restaurant. This job is just a stepping stone to being head chef at a leading restaurant in New York so she can’t have any entanglements and needs to stay focused. If only she could get the the beautiful, Hannah Little out of her head. Hannah can’t help but be attracted to the flashy New York chef straight away but she has a good deal with the local restaurant by supplying them all her farm fresh fruit and veg. She doesn’t need to mess that up by being caught up in a fling with Drew but what if this could be more?

So here’s a few things that always get me excited when Aurora Rey publishes a new book… Firstly, I am guaranteed a hot butch with a sensitive side, this alone is a mssive tick. Secondly, I am guaranteed to throw any diet out the window because the books always have the most delectable descriptions of food that I immediately go on the hunt for – this time it was a BLT with a difference. And lastly, hot sex scenes that personally have added to my fanatsy list throughout the years! This book did not disappoint in any of those areas.

I really enjoyed the build up in this book and found that there was possibly more angst in this story than there has been before in Aurora Rey’s novels. I think it suited this story because there was an element of ‘will they, won’t they’ and then ‘will they make it work?’. Where as, normally I just know these characters are made for each other. Either Drew or Hannah needed to make a massive changed to their life plans for them to ever be together and I was nervous right until the end of how they could have each other and still have their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, this book has a beautiful happy ending but I felt like I worked for it as did the characters and I really enjoyed that. With that in mind, I think it shows how much Aurora’s strengths are growing with every book she writes and when I looked back and saw that I rated her first 5 stars, you can imagine what the future looks like for Aurora Rey and her books!

Like I said before, the sex scenes in Aurora Rey’s books play a big part in my love for her work. She just gets this reader and honestly, I get really excited when I reach those parts of her books. This book had a very unexpected but sexy element that I really enjoyed.

Before I finish up, I just want to mention the cover. It’s possibly my new favourite cover to date. Its clean and fresh with heaps of meaning about the book without ruining the mystery. I found out today it was created by Melody Pond, so wanted to acknowledge the on point design.

Honestly, between the love story, the food and the hot butch, I think I swooned so hard I fell off my bed. Another delicious (in more ways than one) book for Aurora Rey.

5 Stars


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Pretending in Paradise by M. Ullrich

What a phenomenal book! It’s sexy, fun and rates up there with all my favourite reads… and have you seen the cover! It’s perfect for this story.

Emma Morgan is the best travel blogger there is and she knows it. However, when her reputation with women has caught up to her and has caused issues for the website, she is assigned Caroline Beckett, a PR specialist who will attend her latest vacation spot with her to review. The only problem is it’s a romantic couples retreat and to have access they must pretend to be together and it’s the last thing either of them want.

I actually loved this storyline. It was the fake girlfriend trope but with a great twist. The pacing was perfect as was the way M. Ullrich revealed the romance and built up, which was totally on point. The angst was on the low side which perfectly fit in with the way these characters were written and I actually think I enjoyed it more because of that. Sometimes too much or too little angst can put me off but this was perfect for the storyline.

I loved Emma’s character. Everything about her screams fun, relaxed and inviting. She just radiated sex appeal and I really wanted to be Caroline in this book just to hang out with her!

But what’s funny is that when I read the book the first time, Emma was 100% my favourite character and I was so excited to write this review to engage you all with her however, she wasn’t my favourite character by the second (and third) time I read it. Caroline was. Caroline is complex with a big heart, a sweet soul and she tends to be a little understated where she’s actually a powerhouse of emotion and bravery. I’m a little in awe of her actually… and maybe a little in love!

When you put the combination of Emma and Caroline together they shouldn’t work. Nope, not even one single bit but for some wild reason they do. They compliment each other beautifully (and don’t get me started on the sex). Well, let’s just say it’s explosive and the build up and foreplay between them is just heavenly! The chemistry was combustible and sexy as hell… just wow!

I really connected to this book on another level because Emma mirrored a lot of my feelings about my sexuality, so in many ways this book also made me feel validated! I actually shouted “Me Too” when she was explaining her sexuality to Caroline.

Lastly the epilogue in this book was everything… Get your tissues ready!!!

Fantastic book. Call in sick, make a cup of tea and read it all day long!

5 stars


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You’re My Kind by Clare Lydon

Second chance romance don’t get more romantic than this…

Justine never understood why Maddie, after 3 happy years together, left her without an explanation. Justine has never really gotten over Maddie and still measures up every woman to her and even now, after ten years, she’s the only woman who she has really connected with. So when a mutual friends funeral comes along, she is pretty nervous about seeing her for the first time in ten years. Hoping this is a one-off, she braces herself and needs to get through the day but Maddie has other plans. She’s moved back to the area and she wants, at minimum, a friendship with Justine. But how can Justine ever trust her again?

This story was really fun to read, with a great premise and steady pace I really fell into the story from the get go. Clare Lydon has a way of making British Rom Com stories come to life and she certainly did with this one.

The book is written from Justine’s point of view and she really captures the reader’s attention with her inner battles about Maddie and how much after all these years she still harbors some feelings for her. I would have liked to have Maddie’s point of view as I think it would have added another element to the story and given a bit of contrast in Maddie and Justine’s differing personalities.

The connection between Maddie and Justine was written really nicely and left me really backing these two for a happy ending every time they interacted. I think most readers are going to love Justine but my affections in this book lean more to Maddie. She was a bit broken and had a hard few years. She was a good soul and needed someone to understand her and I love that that person was Justine and really always had been.

The sex scenes in this book were fantastic and left me a little hot under the collar but Clare Lydon knows how to not hold back when she is writing intimacy between protagonists.

I also enjoyed all the secondary characters but Kerry in particular stole my heart. The story wouldn’t have been the same without her contribution to her friend’s life and theirs to hers. She was such an inspirational character to read.

Another heart warming and fun romance from Clare Lydon. 4 stars


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Spinning Tales by Brey Willows

Well that was some out of the box story telling right there… Wow!

Maggie McShay is bored with life, her job and her lack of dating. She sees an ad in the newspaper for a cottage keeper but what she doesn’t know is the cottage is a portal into a Fairytale world… literally. When Maggie meets her protector, Kody Wilks she’s not sure if she’s more shocked how unbelievably butch and sexy Kody is or by the string of women in her bed. As they tackle the fairytale realm and Maggie’s new-found gifts, they begin to fall for each other but how can it work when Maggie is from another world and Kody is brooding over the past… Maybe fairy-tales can come true?

I absolutely loved this book. I was engrossed from the prologue and it just kept getting better. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would connect with this book at all but I had nothing to worry about as the magic whisked me away into this magical land and I couldn’t get enough.

All the characters, main and secondary were fantastic and well fleshed out. But for me there was only Kody Wilks. She was everything… Butch but in a James Dean way, sweet and sensitive in some ways but above all she was ferociously brave and genuingly caring of her friends, especially Maggie.

I don’t know how Maggie kept her hands to herself for so long because she was Maggie’s perfect match in every way. The chemistry and connection between them both was undeniable and honestly it seeped from the page. The sex scenes were off the chart and it was a relief when these two finally let the fireworks take over because it was amazing, loving but ultimately incredibly sexy!
Also, the “Wanted Ads” that Maggie enjoys reading in the newspaper were nothing short of hilarious and they added a levity to the books in moments where I didn’t think there was any.

This is not my normal go to for Lesbian fiction but I am so glad I picked it up. I hope Spinning Tales becomes a series or has a follow-up because I want more magic and adventure with Maggie and Kody

Unequivocally 5 Stars.


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Crystal’s Heart by B.L. Miller and Verda Foster

Such a beautiful story and exactly what I was needing to read right now.

Crystal is a survivor. She fled her abusive father and her alcoholic mother and started out on her own. Life has been tough and not without many dangerous hurdles but when she moves in with Laura, an uptight, neurotic writer she realises life is about to throw her another one of those hurdles. Falling in love with your polar opposite is never going to be easy for these two but when is love ever easy…

This story was written from both Crystal and Laura’s point of view and what a view they have. I felt so much love for Crystal from the beginning. She’s had a hard and abusive life but has came out the other end a survivor. She numbs the pain with weed and booze but when her and Laura are together it’s like she doesn’t need them as bad as Laura acts as her distraction.

The connection between Laura and Crystal is a slow burn and I actually really enjoyed that part of it as anything else would not have been believable, especially as Crystal is a survivor so any romantic entanglements would need to be a slow pace.

I did find at times the chapters ran on a little bit and maybe had to much information in them instead of getting to the point. I also would have loved an epilogue, maybe set five to seven years in the future with a clearer picture of what Laura and Crystals life had become.

I have a lot of respect for these authors taking what is a raw subject for many and turning it into a pager turner with a happy ending. This book it’s definitely one I’d pick up again in the future.

4 stars


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