A Call Away by KC Richardson

This would be a great book for by the pool on holiday…

I had been looking forward to this book for a while especially after rereading New Beginnings by KC Richardson on few days before landing this book.

A little about the book…

When Sydney gets a call telling her that her estranged maternal grandmother has left everything to her in her will, she’s left shocked and a little confused. She decides to go to her grandmother’s farm to get a better understanding of her and her life before she sells it. There she meets Abigail, a real country girl who only has wonderful stories to tell her about her grandmother, not the horrible ones she’s heard up until then. They forge a friendship that turns into a mutual attraction. However Abigail’s life is on the farm and Sydney’s is back in Chicago. Can these two find a way to bring both their worlds together?

This was a nice story of making friends and finding love in the process. I really enjoyed Sydney and Abigail’s dynamic and the ease of their budding romance. I enjoyed the backstory behind Sydney’s grandparents and why she grew up without them in her life. I felt at times that the characters weren’t complex enough and the story lagged. The there were times there was too much going on and I wasn’t sure it was all fitting together.

That being said, the romance between both characters was nice and gave me all the feels by the end. I really think this is the kind of novel you take on holiday and read by the pool.

I look forward to seeing what’s coming up next for KC Richardson.

3.5 stars


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Certain Requirements by Elinor Zimmerman

When I read the synopsis I knew this was a book I had to read. All the elements were definitely ticking all my Certain Requirements.

Phoenix is following her dream of being a full time aerial dancer until she finds out her financial status is on shaky ground. Her friend suggests she take up a position as a live in submissive, especially since it’s just the kind of kink she enjoys. Straight from the first meeting, Phoenix knows that she will enjoy being dominated by handsome, dashing and rich Kris. It’s the perfect scenario, that is if she can just keep her feelings in check.

This storyline was my fantasy come to life… I mean hot butch, who enjoys kink and has a sensitive side! I am so glad I picked up this book.

I loved the character dynamic especially, Kris. She had all the characteristics of a character I enjoy immensely but more to the point, I really liked the moments she was teaching phoenix about the BDSM scene and protocol. The sex between these characters was off the chart and I can’t emphasize that enough… It was seriously smokin’ hot.

I was a little disappointed at the ending to be honest. It felt a little rushed and not fleshed out enough (excuse the pun). If this were a series I would have ignored that part because the story would continue and if this is the case, I am happy to change my rating but as a solo novel I felt the ending was hasty.

I really enjoyed this novel and I am excited about what Elinor Zimmerman writes next. I am really hoping it’s another kinky one.

4 stars


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I Heart Lesfic: April Update


Interview with Claire Highton-Stevenson author of The Promise

Guest Post: Yes, you do by Mercedes Lewis

New Lesfic Goodies: April 3rd Edition

Guest Post: Knowing Elizabeth and Knowing Katharine by Q. Kelly

New Lesfic Goodies: March 27th Edition

Interview with C. Spencer

Guest Post: I am what I am by Charlie Conwell



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Hunger For You By Jenny Frame

Reader advice:I would advise any readers to invest in the prequel short story Dapper before reading Hunger For You.

Well I wasn’t expecting that! To tell you the truth I had put Hunger For You off as long as I could. I love Jenny Frames books but I’m not a fan of paranormal genres so with trepidation (and because I loved the prequel Dapper), I started and oh my, was I wrong to be worried. It was fantastic.

Amelia Honey works for her uncle as a suit designer and is madly in love with their most handsome client, Byron Debrek. Little does Amelia know that Byron is head of the vampire underworld. Byron loves Amelia dearly but she has to protect her at all costs even if it means breaking Amelia’s heart.

I adored this book from start to finish. I was transported into a great story line with believable characters (I know this is paranormal but the characters were so realistic) and an emotional roller-coaster that I didn’t want to get off.

Byron Debrek was everything that makes me swoon; hot, butch and with a big heart she tries to hide while putting everyone before herself. She loves Amelia so much and craves her in ways that is almost animatistic *wink*. Amelia on the other hand, I respected like a close friend. She acts all sweet and naïve but behind the façade is a strong, empowered woman who ends up being the strong person in this duo. The sex between Byron and Amelia is off the chart, even more so when Amelia finds out that Byron is a Vampire. Jenny is fast becoming one of the best sex scene writers in Lesbian Fiction.

The secondary characters in the book were fantastic, even the evil vampire and villain of the story, Victorija. I actually had a thought the other day that I’d love for Victorija to become a good vampire and get her happy ever after, now that would be an amazing storyline. But until then I’d settle for another book focusing on the dark and brooding, Alexis and girl next door, Katie, whom had a love hate relationship throughout the whole book; I think there could be real raw emotions at play here with deep-seated attraction and I can’t wait to read it, hopefully in book two.

I’ll be watching closely to see what come next from these characters. As for Jenny Frame what ever she writes next will be top of my list.

5 stars 


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Arbor Vitae by Susan X. Meagher

I’ve wanted to read this book for a while so I was really excited when it finally landed on my kindle.

After loosing her husband, Abby feels lost and has to rebuild herself and her life. What she is not expecting is falling for a much younger woman, especially when she has been living as a straight woman all of her life.

Clancy knew she could fall for Abby after the first time they met. The only issue is, how they will navigate their relationship with Abby’s children, parents and her friends. Can they really make it work with so many hurdles ahead?

This book gave me all the feels. I love age gap romances and this one had a delicious side of finding a new sexuality. Abby was really my favourite character because as a mum I get the idea of hurting your kids in your path of becoming your true self and for that reason I really connected to Abby.

I felt at times the story had a lot more detail than was necessary however what I adore about Susan X Meagher books is that the story lines are so involved and clear as you watch the protagonists evolve and grow together.

Can’t wait to scroll through her books and pick what I am going to read next.
4 stars


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Guest Blog: The Lesfic Sampler


Queer women in mainstream sci-fi / fantasy television and film keep getting killed, erased, or otherwise minimized in order to advance the plot of straight characters.

We are queer women who are sci-fi and fantasy fans, just like you.  We’re just as tired of it as you are.  So we’re doing something about it.

We’re writing sci-fi and fantasy stories of our own, and our lesbian / bi characters take center stage.  They aren’t subplots and they don’t get erased for plot convenience.  We can’t always promise you they won’t ever get killed, but we can promise that if they do get killed, it will be for a good reason and not to advance the storyline of other (straight) characters.

Get a free preview of any or all of the stories that interest you.  We can’t wait to share our work with you and get you reading!


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Author Information

Adan Remie – Banquet

What could possibly be worse than ending up on a prison planet where the only way out is death?

Rison Ecks is a criminal. She’s been sentenced to live out the rest of her life doing manual labor on a prison planet in a dark corner of the galaxy for attempting to assassinate the man who killed her lover. Then her prison transport crash lands on an unplotted planet, and Rison is flung into the middle of a deadly competition that no one escapes with their lives. But Rison is made of stronger stuff than most, especially when faced with a strong, beautiful woman and an innocent life in peril. Together, they plot to overthrow their captors… even if it kills them.

Will they survive to fight the real monster on this planet?

Social Media
Website: http://www.adanramie.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adanramieauthor

Annette Mori – Out of This World

With a name like Mabel Butt, being picked on is the norm, so her job at the library was the perfect hideout. Mabel is so far in the closet, that even her best friend and secret crush, Sydney, can’t pull her out. Celeste, a beautiful, exotic stranger comes into the library and changes everything. Mabel is defenseless against her charms.

To call Celeste a bit eccentric is an understatement, drawing the wrong kind of attention to her and Mabel. Soon it is discovered that someone is trying to track her down, With Sydney’s help, a game of cat and mouse begins to try and keep Celeste safe.

Sparks fly all around the three women as they join forces in this romantic comedy, which really is out of this world.

Social media
Website/Blog: https://annettemori0859.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annettemori0859
Twitter: https://twitter.com/annettemori0859
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annettemoriauthor
All Author: https://allauthor.com/profile/annettemori
E-Mail: annettemori0859@gmail.com



Barbara Winkes – RISE

Angel. Vampire. Witch. Fairy. Shifter.

For a long time, paranormal beings have lived alongside of humans, and minded their own business. After being mocked, hunted and used for millennia, it’s not in their best interest to get involved in human affairs—yet, these five females can’t turn away from the attacks on the dignity of human women. They have intervened before, but one incident convinces them that the time has come to turn their efforts into a global movement. The tide is finally turning.

Social Media
Website: https://barbarawinkes.wordpress.com
Blog: https://barbarawinkes.blogspot.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorBarbaraWinkes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/demeter94

Eliza Andrews – Princess of Dorsa

Natasia is the eldest child of the Emperor Andreth, ruler of the Four Realms. If she were a boy, she’d be the unquestioned heir to the throne. But as a girl, her main duty in life is to marry someone her father can shape into his successor. It’s an expectation she’s always hated, but what choice does she have?

Everything changes when an unknown would-be assassin nearly takes Tasia’s life. Someone wants to destabilize the Empire — but who? The Emperor suddenly begins to look at his daughter differently. Unsure of whom he can trust, he realizes that Natasia might be his best option for an heir.

Will she rise to the occasion? Or will the Empire fall after an untested princess takes her father’s crown?

Social media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorelizaandrews
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ramarshall.writer


J.S. Fields – Ardulum: First Don

The planet that vanishes. The planet that sleeps.

When Ardulum first appeared, the inhabitants brought agriculture, art and interstellar technology to the Neek people before vanishing back into space. Two hundred years later, Neek has joined the Charted Systems, a group of planets bound together through commerce and wormhole routes, where violence is nonexistent and technology has been built around the malleability of cellulose.

When the tramp transport Mercy’s Pledge accidentally stumbles into an armed confrontation between the Charted System sheriffs and an unknown species, the crew learns the high cost of peace—the enslavement and genetic manipulation of the Ardulan people. Now a young Neek, outcast from her world for refusal to worship ancient Ardulans as gods, must reconcile her planet’s religion with the slave child whom she has chosen to protect—a child whose ability to manipulate cellulose is reminiscent of the ancient myths of Ardulum. But protecting the child comes at a cost—the cultural destruction of her world and the deaths of billions of Charted System inhabitants.

J.S. Fields – Ardulum: Second Don

The Charted Systems are in pieces. Mercy’s Pledge is destroyed, and her captain dead. With no homes to return to, the remaining crew set off on a journey to find the mythical planet of Ardulum—a planet where Emn might find her people and Neek the answers she’s long sought. Finding the planet, however, brings a host of uncomfortable truths about Ardulum’s vision for the galaxy, and Neek’s role in a religion that refuses to release her. Neek must balance her planet’s past and the unchecked power of the Ardulans with a budding relationship and a surprising revelation about her own genealogy.

Ardulum, The Second Don blends space opera and hard science into a story about two women persistently bound to their past, and a sentient planet determined to shape their future.

Social Media
Website: http://www.jsfieldsbooks.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Galactoglucoman
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16484795.J_S_Fields

K’Anne Meinel – Recombinant Love

While hiking the mountains and deserts of Arizona with her best friend, D.O.G., Ryley Graham hears a whirring noise.  Thinking D.O.G. has cornered a rattlesnake, she rushes to protect him and is blinded by a light seemingly coming from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.

Waking up 510 years later, she is confused by the unfamiliar machinery and ‘people’ that surround her.  Skeptical when she is informed she is aboard a spaceship that explores wormholes, it takes a great deal of effort to finally convince Ryley she isn’t in a government-owned facility and part of some huge experiment or conspiracy.

Adjusting to the odd life forms that coexist on the ship, Ryley begins to accept that she can never go back to Earth 2015, and she begins to contribute her own unique knowledge and skills to their survival.  As Ryley makes new friends, one of them begins to stand out…

Mercédès is a woman…half human and half android.  She is struggling to understand her human side and the odd feelings she is developing for this Earthwoman.

Learning about love, and learning to love will be huge challenges as Ryley and Mercédès begin to forge a future.  What impact will it have when they discover the real reason Ryley was taken in the first place?

Social Media
Website: http://kannemeinel.com
Blog: http://kannemeinel.wordpress.com
Email: kannemeinel@aim.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/K.Anne.Meinel.Fan.Page
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Amazon Author Central: https://www.amazon.com/author/kannemeinel
Publisher: www.shadoepublishing.com


Kate Genet – Reality Dawn (Complete Collection)

Reality Dawn is a dimension travelling Reality Worker. She’s on our Earth to make sure no unauthorized doors between dimensions are opened, Unbeknownst to most people, this happens quite often – passages from one Earth to another, parallel Earth open without warning, and the consequences can be alarming. Fearless, adventurous Reality Dawn loves her job, and loves having company on her travels, which is why, when Rae meets her after her sister-in law mysteriously disappears, Rae is invited along for the daring rescue from a parallel Earth unlike anything she’s ever seen.

Social Media

Lucy True – Cupid Conundrum

Burgundy Jane Hart is Rock Grove’s librarian and witch-in-training. Life in a supernatural town is pretty good for Burgundy and her quirky neighbors, until Cupid shows up and tries to make matches with disastrous results. (Whoever heard of a werewolf falling in love with a vampire? Seriously!)

Confronting a mythological menace bent on wrecking romantic havoc is no easy task, but Burgundy will do her best. Especially when she realizes she – and her completely adorable crush, Charlotte – might be in the path of the next arrow.

She needs to stop Cupid, and quickly, before love’s arrow gets her entangled in a romance she’s not ready for… even though she wants it!

Welcome to Rock Grove, a supernatural storybook town where one sassy small-town librarian/witch finds herself dealing with more than just overdue books!

Social Media
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lucytrue
Twitter – https://twitter.com/lucytrueauthor
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lucytruebooks


Maria Siopis – The World Will Never Be

The world where the straights are hated for hundreds of years is about to turn for the worse, and shatter to pieces. The involvement of Eliza X, a police officer, in the killing of a straight, Jeffrey Antinoro, becomes the singular event and the catalyst that sends humanity into a tailspin. A revolution erupts and Eliza is the sole cause of it. Nevertheless, her journey forces her to rediscover herself and find love in the arms of her professor Linda Pelc. Together they’ll try to redefine the human capacity of acceptance and denounce a world that is full of lies, deception and hatred. Are they going to save the straights or are the forces that seek their demise stronger? Who is going to be victorious when the revolution erupts between the gays and straights? Is the fiber of humanity saved at last or will the dark powers of prejudice and hate prevail?

Social Media
Facebook: http://facebook.com/maria.siopis
Twitter: http://twitter.com/msiopis
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/maria-siopis-author-86050513
E-Mail: msiopis46@gmail.com


May Dawney – Survival Instincts

Civilization ended long before Lynn Tanner was born. Wild animals roam the streets, but mankind is still the biggest threat to a woman alone in the ruins of a world reclaimed by nature. Lynn survives by sleeping with one eye open at all times and trusting no one but her dog.

When she is forced to go on a dangerous journey through the concrete jungle of New York City, Lynn does all she can to scheme her way to safety. Her guard, Dani Wilson, won’t be played that easily, however. As their lives become entwined, Lynn finds herself developing feelings for Dani and is forced to find the answer to the question that scares her most: is staying alone really the best way to survive?

Fast-paced and full of adventure, Survival Instincts introduces a post-war dystopian world where the only person you can rely on is yourself…unless you fall in love.

May Dawney – Wild Magic

The magical barrier known as the Veil is all that stands between our reality and the Otherworld. Those with the gift of magic can pull energy through it to perform miraculous feats of power. The Inquisitio opposes the mages who have banded together in the Society for Psychical Defense. The world of magic is shaken by the awakening of a wild mage, a woman capable of manipulating the Veil itself. She has the power to either eradicate the Inquisitio or rob the mages of their abilities. Only one side can win and it will be the side that gets to the wild mage first.

Ania Zaleska lives a perfectly ordinary—albeit floundering—life in Poland’s second-biggest city until the day she explodes. She’s dug from the rubble of her apartment building by shadow mage Noah Otieno, whose job it becomes to get Ania’s wild magic under control.

Noah is affiliated with the Society but she has kept herself away from magical politics as much as possible. Now she is in charge of potentially the most powerful magical weapon on either side of the war, she must decide how she can best keep her safe—especially when their magic brings them together in ways only wild magic can.

Social Media
Website: http://maydawney.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maydawney
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MayDawney
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maydawney
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0-5q18reFShjAWj0Ryu2g
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/May_Dawney
Amazon: http://amazon.com/author/maydawney

Niamh Murphy – Dragon Essence

The Gods will be Conquered.

When Andra, a Captain in the formidable Dragon Guard, sees her lover killed in a vicious wizard duel, a grizzled half-mage offers a chance to bring her back from the dead.

But there is a catch.

Torn between her honour and her heart, Andra has until first light to betray every oath she has ever made or lose the woman she loves forever.

This is a 14,000-word prequel story to an epic three-part fantasy set in a world of knights and magic, where dragons are worshipped as Gods. For lovers of Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and kick-ass women-warriors who battle dragons.

Social media
Website: http://www.authorniamh.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorNiamh
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorniamh

Prudence MacLeod – Hunter

The government kidnapped her mother. Some unknown entity slaughtered her father. The two forces have always chased her. One wants her as a specimen, the other wants her dead.

When a third force joins the chase, led by a hunter from another world, can Tracy Hawks maintain her advantage? Will she ever have a safe place to call home?


Prudence MacLeod – Rise of the Queen

For thousands of years the High Born Elves have languished in the chains of slavery, their great strength gone, their extra keen senses dulled, and their immortality broken. Somehow, in spite of their harsh master’s efforts, the royal line managed to survive. Now, with the aid of a deadly assassin, the heir is about to shake off the chains of slavery, expose the lies, and bring her people to freedom. And she has no idea the magnitude of the task she has undertaken.


Social Media
Blog: http://www.prudencemacleod.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Prudence.MacLeod.author
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prudence.macleod1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/prudencemacleod
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109255201192533844803/posts/p/pub
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Prudence-MacLeod/e/B0079XOY8U

Bring Holly Home by A.E. Radley

Bring Holly Home is a fantastic novel and probably one of my favourite books by A.E. Radley. Bring Holly Home was originally written as a fan fiction by Radley based on the Devil Wears Prada.

Victoria Hastings is an editor for a fashion conglomerate; she has an ice queen persona and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. While in France for Paris Fashion week she is contacted by a journalist that informs her that her ex- assistant, Holly didn’t just up and leave her job the year before but was in an accident and has amnesia. She is and has been in a hospital in Paris for the past year since the previous Paris fashion week. Victoria rushes to Holly’s aide and is determined to get the young woman back to New York however as they spend time together both Victoria and Holly begin to see other sides to one another and their feelings grow.

Such a brilliant story and one I know I will read time and time again. This book has two ingredients that I love in novels, Ice Queens melting and age-gap romance. The tension between Holly and Victoria is palpable and at times the reader may think these two may never confess their attraction and feelings. It’s definitely a slow burn but one I’d gladly enjoy rereading again.

I emailed the author shortly after reading the book to ask if this was the start of a new series. I really feel both Holly and Victoria have more story to tell and hope that it won’t be long until we read more from these two because I couldn’t put the book down once their chemistry started to build and can only see it continuing (and intensifying) into another book.

5 stars


If you would like to purchase a copy of Bring Holly Home by following the links below:

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The Three by Meghan O’Brien

Well… damn, I was not expecting that. Quite honestly, this is the one book of Meghan O’Brien’s that I’ve avoided because it sounded like something that I wasn’t that into. But fellow reviewer, Mel urged me to give it a go and I owe her big time!

This book isn’t your normal Lesbian Romantic Fiction novel. It’s set in a post apocalyptic world and it’s about a relationship between three people. This book is all about finding love in the most obscure places.

The Three is a story like no other. In a post apocalyptic world, Anna is broken and pretty banged up. She is wandering through the world just hoping not to get killed when she stumbles on a beautiful woman having a confrontation with two male intruders. She tries to help but she also gets caught up in the brawl until the woman’s partner comes and saves them both.

Anna is quite taken by the beautiful woman named Elin but she is unsure of her partner, Kael. She falls quickly for Elin and as Kael’s walls come down, so does Anna’s defenses and she begins to fall for Kael also. When Elin is captured by a cult that threatens to use her as a procreation vessel to repopulate the earth, Anna and Kael are fraught with fear and have to work together to bring her back home to them.

The book is written solely from Anna’s perspective and I think there was no other way to convey this story but through her. From the moment I started the story I was transported into Anna’s life. She feels so much but gives away so little to her new companions. That is until Elin begins to understand her without her having to give anything away. For me, Elin was the centre and the rock for both Kael and Anna. She seems the most fragile but I actually think she’s the strongest and most perceptive. She makes both Anna and Kael feel loved and desired without making either jealous of her affections for the other. She’s caring and understanding of their feelings and emotional bruises so when she’s captured its understandable the world feels like it has been tipped on its axis for both Kael and Anna. Kael is written like she’s the warrior and protector of Anna and Elin. She’s strong, butch (often mistaken for a man) and an incredibly accomplished fighter but internally she’s probably the most sensitive and at times broken but boy, do I have a thing for a sensitive butch.

My favourite moments were when The Three were together and spending intimate moments. But second to that would be the moments that Kael and Anna began to fall in love. It was beautiful to read. When Anna falls for Elin it’s instantaneous and with Elin being so open and loving it couldn’t be any other way, but with Kael it was a slower process and it really meant something when the barriers came down and their love was solidified. The sex scenes were fantastic and truly blew my mind, especially when they are all together. Just wow!

5 stars

If you would like to purchased The Three follow the link below:
Amazon – The Three