2017/18 Novels to watch out for…

I normally don’t like to be alone in my excitement so i decided to post what has got my attention for the coming months. Watch out for the reviews that should follow behind each of the following releases…

MAY 2017

Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

Irresistible by Sandy Lowe (Short Story)

Royal Rebel by Jenny Frame

Sawmill Spring by Gerri Hill

Pieces by G Benson

This Foreign Affair by Harper Bliss

Where the Light Glows by Dena Blake

June 2017

Fake it till You Make it by M. Ullrich

A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon

Girls Next Door: Lesbian Romance – Various Authors/ Edited by Sandy Lowe and Stacia Seaman

Nick of Time by Radclyffe (Short Story)

Shameless by Kris Bryant (Short Story)

The Practitioner by Ronica Black

Unlikely Match by Fiona Riley

Where Love Leads by Erin McKenzie

Moment of Weakness by KG MacGregor

July 2017

By the Light of the Moon by Radclyffe (Short Story)

Canvas for Love by Charlotte Greene

You make me tremble by Karis Walsh

A Fairytale of Possibilities by Kiki Archer

Heart Stop by Radclyffe

Taking Sides by Kathleen Knowles


August 2017

Getting Serious by Rachel Spangler

Planning for love by Erin Dutton

Sidebar by Carsen Taite

A Fugitive’s Kiss by Jaime Clevenger

Sweet Boy and Wild One by T.L Hayes

Unexpected by Jenny Frame

Freedom to Love by Ronica Black

Secrets of the Heart by Radclyffe (Short Story)

The Scholarship by Jaime Maddox


September 2017

Always Next Summer by Radclyffe (Short Story)

Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Beauty and the Boss by Ali Vali

Summer Fling by Jean Copeland

Take Me There by Julie Cannon

Unchained Memories by Dena Blake


October 2017

Definite Possibility by Maggie Cummings

Eyes Like Those by Melissa Brayden

Hiding Out by Kay Bigelow

Summer’s Cove by Aurora Rey


November 2017

Love After Hours by Radclyffe

Nantucket Rose by CF Frizzell

Picture Perfect by Lisa Moreau

Set the Stage by Karis Walsh

The Art of Us by KL Hughes

Strike a Match by Fiona Riley

The Price of Cash by Ashley Bartlett

Under Her Wing by Ronica Black


December 2017

A More Perfect Union by Carsen Taite

Falling Into Her by Erin Zak

Hookin’ Up by MJ Williamz

Right Here, Right Now by Georgia Beers

Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich

January 2018

Charming the Vicar by Jenny Frame

Touch by Kris Bryant


February 2018

A Heart to Call Home by Jeannie Levig

Hearts Like Hers by Melissa Brayden

Love at Cooper’s Creek by Missouri Vaun

Private Passion by Ronica Black

Seascape by Karis Walsh

Twice in a Life time by PJ Trebelhorn


It going to be a exciting 10 months in the book reading world for Lesbian Romance…

Watch this space quite literally…