Upcoming Releases

I normally don’t like to be alone in my excitement so I decided to post what has got my attention for the coming months. Watch out for the reviews that should follow behind each of the following releases…

July 2019

  • Just One Moment by Dena Blake
  • Counting on Love by RL Burgess
  • Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden
  • Incognito by VK Powell
  • Because I Said So by Karin Kallmaker
  • Counting on Love by RL Burgess
  • Secrets Well Kept by Lynn Ames
  • Scene of the Crime by MJ Williamz
  • Kickin’ Rocks by Marianne K. Martin
  • The Lucky Ones by KG MacGregor
  • In My Heart by Bette Hawkins

August 2019

  • Summer Desires by Emily King
  • Blood of the Pack by Jenny Frame
  • Chasing Sunset by Missouri Vaun
  • The Secret Chord by Virginia Hale
  • Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree
  • Counting on Love by RL Burgess
  • Summer Desires by Emily King
  • Where the Lies Hide by Renee Roman
  • The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks
  • Party of Three by Sandy Lowe
  • The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews
  • All the Reason I Need by Jaime Clevenger
  • Sit. Stay. Love by Karis Walsh

September 2019

  • Beautiful Accidents by Erin Zak
  • Complex Dimensions by Brenda Murphy
  • All She Wants by Larkin Rose
  • Double Crossed by Ali Vali
  • After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill
  • Before Now by Joy Argento
  • False Horizons by CJ Birch
  • Legacy by Charlotte Greene
  • After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill
  • Somewhere Along the Way by Kathleen Knowles

October 2019

  • Changing Course by Brey Willows
  • The X-Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair
  • 30 Dates in 30 Days by Elle Spencer
  • The Lucky One by KG MacGregor
  • An Army of Lovers by Jamie Anderson
  • Painted Moon by Karin Kallmaker
  • Hammer, Strings and Beautiful Things by Morgan Lee Miller
  • Leading the Witness by Carsen Taite
  • Vanished by Eden Derry
  • Finding Sky by Cass Sellars
  • Fare Game by Cade Haddock Strong
  • No Experience Required by Kimberly Cooper Griffin
  • One Walk in Winter by Georgia Beers
  • The Inn at Netherfield Green by Aurora Rey
  • The Lucky One by KG MacGregor
  • Tope of her Game by M. Ullrich

November 2019

  • Quest for Redemption by Jessie Chandler
  • A Moment in Time by Lisa Moreau
  • If the Shoe Fits by E.J. Noyes
  • Double Six by Brenda Murphy
  • Back in September by Melissa Brayden
  • Aspen in Moonlight by Kelly Wacker
  • Changing Course by Brey Willow
  • Changing Script by Lee Winter
  • Tennesse Whiskey by Donna K. Ford
  • Not Since You by Fiona Riley
  • Cost of Honor by Radclyffe
  • Fearless by Tina Michele

December 2019

  • Thursday Afternoon by Tracey Richardson
  • Face Off by PJ Treblehorn
  • Hot Ice Collaboration by Aurora Rey, Erin Zak and Elle Spencer
  • Line of Duty by VK Powell
  • London Undone by Nan Higgins
  • Ready for Love by Catherine Maiorisi

January 2020

  • Embracing the Moon by Jeannie Levig
  • Flight to the Horizon by Julie Tizard
  • Vacation People by Cheri Rose

February 2020

  • City Kitty & Country Mouse by Alyssa Linn Palmer
  • Quest for Redemption by Jessie Chandler
  • Claiming Camille by Louise McBain


It going to be an exciting 12 months in the book reading world for Lesbian Romance…

Watch this space quite literally…


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