At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Suzanne has realised some aspects of her sexual self she wants to explore further. After being rejected by her ex – girlfriend who first introduces her to kink/BDSM, she is left feeling unwanted and insecure. That is until one night she is on Kink-Life website and stumbles upon the profile of Mami–P. Suzanne is beyond excited to meet the exotic and gorgeous Pilar (Mami-P) and they hit it off straight away. They begin to map out their new dynamic as Mami and Little Suzy and what that entails. As they navigate their way, they fall in love but when Suzanne’s kinky private life with Pilar is threatened, can she trust Pilar enough to protect her?

This is such a great book and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review it so I re-read it before writing this up and I am so glad I did because I had forgotten how great it actually is.

Before I continue, I want to put a warning to some who aren’t interested in mild BDSM, age – play or eroticism because this book is packed full of it and as much as I loved it, I know it’s not for everyone.

I’ll be honest, when I first read this book the idea of age-play was not something I thought I’d enjoy reading about however Rebekah Weatherspoon introduced this aspect of the protagonist’s relationship with such respect and poise that it was hard not to love Pilar and Suzy and all their relationship entails.

I did love the moments that Pilar and Suzanne indulged in the vanilla side of their relationship as it really showed two women falling in love aside from the kink they loved behind closed doors. I really liked that the author did not hide both Suzanne and to some extent Pilar’s insecurities and how it strengthened their relationship as they work past things together.

The sex scenes in this book are hot and jam backed full of eroticism. The BDSM elements where great too and left me feeling a little hot under the collar. This aspect of the book was written incredibly well and even though I didn’t think age-play dynamics would be something for me, the way Rebekah Weatherspoon introduced it was incredibly sexy! Kudos.

Fantastic read. 5 stars

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Take A Chance by D. Jackson Leigh

This is the second book in the A Pine Cone Romance novel trilogy series and this time D. Jackson Leigh takes the reigns to tell us Trips love story.

Trip is the cool kid in her small town of Pine Cone and she knows it. She’s a little cocky but has a big heart and is fiercely protective of all she loves. Trip likes the easy life of fast women and fast horses, definitely not ready to settle down. She becomes disgruntled by the incessant new cop in town that keeps smacking parking tickets to her car… doesn’t she know who Trip is? New cop in town is Officer Jamie Grant who is cool as a cucumber until her PTSD springs to life from her days of tours in Afghanistan. Jamie is annoyed with larger than life Trip parking where she wants when she wants with her devil may care attitude, but could she be more annoyed at the woman she left behind at college who broke her heart? Yes, Trip and Jamie were best friends in college and when a three way went wrong with Jamie’s then girlfriend, Trip took the blame for something that was never her fault… She was in love with Jamie and always thought their love was unrequited. Can they now find a way to put the past behind them and rediscover their true feelings?

This book is the unrequited love trope I love with a twist and it made for a charming storyline, one that if I’m honest I did not want to end. I really enjoyed the character dynamic with this book, of two very strong independent women who aren’t looking for love but fall for the one they already love. It is quite an angsty story but in a enjoyable way. I have to say that I found Trip quite arrogant in the first book but all came to light when reading this and I really enjoyed her depth of character that D. Jackson Leigh was able portray, especially in the moments Trip was with Jamie or her friends. Jamie’s character blew me away, she’s been through so much and yet still comes out the other side a good person. Her feelings for Trip are interesting to watch unfold because you get the sense it is all an emotional wall to keep from getting hurt again but when she begins to let her walls down its’ quite exciting to see how their relationship develops, especially when the lies that have shaped their past relationship all come to light. The chemistry and dynamic between these two is fantastic and becomes even more intense when their sexual desires take over.

Before reading this book I highly recommend reading the first book in the series Take My Hand by Missouri Vaun where you will be introduced to Trip as well as the other Pine Cone must read characters.

5 stars


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