Upcoming Releases

I usually don’t like to be alone in my excitement, so I decided to post what has got my attention for the coming months. Watch out for the reviews that should follow behind each of the following releases…

November 2019

Also In November:

  • Double Six by Brenda Murphy
  • Changing Script by Lee Winter

December 2019

Also in December:

  • Lunar Eclipse by Gun Brooke
  • London Undone by Nan Higgins

January 2020

  • Embracing the Moon by Jeannie Levig
  • Flight to the Horizon by Julie Tizard
  • Vacation People by Cheri Rose

February 2020

  • City Kitty & Country Mouse by Alyssa Linn Palmer
  • Quest for Redemption by Jessie Chandler
  • Claiming Camille by Louise McBain

It going to be an exciting 12 months in the book-reading world for Lesbian Romance…

Watch this space quite literally…